Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LT246: The Ties Are Tightening


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Maybe this is new to you, but we know the Dharma logo for the Temple:

We observed this from the map that Ben gave to Alex and Karl for them to escape to. After reading a bunch of ideas, the consensus is that this logo is a representation of the “House of the Rising Sun”.

That was the name of an episode that featured Sun and Jin. It seems that Sun is a bit of an art and history expert and might offer some interpretations of the glyphs we see on the Temple wall.

The disturbing part of this is that face that Dharma has a logo for this. If the Temple is meant only for the Others/Hostiles…and if outsiders are “never to see the temple” due to the walls built around it…then why does Dharma have a logo for it? Was this Ben’s idea to keep the ruse that the Dharma Initiative was in power when the reality was that the Hostiles had taken over? And then why? Were the Others expecting guests? Sort of odd when you think about it. It suggests that Dharma and the Others are more intermingled then we might be led to believe.


Every since Locke went into that Sweat Lodge and Boone tells him “I’m going to help you find your way so you can bring the family back together”, the show has emphasized families.

Is the family Christian, Claire, Jack and Aaron?

Or is it more figurative meaning the Oceanic family?

Or did Boone mean John’s family? No, not the Anthony Cooper father. The real father. Many have thought that Widmore’s banishment came from fathering Penny off-island. What if his child was Locke?

One reason for this idea is that it was said that Widmore had relations with an outsider. Annie and Eloise do not seem to be outsiders. But young Emily would have been. To verify the facts it seems Richard went to see for himself which is why he was there for Locke’s birth.

Of course, the Thanksgiving table is filling up at the Widmores with all the possibilities: Daniel, John, Penny, Annie, Eloise, and Charles. Kind of creepy and it would blow me away if LOST went down the “Founder” path. You know, where a population is offspring of its founder. Throw in a dash of “The Devil’s Advocate” and you can see what I mean. Why this show has crossed the line of science-fiction it has yet to go over the line of say “Twin Peaks”. Well, not yet.


Next episode is called, “Some Like it Hoth”. This is the name of the ice planet from Star Wars where Luke is hanging upside down in the polar bear cave. Anyway, here is a teaser photo that promises to be interesting, yet reveal nothing.


Following the episode, you can look for the Initial Thoughts posting. See you then!

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