Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LT247: Some Like It Hoth Initial Thoughts


It took a while to tie-in the title of the show but when it did, it worked pretty nice, especially the part about Luke having his arm cut off. Where have I heard that happening before?

Hurley is a trip which makes him lovable, but how does he think he will get the script to Lucas? And what changes is he going to make? Will Darth Father and Luke become buddies. Geesh! Oh, Hurley is right about one thing...the Ewoks did suck.


Pretty interesting stuff. But we just blew another time travel theory out of the water. Granted Miles wasn't ever holding himself, but it still seemed a bit odd that two could exist in the same time-space.

He should have gone with the guys in the van who added a nice element of mystery when they said, "[Out team is the] one that is going to win." There's that reference to war.


* Seems somebody has discovered the magnetic properties of the island.

* A filling through the brain is a tough way to go.

* Mom tells Miles that dad is "somewhere you can never go". So how does Widmore play into this having Miles go to where his father was?

* Kate is really beginning to bother me...shut up! Funny, for the first three years I yelled at the TV, "Start talking" and now I want her to zip it.

* $1.6 million for Miles to take a boat ride to an island. How much did Miles demand Ben pay him to free him from Locke's control?

* The van guys with the wonderful question, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" I love riddles.

* One lie leads to two lies and before you know you have Phil tied up in a closet.

* It will take some time to piece together what Daniel has been up to.


Leave you comments and questions about the show and I'll try to address them.

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Big Mama Tammy said...

Pretty sure Miles stuck to his second offer amount of 3.2 million but not sure.

I found Jack completely annoying for two seasons but am really enjoying the new Jack. Humble, cagey and helpful.

Great blog, BTW. I've been reading for about a year.