Friday, April 17, 2009

LT248: Keep Your Eyes Open


While thinking about the guys in the van it dawned on me that they claimed Miles should not go to work for Widmore. They also asked the question, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” Doesn’t this mean then that Ilana is on Team Ben? Or does this only mean we have a third team in play?

I believe the guy who did the talking (and avoided hiding his face) was named Bram. That one of the guys with Ilana on the island! But it seems to be suggesting that Team Charles is in trouble.


Daniel returns to the island after a sabbatical in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We can only guesstimate he has been off-island for a couple of years. What was he doing during that time? Helping mother at the Lamppost Station? Checking up on Desmond, his constant?

Back up a bit…how did he get off island? We learned last night that the Orchid Station is being constructed. Was it to the point we saw Desmond as a construction worker? Did he finally figure how to control the time flashes and jump off island? Based on the progress of the Station it seems like Daniel may not have been off-island as long as two years. But then how would he get to Michigan, acquire work, and then hitch a ride back?

And now that he is back what is the plan? It would seem that somehow the 1977 clan would need to get to 2007-08 timeframe.


The Numbers were found in this episode including the opening scene:

And the apartment where Miles heard his first dead person:

And here in Miles’ flashes we see a rabbit. Look closely at the ear…you’ll see the number 8.

And here where the magazine cover reads “After 23 Years”

Miles was asked to erase the tape from camera #4.

Did you see the book Baby Miles was being read? It has a polar bear on the cover:


This post is kind of short but sweet. Look for more in-depth analysis including the Egyptian references visible in this episode.

Time has been an illusion in my life lately. I’m hoping to get back on the LOST REVIEW segments soon.

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Anonymous said...

Remember the well used by Locke to reach the wheel? Charlotte, in her final moments, expressed awareness of the well--therefore the well was extant in Dharma era. Likely then that Daniel, posing as construction worker at the Orchid, worked out the alternate (well) approach to the wheel and used it to leave. Ben has proven you can return after using the wheel, regardless of Widmore's beliefs... Or Daniel just took the sub to Ann Arbor...