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LT249: Chalk It Up


We saw Roger walk into the classroom and complain that Jack was cleaning performing his duties. What Jack was doing was erasing the chalkboard.

It appears the Dharma children were studying the history of the Egyptian language. Notice the 2000 BC to 1300 BC was described as the “classic stage of language”. This was the time when formal written language was started. One of the more popular writers of that time is a fellow named Moses. This time marks the first time Homo sapiens were able to record history in written form. Thus, Moses began writing the story of the Garden of Eden although it happened some 4,000 years earlier.

While we are on the topic of writing on the wall, check out this larger snapshot:

Look above the chalkboard to that drawing of the red person. Does that face remind you of Darth Vader’s mask?


As a side note, if you asked me during my Sunday School days who is associated with writing on the wall, I would answer, “Daniel”. He interpreted the writings that foretold of the future. I’m just saying…the same episode we see this writing on the wall is the same episode Daniel returns!


If we take the episode title literally and to extreme, could it be this island is full of only dead people? I keep bringing this up because it won’t get out of my head. Miles’ mother says that his father is in a place where he can’t go. Well, not while Miles is alive.

And was it Naomi who said the place she wanted to take him was a place full of dead people that Miles could talk to?

What if maybe, just maybe, we guessed the afterlife correctly several season ago? And what if maybe this means EVERYONE is dead here? What if there is a perfectly good explanation why the pilot, Seth, doesn’t have his ring on and that is really him at the bottom of the Sundra Trench? When everyone on board died they went to this form of purgatory? Of course, how do we explain the off-island adventures other than what the mind wants to make up it can. Hey, we’ve all dreamed some realistic dreams that are strange.


Tammy writes to confirm that Miles did ask for $3.2 million. I wonder if LOST isn’t about the actual numbers as much as it uses the numbers to show how Fate operates. Yes, Jack has changed and it seems for the better once he learned to accept his role in life.

Another TIDBITS reader suggests that Daniel left the 1970’s via the Wishing Well. More exact, the well lead to Daniel finding a way to leave since we saw him working during the construction of the Orchid Hatch. I wonder how close the well and Orchid are to each other? Is Locke’s Wheel the same wheel found in the Orchid? I’m not convinced that Daniel leaves via the Wheel as each time it has been turned it was noticeable by several people. Maybe he used the alcove built in the actual Station eventually (the one where Ben loaded up a bunch of metal objects). This could be the “alternate approach” that Anonymous refers to.

Anonymous suggests that Daniel might have stowed away on the sub to Ann Arbor. The interesting part about this is that it seems when Daniel left the island in 1974-77 it was also 1974-77 off island. If the next time he leaves and he remembers to take Hurley’s screenplay for “Empire Strikes Back”…

Thanks for the comments…keep them coming!


A lot of viewers are commenting about how unlikely Baby Miles and grown-up Miles can share the same time-space continuum. They cite the Orchid Hatch video where two #15 rabbits show up and Dr. Candle freaks out.

If we listen carefully, Dr. Candle is saying they can’t touch each other.

So if Dr. Chang hands Miles his baby to hold for a minute, I’m guessing Miles is going to refuse. However…consider the possibilities if he DOES take the baby in his arms? Poof! Would they both disappear in a puff of black smoke? Hmmm…


What if Hurley did write the script to The Empire Strikes Back? Did we really see Hurley’s version?

Seriously, the important clue seems to be that Hurley wants to make a “few improvements”. I believe that is a reference to “course corrections” and that “whatever happened, happened” is more a general rule of thumb and not a concrete law of physics.


For the record, Miles was offered $1.6 million to take the boat ride. He wanted double that, $3.2 to not get on the boat but Bram isn’t paying. He also demanded double from Ben and he would help him get out of Locke’s jail. If anyone finally pays Miles, they next bid should go to $6.2 million.


Here is a snapshot of the guy I call Tooth Man. He’s the one whose filling was pulled through his brain by some powerful magnetic force.

The question to be answered is whether Tooth Man is Crazy Man seen here:

The Crazy Man is the guy who yelled at Kate when she was entering the courthouse as an Oceanic 6. He spoke backwards and when mirrored it turns out he said, “We hate you!”

This brings up a couple of interesting points. First, if this is the same guy then he should be dead. Second, he speaks in reverse like other ghosts such as Walt. Third, if the first and second point are accurate then what does this imply? Go back to read the section where everyone is dead on this island and off-island events are a piece of cake to accomplish if it is only in your head!

Before you pooh-pooh this idea remember that Dr. Candle wanted the Tooth Man’s body at the Orchid Hatch. His uniform shows the Swan Hatch. So the magnetic wall that Jack’s key reacted to is likely the strong force that killed the Tooth Man. Being now that the Orchid Hatch where time can travel…well, I have to wonder what the good doctor wanted with the body. Maybe to send him to 2007 to yell something backwards at Kate?


It is going to take an extra day or so to write this next post because TIDBITS will reveal the answer to the riddle, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”

In addition TIDBITS will get back to LOST REVIEWS.

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