Saturday, April 25, 2009

LT252: Filling Time


This is not earth-shattering, but we have made a connection on LOST. When Naomi asks Miles to audition for her team she shows him a dead body whose name is Felix. Miles passes the test by mentioning the fake papers that Widmore used to stage the fake Oceanic crash.

The connection is that Felix is the guy who Widmore beats the snot out of…and evidently kills. We learn of this beating by some fake videotape of the events that Ben has on a videotape. It was shown to Locke and the cassette reveals that the footage was recorded over a Boston Red Sox game.

Small world, huh?


With LOST on break this week, I found myself watching Heroes and noticed that Sylar was looking through a box of family possessions. Inside the box was a Virgin Mary statue – a connection to Charlie’s statues.

Also, we see a snow globe with a reference to Desmond’s comment about the island being a snow globe that no one can escape.

In fact, I had to remind myself a few times that the show wasn’t LOST as it includes Hiro stopping time, bloody noses, and the above references.

And if you’ve been watching Chuck then you know that recently he had to travel to a place called the Black Rock. Also, his agent/girlfriend found a note that was similar to what we’ve observed with Hurley on LOST.

Smaller world, huh?


Recall that Sawyer came home to Juliet and said he felt like the little Dutch boy who had to keep plugging holes in the dam. This is a reference to the popular story where as soon as one hole is plugged another springs a leak.

Just for the sake of references, this is similar to the story that Kelvin told Desmond when showing him the failsafe key. Kelvin was asking Des if you could take his finger out of the dam and just let everything be destroyed.

Forget Egyptians, we are now on the lookout for the Vikings. And before you jest, remember where Alvar Hanso is from. Oh, did I mention that Ilena’s name is of Dutch origin?


I’ve caught a couple of interviews with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, and he made a veiled reference that there is another level in the Temple below where he fell. Yeah, we figured Smokey came from somewhere “below”, but Emerson says we will visit that level on the show!

Then on Jimmy Kimmel he gives a LOST clue which was this: “Ben Linus is an anagram for Bun Lines”. Funny guy.

In another interview Emerson talks about the big Season finale. His descriptions were something along the lines of this:

Major storylines coming to a head about people we haven’t even seen
The head he referred to as “really big”
It will be “explosive”

In order, my guesses as to what this means are a) Jacob, b) the statue head, and c) Jughead.

Hurley offers this clue on Kimmel: “My character is named Hurley. On “Three’s Company” is a character named Mr. Furley who was always arguing with a character named Jack.” Cute.


Think you are a big Star Wars fan? Ok, then, prove it by answering this question: Who was the screen writer for the “Empire Strikes Back”?


We all know the formula in today’s TV shows, so no surprise that someone is going to die on LOST. But who?

May I offer this photo as one possibility?


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