Sunday, August 17, 2008

LT119: Fun and Games


As you might be aware, LOST recently came out as a video game. While not gospel to the show, the producers were involved and strongly suggested the game shows a part of the Swan Hatch that we never saw on the show. It shows what was cemented-shut behind the wall. The wall that attracted Jack’s key. Here is a screen snapshot:

The name in the game is the Incident Room. Remember the incident from the Orientation video and Danielle’s term for the sickness?

By the way, I’m starting to really think Danielle was in the Dharma Group, escaped when the purge came and actually was pregnant by Ben days before the attack came. Since then, she has been going crazy…slowly. I’m going to review the footage of when Ben and Danielle first meet for any visual clues. Other than the marital observation that there are times I’d like to shoot an arrow into my spouse’s shoulder from behind!


The summer game, The Project, is in full steam since Comic Con. The secret video release ends with an odd frame or two. See below.

Is that a name? It looks like whatever writing is there is superimposed over the ABC official logo – where the reflection looks like a cityscape, not an island.

If you have ideas, drop a comment.




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