Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LT165: Destiny Calls


Faithful readers, we have a lot happening right now and so you should check back for LOST TIDBITS quite often between now and the premier on January 21, 2009. So much going on that time seems to slip away from me, if you know what I mean.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated, as well as continue along some other features mentioned recently like Season 5 Promos and Hindsight, but for now, it is eating up a lot of time just to keep you up to date on latest discoveries.

Man, I love this show!

Oh, be sure to scroll down through the older posts because you don’t want to miss a single thing!


It seemed a good time to share the news that is causing all the buzz with LOST fans: Ajira Airways. Check out their website at :

Notice the island in the background of picture above. And if you count the windows on the plane you get 108.

The name Ajira has plenty of meanings depending on which language you use, but the most interesting is “island”.


For those who like to count in hexadecimal there are hidden phrases on several pages. For those who don’t enjoy converting every byte, here are those messages:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

This phrase is from John 3:16 in the Bible. In one of the Dharma Special Access messages from the producers they told us that “3:16” was the title of one of their episodes. This takes into two areas, again: religion and a little more hidden: immortality. If you check out the airlines website it plays a video. Be ready to click and hold on the red button and you’ll see an inserted image of a man holding up a sign in the airport as if he is there to meet someone. These placards usually hold the name and flight of a person and in this shot it reads: “John 316”.

The other phrases include:

“So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that.”

This phrase was also mentioned on a Dharma Special Access video. It was the one featuring a new book we would see in the show, but prior to sharing that with us, Damon just happened to be holding a book and “randomly” turned to a page and read the above line to us. He scoffed that this was how easy it was to turn everyday observations into LOST-related topics because it merely had the word “hurley” in the line. And now it shows up hidden on the airline website! Oh, those tricky guys!

Other phrases are:

“Pineapples in Hawaii”

“Where America’s day begins”

“Supersonic is commercial thirty till meridian”

The last one is saying 11:30 a.m. – thirty minutes before noon or midnight, I suppose.

Look for updates on what these clues could mean.


There are instructions to fold paper into an object using the provided sample boarding pass. When you peer into the folded item it reveals GUAM as the keyword. The website also includes longitude and latitude coordinates that when entered into Google take you to the Guam International Airport.

In my mind this all points to the airlines and the airport that our Oceanic 6 plus Ben (and maybe Desmond) will use to fly back to the island.


The Adventures page contain write-ups of vacation spots each written by a fellow name MacCutcheon. This was CHANGED! The earliest version had the spelling of McCutcheon. This is of note because the earlier spelling matches the whiskey that Desmond and Charles Widmore have in common!

When attempting to book a flight you will see they are all full right now. I assume the proper combination will unlock a secret page for us. Most are learning towards 11:30 (thirty before meridian) and the flight being 316 (placard) and the promo code being found on the Frequent Flyer Card which works out to P-R-O-M-O in Ascii code (oh those geeks!).


Below is a snapshot of a postcard which you can send to friend. I thought you might enjoy and if you have any comments on what it might be implying, drop me a comment.


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