Monday, December 29, 2008

LT163: Random Brain Teasers


Jack was about ready to not board the plane due to the difficulty of getting his father’s coffin loaded on board.

Sayid was detained and was at risk of not boarding the plane.

Hurley barely made it thanks only to that scooter he bought on the spot.

Sun had to a do a 180 degree turnaround, literally, to get on board.

Kate would have run at the first opportunity, but was dragged reluctantly on board.

Claire was probably one of the passengers least looking forward to this flight (we get additional support of this point of view in a deleted scene). She was carrying Aaron.

These are the Oceanic 6.

See Locke’s vision quest for additional support of those who leave the island.


According to Lost Moments, Christian expected his son to be on the island and instructed Vincent to go wake him up for he had work to do.

But Tom tells Ethan, “I don’t understand, Shephard wasn’t even on the list.”

Maybe the writers regret this line more than any other, but assuming it stands firm, then it does seem that Jack has been getting special permission to proceed on this journey.


While not one of the LOST numbers, it does seem to figure in prominently. Six is often consider the number of mankind and a triple-six gets a lot of attention.

I think that it is strange then that Dharma Initiative studies six areas of science. It seems possible that these are the six rules of the scope of the Underworld’s influence.

And it matches up to the Oceanic 6…although even Jack said 9 survived the crash.


I just can’t get this movie out of my mind when thinking about LOST. Maybe the Hostiles are only living the Groundhog Day Syndrome…every 108 minutes the island resets its clock, or 108 days, or 108 years. This could be why they don’t age.

If Dharma Initiative arrives and builds a hatch that stops the clock resetting in advance of the 108 build-up of electromagnetic properties, then the island no longer “stays young”. If I were Richard and started showing signs of aging, I’d purge someone too! Or at least I’d send Walt over to tell the Survivors to stop pushing that button. Or convince Locke to stop pushing it (I believe Locke was right about breaking the computer afterall).


Why does that wheel remind me of a steering wheel on an old 1800’s trade ship?

Think Widmore was the last to spin it and was banished from the island?


I’ve posted on this topic, but it still puzzles my brain about the rocket being late and the doctor with a slashed throat being early.

It seems that we have to go with oscillating time. By the way, here is a personal theory of mine: the time goes slower for a period of time and then reserves to speed up due to some external clue. I have a hunch that each time it rains, the pendulum of oscillation swings back to the other time signature. If I find the time, I’ll look for some indicator that effects time…HA!


I’ve resisted watching or looking at any Season 5 previews or teasers. The show just seems better that way. LOST TIDBITS will NOT intentionally reveal a spoiler. We do believe that promos are fair game, but we do not venture into the spoilers section of any web site.

With that said, let me share two possible endings to LOST.

1 – It ends with Oceanic Flight 815 safely touching down in Los Angeles

2 – It ends with Oceanic Flight 815 crashing into the Sundra Trench

I’m only saying…


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