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LT151: History of LOST - Black Rock II


With the ship connected to two family names that play a crucial role on the island, it deserves some further analysis. Check out the last post to get a timeline of the Ship, the family names and some questions we will try to address in this post.


When the Black Rock left port on what would become its final voyage, the filed plan was to sail to Thailand. This gives us a connection to Jack and his tattoo.

This tattoo was added while Jack was in Thailand by a lady who claims to be able to see people’s inner self. The symbols are Chinese and not Thai.

The fact that the ship’s destination and the tattoos involve the same location probably has no relevance, but it is interesting to note that the lady who did the tattoo work is named Achara, which when translated into Hindu becomes Dharma.


The name is “Black Rock Storm” which seemed either a real act of fate or a made up painting for the show. It is painted by an artist in Hawaii named Thomas Hannsz. And what about that last name that rings a bell?

A quick search on him reveals that he does have his work on the Internet at

In an interview he hints that his life occupation is still up in the air. It was fateful timing that he happened to be delivering water to the set of LOST on a regular basis. He became a familiar face with many of the cast and crew and was offered a role as an Other extra. He happened to be in his painting phase and decided to use a dog that hung around on the set. Someone noticed and said they needed a dog painting in Jacob’s cabin and they used his artwork.

They asked for Black Rock Storm which is shown at the auction but never mentioned…other than visually when it shows up hanging in Charles Widmore’s bedroom.

On Hannsz website you will find these two paintings plus a few other interesting ones.

One in particular is called “Soul of Ganesh”. If you are a faithful reader of LOST TIDBITS then you might recall hearing that name in a post some time ago. It was when we discussing a statue missing a limb and having four toes!

Several other paintings are found with vague references to LOST. You should check it out.


Past the irony that a ship named the Black Rock wrecks ON an island that contains black rock…the real mystery is how it got so far inland?

The popular theory is that the island “moved” to the South Pacific when the Black Rock just happened to be in that exact area.


What we can surmise is the strong bonds between Hanso and Widmore. Once the ship disappeared we then discover that Widmore Corporation had an employee named Hanso. During his employment either he or the corporation had possession of the journal. Late, a grandson of Hanso buys the fleet of his family and a grandson of Widmore buys the journal a second time.

This ship and these families appear to be at odds with each other in light of how the journal appears to change hands. And to help us not forget the summer game, Find 815, brought the Black Rock back into play.


If Tavord heard of the journal we can understand why he wanted it for sentimental reasons, but if Widmore Corporation was the actual discoverer of the book, then what was their motivation for obtaining it?

One possible answer is that the original member, a possible family member, wants the journal back. Excuse me!?

Well, consider if the original author is still alive. I’m suggesting Jacob. Take a look at the clothes Jacob is wearing:

It looks like 19th Century garb to me. Now check out Richard’s clothing from when he first meets young Ben:

This creates a link with Jacob, Richard and the Black Rock.

Consider on the blast door map that is reads, “AH/MDG”. The producers have confirmed that this was an error on their part and that the door map should have read “AH/GDG”. This would correctly read, “Alvar Hanso/Gerald DeGroot”. (Keep in mind from the last post the translation of De Groot). We have been told that Gerald’s original first name was Martin, but it was changed after further consideration. Even that seems to be a clue.

So, perhaps Magnus was changed to Jacob as well. While the writers have done a wonderful job keeping most storylines connected, I’ll give them a little wiggle room when it comes to late developed ideas and characters we have yet to see or hear much of except for an occasional mention on an Orientation tape. And if memory serves me, Jacob doesn’t care much for technology, Arr!

This makes Richard, Jacob, Magnus, Martin, Gerald all candidates as the original crew of the Black Rock or near descendents. It’s a bit off topic, but I might as well suggest that Matthew Abaddon might have been on the ship as well.

And all this from a wardrobe choice. HA!

Oh, one theory floating around suggests that Charles Widmore was on the Black Rock.


How did the journal get from the ship to the pirate island?

Imagine the Ancients/Hostiles had to move the island at a previous time and it popped up right underneath the Black Rock. Sure, anyone would be tempted to point out the extreme amount of coincidence involved, but this show is built on Fate. One additional thing to consider is that Magnus Hanso sort of knew of this island and was searching for it based on come cryptic treasure map. This could explain why he sailed east instead of west from his gold mining operation near Australia. Remember that Magnus is described as an entrepreneur of sorts since he ran a slave labor operation after the practice was banned, used ships to transport the raw materials from his mining operation and might have been bit of a pirate.

So either by fate or a bit by design, Magnus got the Black Rock to the area when the island appeared. The crew began to notice the strange properties of the island and Magnus saw another opportunity as a businessman. Somehow he gets off the island, takes his journal and it falls into the hands of pirates. Later, his son or grandson finds the journal off the coast of Africa.

To be fair when assembling ideas is that Hanso is Dharma and they were at odds with the Hostiles evidenced by the Purge. Yet, Ben crossed over to the Hostiles as leader. Ben is now at odds with Widmore, who seemed to be in cahoots with Hanso. This leaves us with some contradictions until more is revealed.


Our review of the timeline of events on LOST Island will take us to the 1950’s.


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Lyndsie Kelly said...

This is awesome! I love Lost because it's so complex... there's so much more going on than just what you see in that hour. My husband and I watch and write every clue down while we watch.. Thanks!

Lyndsie Kelly said...

This is awesome! I love Lost because it's so complex... there's so much more going on than just what you see in that hour. My husband and I watch and write every clue down while we watch.. Thanks!

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