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LT153 - History of LOST - Adam and Eve


We’ve stepped from the day the island was brought into existence, through the Ancients that first populated the island, and then strolled through the Hostiles family tree, sailed with the Black Rock in the 1800’s and now jump to the next chronological event: Adam and Eve.


Everyone, this is Adam…or is it Eve?

Jack could probably tell us which is which, but it was Locke who named the skeletons found in the cave by Kate and Jack. Jack did estimate they had been dead for 40-50 years which places their death around the late 1950’s.

Jack found a small pouch containing to rocks: one black and one white.


Once again, the Bible creeps into the storyline as Adam and Eve are explained to be the first man and woman on Earth. You know the story, but the highlights that might apply are that Adam was created first from the dust of the ground, Eve was next made from a rib out of Adam, and a bad influence would corrupt the pair in the opposite order they were made. And it all happened in a garden.

In a less popular writings are religious stories not included in the Bible. There are two books written about Adam and Eve from the time the Bible story casts the couple out of paradise, now lost. God orders them out into the barren lands to live in a CAVE! This is called the Cave of Treasures in this religious writings. Upon his death, Adam requests to be laid to rest in the cave. Thus Adam and Eve shared a cave.

Does this meant he 40-50 years could be 4,000 to 5,000 years?


The summer games are particularly found of anagrams as well as the show and we were told that “Adam and Eve” were part of the letters to be used in an anagram clue. The producers said that the episode, “Not in Portland”, would offer an anagram that could be used to explain Adam and Eve.

The anagram is from the brainwashing room which contains this phrase: “Only fools are enslaved by time.”

Viewers got to work and have suggested:

- fools sin, adam and eve play close by tree
- carlton and damon possibly eye false eve
- adam and eve fly plane too close by sirens

The show also revealed the Mittelos Aviation which works into an angram of “Lost Time” and this seems to be the winner!

One theory builds from there that the plane wreckage that Jack first found by the caves is not from Flight 815. Instead, the wreckage is from a different plane crash in which Jack was involved with. He doesn’t realize it but the empty coffin is NOT his father’s, but instead it is Locke’s! This coffin is the one we saw at the end of Season 4 with Jeremy Bentham/John Locke lying in. Jack and crew fly back with it…the crash and this is their crash sight by the caves. Cool, huh?


The producers have also promised that in the end, we could point to Adam and Eve to prove they had this mad design in mind from the beginning. This tells me that we have met Adam and Eve already.

The most popular theory is that Kate and Jack will return to the island and the skeletons will be missing this time. This leads them to realize they were the skeletons.

Other popular theories include Rose and Bernard because of the black and white stones matching their skin colors.

Desmond and Penny are in the running as well.


Nothing contradicts the claim that Jack still has the black and white stones. My theory is that these stones work as some sort of key, probably to unlock the riddle of where is the island.

The stones are seen on Penny’s table in Flashes Before Your Eyes? TURE?


We inch a little closer to some revelations about LOST by forming the following theories:

- Adam and Eve are Jack and Kate
- Lost Time is evident although we don’t have a calculation yet
- We loop until we get things right, death is evidence of success


With the time of death estimate being 40 to 50 years we have a date range from 1954 to 1964 for when this couple died in the caves. This walks us up to 1962 when the next major event in the History of LOST occurs. It is the year that Enzo Valenzetti came up with his Doomsday Equation. That’s next up…


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" Bones of Nadlers may lay lost deep in cave" is anotheranagram that could work!!!!!!!