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LT154 - The History of LOST: Valenzetti Equation


We were introduced to Enzo Valenzetti from the summer LOST game and the fictional fiction writer, Gary Troup. We also seem him mentioned on the Blast Door Map.

Enzo was commissioned by the U.N. in 1962 following the Cuban Missile Crises to investigate the possibility of mankind extinguishing itself with nuclear weapons. The result of his work was a Doomsday formula stating he had calculated the exact date when life on Earth as we know would cease to exist. The U.N. ignored his work, but Alvar Hanso took great interest it in.

Gary Troup (anagram for Purgatory) is our greatest source of information on Enzo. He wrote a book about the man entitled, “The Valenzetti Equation”. All printings were bought up by Hanso so that we have no access to this man’s work. And Valenzetti can’t tell the world because he died in a…guess…plane crash. However, his body was never recovered and according to the summer game host, Rachel Blake, this concerns her. In my mind, I have to include Enzo Valenzetti as a possible “who is” candidate for the likes of characters like Jacob.

Questionable sources state that Enzo studied at the Fibonacci State Institute of Sciences.


Fibonacci is also known for his only formula which is a sequence where a number equals the sum of the two prior numbers. While he wrote a book on the subject, this sequence has been observed in earlier Indian cultures.

Fibonacci was the first in the West to study the earlier Indian sequences. His model for study used rabbits! The concept is that a pair of rabbits will beget another pair. In the next cycle both pairs reproduce and the first pair dies. In the third month, the second pair and two new pairs have a more pairs while the oldest pair dies thus giving us 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc…Silly rabbits!


During the summer game a video appears that states the equation predicts “the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself”. Alvar Hanso then states during the same game, that the radio transmitter on the island will broadcast the “core numbers” of the equation. The video states that 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 are the numerical values to the core environmental and human factors to Valenzetti’s work. It is the stated that the Dharma Initiative is to change the values to any one core factor to give humanity a chance to survive.

Notice that two main areas are impacted: environment and human. We were updated in 2006 that the attempts to alter the environment factors have failed to change the outcome: the LOST numbers. Pay close attention here: this suggests the numbers are the RESULT of the equation and not the formula. In other words, the numbers are the Doomsday Date.

The update also suggests that efforts will have to shift to the human factors in order to extend our deadline (pun was inteneded, deadline…dead-line…oh, nevermind).

Some have suggested the numbers translate to the 4th month, 15th day, etc to come up with April 8, 2015 at 16:23:42. Others offer August 4, but you get the general idea.


Island appears and eventually some ancient race finds it.
In the 1800’s the Black Rock “lands” on the island.
In the 1950’s Adam and Eve die in the cave.
In the 1960’s Enzo Valenzetti says he knows the end of the world.

This is interesting in that Adam and Even are PRIOR to Valenzetti and therefore, pre-dates Hanso’s interest in the final day.

Perhaps it took Valenzetti AND the Black Rock journal for Alvar to connect the dots and realize the island is the key. But it does not quite explain Adam and Eve’s importance in the story since they seemed to have died prior to these other events.


Alvar Hanso creates a foundation and funds two Michigan scientists to begin research on his Mysterious Island…


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