Thursday, December 18, 2008

LT157: Some Housekeeping


A big THANK YOU to the readers of LOST TIDBITS...we have reached the 4,000 hit mark. I'm grateful not in having lots of readers - although that is nice. And I'm not the most grateful for those who click on the add and put a few pennies in my pocket - although that is nice. But I'm most grateful for the interest that remains strong in what I consider is the best show ever put on television.

Now, let's get to 8,000, then 15K, 16K, 23K, and 42K...HA!


Received a couple of nice emails this week from some readers. Just want to public thank them because it is those comments that motivate me to rack my brain for something to write some posts. Hours have drifted away from my life as I sit at a blank screen some days. But in the end, something spills out and hopefully it makes all readers say to themselves, "Hmmmm..."

A special recognition to Ms Wendy who blogs about sure to stop by her site at:

Anyway, thanks for the kind emails and makes the time spent all worth it.


As you know we post sometime (often very early or very late) on Wednesdays and Sundays. But be aware that with the Dharma Special Access emails I share, that we get more than two postings per week.

In addition, over the coming weeks that lead up to the show, you can expect even additional postings!

And remember, nothing tells me what you think about LOST TIDBITS, then when you click on the ad on the way off this page!


I'm really excited about a completely random (or was it fate) discovery that came across my screen a couple of weeks ago. It will be shared in a blog soon. I would be floored if this really is the template for the show, but you will be amazed at how it seems to be on the right track. Or you will be amazed at how I can see LOST in everything!

And we will continue to explore the purpose of the Dharma Initiative...there are like two dozen avenues to explore and all before the season begins!

There have been some recent science articles that have an interesting tie-in to the show's science side that I've been wanting to share with you.

And finally...we will pick up the History of LOST again, because we still need to review Danille's science ship crash and those two Navy guys.

So keep checking back often for more LOST TIDBITS.


1 comment:

mswendy said...

Congratulations, KC (and thank you for the mention) ! Maybe you can get to 42,000 before Season 6 :) .

I know what you mean about "the blank page". But it is amazing how with LOST, you can go back and watch an episode you've seen a bunch of times and still find something you've forgotten/ see it from a different angle.

LOST.... never been a show like it! :)