Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LT269: Sneak Peeks


It seems that Charlie’s brother, Liam, just may have been giving us a sneak peek when he was seen in a flashback. Check out the image on his t-shirt:

Is that our statue on the island? Perhaps the producers have known and planned all this from the beginning. Or it just happens that one dog head looks like every other dog head.


The consensus is that the eye we saw in the teaser for Season 6 belongs to Jack. The implication might be that we will begin the final season where we started…with Jack on his back in the jungle.

Some people are going as far as suggesting it is the exact same shot used in the Pilot episode. However, the teaser shows the eye closing where LOST begins with Jack’s eye opening.

Let the theories begin!


In the flashback with Jacob and Jack at the hospital, did you notice that the candy next to the Apollo bar was named after one of the producers?


Since this post is entitled, “Sneak Peeks”…

“Help me, Kate! Help me”

Sorry, it is going to be a long off-season.


4 8 15 16 23 42

Yeah, we know them, we love them. But what do they represent?

If we use the Bible and the first book of Aaron’s uncle we find this:

Genesis chapter 4 is about birth – Claire giving birth to Aaron

Genesis chapter 8 is about building a boat – Michael and the raft

Genesis 15 and 16 is about Abraham and Sarah being childless – island infertility

Genesis 23 is about Sarah dying and being buried in a cave where later her husband would be buried beside her – Adam and Eve in the cave

Genesis 42 is about Jacob and his sons – ok, we know about Jacob…now what is this about his sons?


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