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LT214: Bible Study


It seems that LOST has been offering more and more religious overtones. My favorite from the last episode was Angel’s Hardware. This is where Locke bought his extension cord to hang himself will. Does this mean it was God’s will for him to die?


There is a concept in some evangelical circles called dispensation. In short, the doctrine goes like this. There are periods of time known a dispensation with each beginning with a new covenant (contract) made between God and mankind. The first dispensation begins appropriately enough with Adam and is referred to as the Age of Innocence. Abraham’s contract with God begins another one and so on.

There is a pattern observed with each dispensation and that is one of how God reveals Himself to mankind. The pattern is of distance. With Adam we are told the two walked side by side in the Garden of Eden during the cool of evening. With Abraham God begins to distance Himself – or is that mankind demands more distance?

It isn’t long before mankind prefers a go-between like Moses. This go between was a priest. Then eventually mankind preferred a political go-between including the Kings. And it progresses to today’s dispensation where we have no direct communication and are left only with a written word, the Bible.

Since LOST seems to pattern itself upon religion, the concept of dispensation crossed my mind. Widmore, Ben and John all seem to be go-betweens. It would seem they fit the model of the priesthood. The “island” or even Jacob might be the god in this model. John is told repeatedly that the island needed him for a long time.

What we have then is rival priests or prophets. Reader Adrian points out that Ben seems to be holding Jacob hostage, ignoring his orders and keeping the people separated from what and who they need.

John comes along and he listens to Jacob. John is a man who doesn’t listen to his own voice, but to another. In Season 3 we have this conversation take place:

Richard: “When word got back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane who could suddenly walk again, well, people here began to get very excited because that, that could only happen to someone who was extremely special. But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John.”

John: “And why are you telling me this?”

Richard: “Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons.”

John: “What do you want from me?”

Richard: “I want for you to find your purpose.”

I believe we are about to enter a new dispensation on LOST.


In Proverbs we are given a list of seven deadly sins. One is “a lying tongue”.

Now Jack had told Ben he had seen Locke about a month ago. He then began taking flights on his golden ticket in a sad attempt to return to the island. It was during these excursions when he learned of Bentham’s suicide and shared it with Kate.

Yet when Ben visits Locke in the New York apartment he indicates Jack just then purchased his first flight to find the island. Jack had his full-grown beard by the time John/Jeremy dies, so it seems as if Ben once again was lying.

As Ben the Reader points out, Ben appeared to visit John to gain information and not to save him. Again, with more lies.

The whole timing seems off kilter. After all, did the funeral home cut the cast off of John’s leg to make it easier for Jack to slip a shoe on?

Ben also said he could never return to the island.

Bottom line is, Ben is going to pay a price for his sins!


The scene with Walt was anti-climatic for many viewers. But he did say one thing that caught my ear…something about having dreams where John was surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. Was this some prophecy of Ben’s people who killed Abaddon? Or was it the people on the island who seemed to doubt his place there?


Is Walt the savior in the end? Let’s remember that many have called him special as well. Or is Locke the savior? Did it catch you as strange at how all the Oceanic 6 seemed to just out and out question Locke’s destiny? Kate was especially cruel with her comment about never having loved before.

Many have commented that a good little martyr will go to his death with his head held up…even if there is a noose around it. Yet, keeping the Bible theme of this post, Jesus wasn’t what one would call a willing sacrifice. He prayed to “let this cup pass from me” and cried out on the cross in an almost accusatory tone on why his father had forsaken him. Didn’t John show quite a bit of doubt and seemed to be wishing somebody would knock on the door?


What’s up with this guy, Caesar? He seems overly friendly at the airport to Jack. After the crash I got the feeling he was looking for something and not just exploring. Hiding something an hour after a crash seemed as if he was on some sort of mission. Is he working for someone?

It was the way he was searching the office, if that makes sense. He seemed to be looking where people hide things and not in some fact finding mission. After a little poking around he then notices a filing cabinet? It does seem he found what he was looking for: maps and drawings.

Here is a shot of one of the drawings:

Does it ring in any bells? How about here

That’s right! This is Daniel’s drawing from his notebook. And the map he saw was the same as Danielle had (and that Sayid snuck away from her). I can’t help but think Danielle was somehow an Other or Dharma member, but my logical brain says no. Still…how does her work end up in a drawer at the Hydra Station?


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