Saturday, March 15, 2008

LT4: Hanso Website Clues

This memo was placed on the Hanso website for a very short period of time.

In general, this is to some doctor who lost his wife and he lost his arm. Something about 1,200 server confirmations and every 15th press o the test button – a six number reboot code will reset the tally to 0. M.C. is likely Marvin Candle, the guy in the Orientation video.

A shield in the middle. This same shield logo is found at another location and contains initials. Each initial seems to line up to people on the island. Of note is that C.S. is crossed off and J.S. replaces it (Christian Shepard to Jack Shepard).

Hey wait, the 23nd Psalms reads, “The Lord is my SHEPARD…”

Plenty seems to deal with a rejected Dharma site – somewhere in Michigan whose coordinates are the Lost numbers and the university where the DeGroots studied.

Finally, a secret memo is posted on it suggests that Jin and Michael are cornered by the others and are ready to shoot their way through the bad guys coming into the hatch. Before the first shot is fired…Walt enters the room…Michael runs to him before Jin can get a clean shot…too late…Michael is hugging Walt by now and all heck breaks loose.



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