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LT3: External Websites

When this Lost Tidbits was originally published, half the fun of the show was looking around for external websites in order to discover clues. Perhaps a few have been updated and we've just assumed they were not being and find out.



When speaking to Shannon he says, backwards of course: "soon all of them are coming and they're close"


Check out the website…keep your mouse over the lower-left, 3 lines, or the 7 o’clock position. You will get in!

Type the numbers when next asked for input.

Then the member id…everyone seems stuck at this point.


This memo was supposedly leaked to the press and was obtained from an Easter egg – meant to be found, but not freely distributed.

Two days later, the Hanson web site put a press release out:

This Hanso Foundation is strange.

And Oceanic web site released a news story that read in summary:

“Searchers have found sections of an Oceanic aircraft, the Voice Recorder, and black box…tail number is N5180A…that Oceanic Flight went down five years ago on November 16, 2000…however, debris recovered was from items produced much more recently…”

Time shifting…I still think part of this show is like the Sixth Sense…you don’t notice people not talking directly to each other until you figure our one is dead. I recall one interesting factoid of where Locke and Sawyer have never spoken directly to each other, but their bits of conversation still “fit”. However, this goes out the window when you consider Hurley has spoken to everyone when taking the census…plus Ethan and Danielle (for battery).


A website has popped up with a weekly poem. The past week was an except of the Cheers song, “Everybody Knows Your Name”. Various letters are capitalized that spell out, “THEY KNOW”. There was a list of the “tailies”. Or is Cheers a reference to Boston. Remember Jack’s dad’s saying about the Red Sox. Notice that whenever that phrase has been used in the show “Red Sox will never win a world series…” that NO ONE corrects anyone. They won in 2004…and we were warned that the crash didn’t necessarily happen in 2005.


According to the Oceanic website, their parent company is the Reyes Group. There is a real Reyes Corporation that describes themselves as “Concrete, Underground, and Construction Management Company.” Where have we seen underground cement? Hmmm…

And just to make another connection, Hurley’s last name is Reyes.


Shannon Rutherford was shot is seems, but by WHO? TIVO freaks have noticed that a silhouette of another person which appears. While Michelle Rodriquez is a bit tomboy-ish, I’m not sure she was holding a weapon in her LEFT hand – which the silhouette reveals. The only Lefty that comes to mind is Ethan, but he’s not holding anything right now, right? Or maybe it is like a mirror where the images are reversed?

Let’s say that Shannon is the first to get the sickness…and this is manifested in her “visions” of Walt. Didn’t Sayid admit he finally saw Walt too? If so, what is the disease, how does it get passed, and stop the kissing until we learn more about this!

Danielle implored Sayid to, “Keep an eye on your people”…there is that eye reference again! Sayid kept his eyes mostly on Shannon. Eye M Sick…the eye again from the mural.

Let me just suggest this as the answer to “Who Shot SR?” (by the way, that is suppose to be a cute reference to Who Shot JR…get it?). Ok, my answer: NO ONE!

That’s right NO ONE shot Shannon.

Consider the implications this could have!

Danielle recognized the sickness and killed Shannon?
Kate, who was absent from this episode, got a gun and shot her? But why?
Claire has a vision to kill Shannon?
Walt? He can open tent flaps and blow out candles, why not carry a knife?
Locke uses knives a lot and seems to have a sixth sense about things?
Or maybe Ana did do what we were shown?

Find your hatch, mine is Richard,

For you non-Survivor watchers, Richard Hatch was the winner of the first season. If tonight’s Lost shows a clip of a naked, fat guy running around, I’m turning off the television.

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