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LT57: Left Behind (April 10, 2007)


I need a scorecard. Kate loves Saywer. Kate loves Jack. Jack loves Kates. Jack love Juliet. Juliet loves Jack. Juliet loved Ben. Ben loves mind games.

Juliet thinks Jack is cute. Juliet is in key role. Juliet wants Ben dead. Juliet is not in a key role. Ben lives. Jack thinks Juliet is cuter…now.

Jack crashes. Jack on beach. Jack at cave. Jack in hatch. Jack on dock. Jack in aquarium. Jack in operating room. Jack in cage. Jack in Othersville. Jack in submarine. Jack not in submarine. Jack back in Othersville. Jack leaves Othersville.

See what I mean?

Do I have tons of questions for the writers now!

First, why wouldn't Jack, Juliet, Kate, Sayid and the beach survivors all move to Othersville? It's not the hatch, but it would do in a pinch. Come on! Houses, running water, electricity! If it is abandoned property, then anyone can claim it, right?

Next, how did Juliet go Kung Fu all of the sudden? Remember how "easily" Jack was able to subdue her in order to flood the hatch? Of course, she did get a pretty good punch in before it was all said and done. And while we are analyzing Juliet…a marksmen (ok, knows how to shoot a weapon)? Negotiator? Diplomat? Cook? And to top it off, a fertility doctor. Yeah, righ!

Finally, why doesn't Smokey figure out that it can go OVER the sound fence? Humans leans some trees up and over, and we know Smokey can climb pretty high to do a body slam…so slither over that thing!


Some people claim that Smokey divides into three parts at the sound wall. This then might correlate to the three-headed dog guarding hell, Cerberus. That name happens to be written on the hatch door map that glowed in the dark.

Who has Smokey killed? The airline pilot and Ecko. We don't have much information on the pilot, but we know Ecko has some bad decisions in his life. Maybe Smokie goes after those who have committed murder.

That would now include Juliet! This is when Juliet lost her "innocence" and the group was prepared to put her to death. Jack's intervention is what saved Juliet in the physical sense, but not the spiritual sense, and Smokey was out there to hand out the spiritual justice! Yikes!

So, they brand her – give her the mark. Smokey can't touch her now.

Or maybe Smokey couldn't hand out justice when the girls were huddled in that tree. The reason was that Smokey couldn't pick up one for a body slam without killing the other one…because of the handcuffs. Juliet knew this and that is why someone handcuffed them.

Or, Smokey is actually three entities…think the Trinity. Maybe that would explain why we sometimes hear the cranking sound…sometimes it's solo and sometimes that combine for Power Rangers like synergy.


The branding as protection crowd is getting some attention this week. Here is a possible connection:

The symbol on this coin is the one that Constantine had soldiers place on their shield since Jesus told the ruler in a dream that it would protect his army. It's called Chi Rho. And the symbol consists of two letters, the P and the X…which is the symbol for Christ.

Watch this show start to evolve towards Revelations stuff!


Non-Dharma product! You the world is against you when Hanso can't produce all the military items you need any longer! J

The company, ALS Technologies, does exist (won't they be thrilled). The product number refers toa similar device on their website, but it might be important to note that it that product doesn't knock anyone out…it is just a smokescreen. And why couldn't Lost use one or two more smokescreens?


At least the Others have fun. Notice the pinball games in the background. We have to assume that this might have been a reference to the 1970's again. Trust me, we were playing pinball in the 1970's (remember Pinball Wizard). Video games like Space Invaders came out in the early 80's and pinball took a decided down-turn in popularity.

The history lesson is in case the prop guys meant to give us two machines manufactured from 1988 and 1999. I suppose they could have gotten older games, but it's difficult to know how much to read into something…or not. So, we point it out here at Lost Tidbits.

And staying on this theme…on game is called "Revenge From Mars" and made by a Bally subsidiary called "Midway". And Midway is Mittlewerk in German, just to keep this fun!

The other game is Cyclone and features a tornado theme. Anyone else thinking Wizard of Oz reference? Actually the theme is a roller coasted called "The Cyclone". And the pinball game would play the sound of that chain cranking as it pulls the cars to the top of the first hill. A sound that reminds many of Smokey's noises.


You might recall way back when that Locke worked in a toy store. The scene is him putting the pieces together of the game Mousetrap. Well, that game shows up on a table in Othersville.

Is Juliet going to lead the beach crew back to Othersville as I've been screaming they do? What if that is the mousetrap? They get to Othersville and then she turns the fence on, thereby trapping them INSIDE the perimeter. Hey, the Others can start over without those nosey survivors!

Or maybe the island is a trap and Locke is the best player…putting the pieces together…ready to spring the trap…

And while speaking of games, Kate was being bored with a game of Backgammon…like Locke and Walt would play.


Kate in Iowa..that was nice although they reinforced the Iowa stereotype. But the hat reads "Cowboy Up" four times.

When Sawyer has that heart to heart talk with Karl he begins by punching him in the arm. "Why you do that?", says Karl. Sawyer replies, "So you'd cowboy up. Crying in the jungle…I thought you people were suppose to be tough."

And again when he says, "Michael's going to cowboy up" when referring to launching the raft.



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