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LT59: Catch-22 (April 23, 2007)

Originally published on April 23, 2007...


What a wicked start. My mind was thinking, "So, Charlie is the next survivor to die." Of course it was dream…sort of.

We did learn where Desmond got his catch-phrase, Burtha. But I didn't expect a monastery. Well at least he got to meet Penny that way…fate's funny that way, huh?


Kate to Sawyer: "I'm up here."

Sawyer to Kate: "You need me to make you a mixed tape?"

Jin: his ghost story…wonder what it was? It just made me laugh.

Sawyer to Juliet and Jack: "You two arguing over who's your favorite Other?"

Hurley to Desmond: "Thanks for telling us about the umbrellas, dude."

Sawyer during the camera discussion: "Those perverts."

Sawyer to Jack: "I have to play ping-pong every 108 minutes or the world blows up."

Charlie to Hurley when the satellite phone was dead: "Shocker."

Hurley to Jin: "Forget it dude, it wouldn't even make sense in Korean" while trying to explain the events.

Ruth to Desmond: "It's a good thing you weren't found by a bloody shepherd! Otherwise you would now be chasing after sheep!"." (nice tie-in to Jack and Christian Shepherd)

Charlie after picking up the hula girl doll "It's not Rousseau's, or else a massive rock would be falling on my head."

Hurley to Desmond: "Did you eat some of those mushrooms that Jack warned us about?"

Desmond to Charlie: "I've saved your life three times now. I think I've earned some trust."

Sawyer to Kate: "Is my doorbell busted?"

The four campers whistling that song from Bridge on the River Kwai.


The show is not without its double meanings. I got to thinking about that Superman versus Flash conversation. Especially the part about having to vibrate through walls. It made me think that maybe the turbulence everyone runs into is due to have to vibrate through some barrier to enter the "snow globe" of the island. Hey, I'm just working here.

By the way…for the answer to who would win a foot race…go here:


Did you notice the book Desmond found in the backpack?

That's Catch-22 in English. This version is written in Portuguese…can you say "arctic listening post guys"? So, does this mean the woman skydiver can read Portuguese…it would seem to be her book. I guess someone else might have jumped and it might be his book. Her book…his book…doesn't matter…the question is…what is the owner of the book doing with a picture of Dez and Pen in it?

For everything else in the back pack look here:

Looks like a Nutra Fruit bar, an MRE of beef stew, the satellite phone, and the book. Time to get those batteries recharged and quick!


I can tell you this…she is not Portuguese…she's British according to the actor's bio page. Will she have purchased all of Driveshaft's albums and wished really, really hard to meet Charlie and WHAM…her wish came true?

Some viewers were thinking this might be Nadia…Sayid's flame, but I think not.


I caught this the first time…the picture on the monk's desk includes the woman from the jewelry store! What could that mean? Was this Dharma behind the monk group? Was this an early test of Desmond to see if he could remain good? If so, I think he surprised them with his silence. Even after getting punched in the nose, I think he was fine. But when he went at got drunk…or the way the monk talked it seemed they decided as soon as he got punched and it was obvious his past was going to always catch up with him.

And for the record, it was a rude way to leave a wedding.


Does anyone else think Jack is different now? I mean strangely different.
What fell in the ocean?
Why would four mean who live in tents and use fire for warmth and cooking think that camping would sound fun?


Here is a better picture of the sub that Juliet arrived on and John blew up:

Notice the yellow markings…looks the part on the outer edge of the Dharma logo.

Here's a question for you: Why a sub? Why not a small boat? Ok, that's two questions, but it isn't like they have to go underwater to get to an island…or do they? Let's imagine they do have to under something (unlike the audio fence which you have to go over)…what would that imply?

I keep think of a big shield thing over the whole area and it might be submersed a bit…or the opening in the wall is under water. How then did the plane get in…or Desmond's boat…or Danielle's boat…or the Black Rock boat?

This symbol is one of the eight sides to the Dharma Logo. This one stands for "Kan" which means the watery category of life. We even see one of the sub crew members with this cool t-shirt:


Someone with a sharp eye noticed that Juliet's sister, Rachel, had a medical chart that claimed she was a "Male". Not that she wasn't or isn't, but it's mostly a prop error. But just in case, remember you heard at Lost Tidbits first!


It's been floating around for some time that we suspect a third group of people. Survivors, Others led by Ben and some new group. I guess Danielle's army of one would count as another group. Ok, four groups are suspected.

The biggest clue was with Mikhail talking about "hostiles" and some conflict with another group. There did seem to be two groups that weren't on speaking terms.

So, without any knowledge of spoilers at all…here is what I predict the Other Others would be like:

They are the "true" group of the island
They live underground
They control Smokey
They are the source of the whispers
They brought the plane down and everything else that's hard to explain
Want everyone off their island
The influencers of the dreams
They have moles too and Nathan was one of them – he fit the profile – long walks in the jungle, no one remembers on a plane, and justification for "good" Goodwin to kill him
They are the bad people

See, when Ben says, "We're the good guys", he believes that. And it would explain a lot about why Ben and the Others are so freaking strange…they are scared out of their wits. So, why not leave the island? It seems as if the island is the location of some ancient battleground and both sides have gathered to fight the war. Ben and his group have probably figured out that the plane was caused to crash and they might know it was the 3rd Group. "What's the odds of a surgeon falling out of the sky the day after I discover my tumor?"

He knew! He knew the answer already…the odds are astronomical…but it happened. Which means fate is bizarre OR the 3rd Group caused it. Ben is betting it is the later explanation.

Maybe Ben and the Others found Utopia in the valley of the island. And maybe a truce was formed. Now that the balance has been upset…it's time for drastic measures.

One more thing…remember when the Others first came on the show the survivors kept looking up in the trees? And remember the dirty feet we saw? I think the 3rd Group might fit these descriptions as well.


It seems Matthew Fox will drop the coaching whistle (We Are Marshall) and take over the duties of Speed Racer in the new Wachowski Brothers film.


Anybody ever read how the Flash died?He was going too fast and end it up going back in time. It's in the DC mini-series "Crisis on infinite earths" He died in issue #8 but throughout the first few issues he would just appear for a second then disappear. Then in issue 8 you find out that all along he was going back in time. Very cool storyHere's a better description: After freeing himself from the Anti-Monitor's prison, Barry kidnaps the Psycho-Pirate and forces him to use his powers on the minions of the Anti-Monitor, causing them to rebel against him. Using his super-speed to destroy the anti-matter cannon that was the Anti-Monitor's weapon, Barry gives his life in his process. In doing so, he transcends time briefly, and appears both in flashbacks and flash forwards.


Lost must be about time. Think back to the first season and one of the first confrontations was over a watch that Jin had. Then we noticed no clocks in Othersville.

Consider this possibility…when Desmond had flashbacks, were they flashbacks or as Lost Tidbits have described them…flash sideways? And we now know that Desmond can sort of flash forwards. It would be a good idea to consider Desmond's events as time "optional"; which means we can't be sure if they are forward, back or sideways (or, parallel) .

Follow me here…by saving Charlie's life is it possible that this changed the future? We had the Abraham and Isaac story of sacrifice and Desmond was learning that lesson first hand. But by not following through on the sacrifice did he then cause the parachutist to NOT be Penny? I've examined every frame of Desmond's flash forward that we saw. Every shot came true, the cable being found by Jin, the red beacon, the rain, Charlie stepped on a wire, the arrow flew…except one. If you have this taped you can verify it yourself, but this image in Desmond's future vision did not end up happening:

Maybe I misunderstood it, but seems like Penny is talking with Desmond in a green setting like a jungle. And that appears to be Desmond's hair. The point is that every other puzzle piece fell into place except this one!

Now follow me here…at what point does messing with events have a ripple effect? I mean, should Penny's and Desmond's photograph even exist anymore?

I'm really getting a strong feeling that some of the visual clues we have written off to "prop error" may not in fact be oversights. Consider that Desmond's 1995 vintage was being packed in boxes that read 1989.

And did you catch the fact they made 108 cases?


Each time Desmond says this he intends it to actually not happen. For example, he says it to Jack in the stadium while running stairs…yet runs into the guy again on Mystery Island. He tells Jack again when he heads for his sailboat to leave…only to see the guy again. And he tells Locke the same line when he turns the key thinking never to see anyone. Interesting.


Can anyone guess the name of the mountain that Abraham was to perform the sacrifice on? Mt. Moriah.


Maybe marrying Ruth would have changed the future, so Dharma led him to a man in the street who took him into the monastery. The man knew Desmond wouldn't become a monk but needed a nudge in the right direction. And when Mother Time (all the clocks at the jewelry store) shows up on his desk, one has to wonder how orchestrated life can be by unseen forces.

My bet is that Desmond's blackout wasn't due to drinking too many pints.



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