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LT55: Deathmatch - Linus Vs. Locke


"The Tempest" by Williams Shakespeare tells a story of two brothers. One loses his throne to the other. The former ruler and his daughter are exiled and sent off to sea in a boat surely to crash. They are saved when their ship crashes on an enchanted island. The former ruler learns the island is magical and begins to learn its secrets with help of two island inhabitants. His vision informs him that his brother, the new ruler, is passing nearby in a ship. The scorned brother raises a tempest in the sea and his brother and crew are now on this island. The first ruler separates the crew into groups and manipulates their paths until everyone is brought together before the original ruler.

This theory states that Lost has Dharma recruiters who manipulated the right people onto the plane. Events caused by the Others force the survivors into groups. Shakespeare writes at one point, "the isle is full of noises" which might correspond to the whispers.

Hey, it is as good as any others I've read.


We get a peek at the decorations inside some of the homes. I notice a clock which kills the "no time" in Othersville idea. Paintings of the island and pictures of a younger Alex.

A woman in wicker chair in the jungle holding what appears to be a chinchilla? Didn't Ben say something about overgrown hamsters running on wheels? In fact, he said that just as Ben wheeled past this painting. Take a closer look:

Some say the woman reminds them of Karen DeGroots…Ben's mom? Could it be Alex's supposed mother who died? Or is it a portrait of Juliet?


Last week we got a snapshot of Locke's paperwork when he was getting his benefits temporarily suspended for not attending therapy

We can pick up the dates and something is wrong. Locke crashes in 2004 and they say he went into a wheelchair in 2000. But this form is dated 2002 and Locke is not in a wheelchair for this interview. Prop error? I can tell you this…a larger percentage of prop errors is the explanation for John Locke than any other character. Even this form has other contradictory dates it seems. So…are they prop errors or is someone trying to tell us something?

See, I can't forget Mr. Patchy almost telling us that the Locke he knew was not paralyzed. Two Lockes? Two time frames? Too confusing?


Remember the car that hit Michael? And pulled out in the parking lot and almost hit Locke? Well, it shows up again this week when Locke and father are in the flower shop:

Speaking of Locke's father…remember when Locke went to his apartment he dad poured a couple of drinks? Yep, MacCutheon Whiskey! Just like Widmore serves.

By the way, if you've read Atlas Shrugged think of how those $ brand cigarettes were in possession of limited group of insiders.

Did you notice the book at Ben's apartment was the same one that guy who was guarding Karl's brainwashing session was reading? "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking

And on Ben's bookshelf we recognize a Stephen King book, "The Gunslinger".


Remember a picture you saw of Claire in her Goth days where sample tattoos where help up in front of her? We saw one that read "Mother" and another where we could see "rley". I joked it might read Charley…but the joke is on me. It reads Hurley! What could Claire, Jack's half-sister, have to do with Hurley…can't wait until Charlie finds that tattoo on Claire!


Study this picture and tell me what's missing:

If you said his arms are missing then you would be correct. People keep losing body parts on this island. Or someone is taking them!


Anthony Cooper + Adam Seward = "Sawyer, the con man, poor dad"


Same clock and about one minute of film time passed. A) The filming took 40 minutes in real time and the edit missed this? B) Lost knows exactly what it is doing when it adds a date/time device onto the scene and time really does travel different here.


Viewers are starting to wonder just who could be related to who next? The most popular guess is Locke is related to Sawyer. First, we know that con men ran in Sawyer's family and Locke's family. And recall that Locke was curious as to why Sawyer picked his alias in place of James. Maybe there is more to this.


The clocks in Ben's room must have been a continuity error in editing, right?

How the heck did Locke know where the light switch was in the sub? John did pose the concept to Ben that "for all you know I could have been a Naval commander". This was wonderful in the sense that Ben looked like JUST MAYBE he didn't know everything about everyone! Locke is becoming scarier than the Others!

Why doesn't Jack make it clearer to his friends just what is going on?


Counting the time spent in the Swan hatch as the first time these two mental sparring partners took each other on, then this last episode would be Ben vs. Locke II. And oh was it a dozy.

Locked came out early and scored some points with that "I'm not here for Jack, I'm here for the sub". That was a solid landing punch.

Ben shook it off and assumed a more threatening position with "I could call for help." But Locke saw a weakness and grabbed Alex.

It was minor, but Locke won round two simply by hiding in the closet. It forced Ben to be humiliated that he couldn't control the situation.

The fighters settled into a groove and remained that way for the middle rounds. Then in the 10th, Locke landed a combination of "maybe I was a Naval commander" and "I don't want to leave the island, just blow up the sub". Ben was against the ropes in the mental ring.

In the 14th round, we got a peek of Ben's fight strategy…wear his opponent down and the strike hard. One could almost see Ben wind up for this knockout punch, "John, did it hurt?"

But somehow Locke reacted in time and partially blocked the mental jab with "I felt my back break if that's what you mean?"

As the grey matter gladiators began the final round, Ben again took his best shot by asking again "Did it hurt?" Sick bastard, that would be a penalty in Las Vegas, for a low blow.

But the destiny child Locke again avoided the majority of the damage with, "Do you mean did it hurt my feelings?" Would this be the time John Locke gets the better of Ben in the Brain Game?!!

But this was not a blocked knockout punch!!! It was setup punch…and Ben saw Locke totally exposed with, "No, I meant, did it hurt to have your own father do this to you?"

Ooooooh! Locke is dazed and confused on that one. Another flurry by Ben with "you want to stay" and "your father can't find you here". It looks like Locke is going down hard!

And to be sure, Ben delivers the final knockout punch with "let's see what came out of the magic box".

Fans got their money's worth in the Cerebral Contest and still champion, Benjamin Linus!

Locke's manager promises his man will be better prepared next time.



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