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LT68: The Eyes Have It (October 9, 2007)

Previously published October 9, 2007...


Lost began with a close-up of Jack's closed right eye which suddenly opens to this new and exciting "game" called Lost.

When a character's eyes change, it indicates a role change from good to bad or bad to good. The eyes have everything to do with clues to which Player is winning the Lost Video Game!

Consider: we have a glass eye. When we saw that scene with the Tailenders, didn't you wonder who the eye belonged to? How it got in the chest? And in general wondered how it would figure into the storyline? Did we get any answers? Nope. Or did we? We did if you consider that they wanted the emphasis on the eyes, then you have your clue. Even when Mr. Patchy came along, we all thought, "Ok, this is the guy missing his glass eye." Nope, no mention of it. The only purpose of the glass eye was to tell us to watch the eyes. Mission accomplished.

Charlie's tattoo reads, "Living is easy with eyes closed."

Track 2 on the Lost Season 1 soundtrack is called "The Eyeland". Get it? The Island…Eye-land?

The hatch map is shown in the reflection of Locke's eye:

The cartoon Jack watches have characters with large eyes.

The famous Swan mural features those eyes…one white, one black.

Many shots in Karl's brainwashing film were of eye shots:

This object has been seen in many shots and is considered an eye…as is the Oceanic logo:

Hurley is sent to "keep an eye on Juliet".

Jacob's eye is seen for a moment:

Jack knocks over an eyeglass stand in the pharmacy:

Are we reaching too much to say this scene was stage to resemble an eye?

How about the poster behind Desmond in his flashback? It blinks:

And notice the ABC promo poster for Season 3:

The eyes are most definitely the featured facial feature! But look closer. Jack has two different colored eyes. A month later ABC release a second promo poster because Ecko is removed and Nikki and Paula are added.

Jack has lost his one blue eye. But now Locke has two different colored eyes. You can tell they reused most the same photos, so why doctor with the doctor's eyes?

Locke's mother has blue eyes:

But here license says she has brown eyes.

Terry O'Quinn, the actor who plays John Locke, is quoted as saying they had to wear colored eye contacts. Need we say more?



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