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LT53: Double Vision


Is the cat in Sayid's flashback the same as at Mr. Patchy's? Notice how the cat helped Sayid find the hidden hatch!




Here is what we have translated from the above manuscript:

were lost in his country, and they have to be......with force, and if neccessary, through complete some extent repulsed Andrey. Nadzhi was not......of Afgan resistance, however, he was an excellent......he was a half-cousin (second cousin) of an influential......who controlled one of north-eastern......(some kind of - only the end of the word is present) specialist, who helped......Mudzhahedins used......he compensated with his all of the radicals of the time, Nadzhi......believed that they restrain the West and......they make way to Allah, so that he erased from the face of the Earth all non-believers,while Andrey believed that the fall of Afganistan may be a nudge to a worldwide socialist revolution.The Pakistanis arrived today, - announced Nadzhi with a strong accentin stilted Russian.We knew that ISI would be involved in this. And this? Andrey knew that well. I reckoned that you...

And many believe that the name on this document is too close to the alias that Sayid used in his flashback.

The top red reads, "My name is Andre as well".


All the buzz this week is how Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" matches the Lost plot.


A little wine is good for thy stomach. But it seems all the food products have Swan labels even if in the Flame hatch.


Dr. Marvin Candle shows up again, but we get another name…Mark Wickman. Odd. Notice his left arm seems fake…but also recall that in the Pearl he seemed to be able to use his left arm. Twins? Clones?


I think we have proof that mind reading is a part of the Lost show. I offer up Sawyer's line when they were setting up the ping pong challenge and he looks at Nicky (Paulo's friend) and says, "Who the hell are you?"

James, we have been saying the same thing for weeks!

See, mind reader.


I'm getting real tire of Locke being a hatch killer.

Flame – check
Swan – check
Pearl - ? next
Othersville –

Or did the Others notice that everyone was out of the hatch via cameras and blow it up themselves to make it look like Locke did this? Well, in a recent opinion poll, it appears that Locke has gained the lead as the candidate for being a mole of the Others.

NOTE: Thanks for Lost Tidbit reader, Roger B., for nominating Locke for Mole of the Year.


So, Mr. Locke is searching the hatch and happens upon a chess game and decides the best course of action is to play it.

Later, he is given the responsibility of watching the prisoner and he decides the chess game is too much fun to resist.

We also know that Mr. Patchy tells Locke that the game cheats.

We know that Locke realizes the camera is watching him and is active.

We also know that the game is flawed in several ways. First, there was no checkmate when it first beat Locke. And there was no checkmate when Locke beat the game. Related, we know Locke was unlikely to beat the game on his second try according to the information given by Mr. Patchy and my experience with chess games.

And we sort of know that Michael interacted with a Walt on a machine that was supposed to have just one purpose.

Mix this all together and we are baking this idea: that the chess game was being played by a real person on the other end and they let Locke win. What does this imply then?


Flashback with me to the season 1 finale called "Exodus". This is where Mr. Friendly (Tom) pulls up in a boat to the raft and grabs Walt. We have seen this picture before, but notice this time the TWINS:

They are the ones in the circle image. Then over Hurley's right shoulder as he boards the plane is one of the brothers who is an airline attendant!

And we have another set of twins at the end of Season 2 on the dock where Jack, Kate and Sawyer were blindfolded.

Funny, but I've always missed this Kris Kristofferson look-alikes because my eyes always focused on Alex groping Kate!

And we also have that "twin" of Jack that was in the cold Listening Post. We know it is a different actor, but the casting resemblance is uncanny.

Maybe Bad Twin deserves another read!

And while we are flashing back…remember that Cindy (another Flight Attendant) and Charlie appear to be in the front of the plane yet end up with the mid-section and tail-enders. It doesn't seem possible that this could happen…unless there were more twins aboard this plane.


When Kate hands her husband the spiked iced tea it looks more yellowish:

Hurley's father seems to like his tea on the lighter side as well:

And during her English lessons, Sun asked for iced tea.

And at the book club in Othersville they are drinking a yellow drink.

Did we see the color of the liquid that Ethan gave Claire? Ethan said it was "bitter", just like Mr. Patchy apologized for.

Now Mr. Patchy offers iced tea to his guests. He called it is own "brew". Notice that Sayid didn't drink it…he raised the glass and then stopped to ask a question. We next see kate take a swallow and suddenly Mr. Patchy says it is time to stop playing games. What could this all imply?

An anagram for Iced Tea = A Deceit

That Kate has been drinking her yellow-mellow tea and had nothing to fear because she is an Other!

And before you think I'm creating a mystery…consider how the camera seems to focus on these drinks.



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