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LT74: Flashback (January 21, 2008)

Previously published on January 21, 2008...


Let's become the survivors and have our own flashback. When you see this picture NOW, what do we notice that we didn't notice before?

How about the sun with the 108? Could this mean 108 sunrises?

Or how about the things that don't have an explanation yet? Like the fish. Is this the fish biscuit?

And that eye still gets my attention and I have no clue its relevance. Still is interesting to look at this again.


Someone proposed that time off the island moves faster than on the island. This could explain how Walt ages and why Richard Alpert doesn't – Walt has been off the island. It could also explain how Naomi had a phone "from the future".

And it could also explain why the writers are showing us the future instead of just waiting to Season 5 and 6 to show us what happens when they leave the island. See, Jake leaves on Day 65 (just as a reference point I'm not sure what day they are on – sorry) and then does all the things we see in his flash forward…only to return on say, Day 70. Five days on the island, but five years off?

We have clearly been told the crash was Sept 2004 and the ABC promo for Season 4 confirms this:

"2004, Oceanic Flight 815 was lost."

But then promo says, "2008, Help arrives."

Back up a minute (pun was intended) and say what? We know it is like Christmas 2004 on this island. Why would the promo get 2004 right, but then flip to "real time" for us? I thought it might be just a cute way of saying the show is back on in 2008, but they did choose a specific year instead of "this season help arrives" or "2005 help arrives" or "On January 31, help arrives". At least it would more clear the intent.

And consider that in "real time" we were told Oceanic is back open for business – we have to assume they closed after the crash (2005?) and have now just reformed.

And the first season began in the fall of 2004, so the island events were "timely" then but then kept to about 2-3 days per episode we've figure out.

I'm confused.

How about this…Michael is on the Freighter! Jack sees him and asks, "You never got rescued did you?" Michael, "Yeah we did. Just like Ben promised." Jack: "But you only left three weeks ago." Michael, "Man, I've been gone four years. We've been trying to get back to this island for four years!"


Here is the script:

[Jin, Hurley, and Michael are playing golf. Jin is putting.]

Hurley: All right Jin, you sink this putt, you win.

Michael: He can't understand you.

Hurley: He can feel me, dude. He can feel me. [Jin misses.]

Michael: Yes!

Hurley [To Michael]: Congratulations, dude. [To Jin] It's all right, Jin, you'll get him next time. [Jin goes on a rant, screaming (in Korean) and running around.]

Jin: No, why? Why can't I hit the ball in the hole?

Michael: Hey it's ok man, it's only a game.

Jin: Shut up! Don't pity me! All I wanted was one thing to go right.

Hurley: You can't…

Jin: Do you want to say something? You don't talk for once, you don't talk! How can I lose to both Hurley and Michael?

Hurley: I think I heard our names in there somewhere.

Jin: I hate this horrible island. Why doesn't anybody understand me? All I wanted was one moment of happiness! Why? Why can't I be happy? Who invented this crazy game? No! You horrible ball! Why?

Michael: Maybe we should do something?

Jin: Please take this handcuff off! I'm going crazy.

Jin: You don't care about me, do you? Don't look at me with pity in your eyes. I've beaten men for lesser offenses!

Hurley [to Michael who headed toward Jin]: Eh, don't touch him. Let him get it out.

Jin: No! You horrible ball! Why couldn't you go in the hole? You horrible ball! Why? Why? Why?

Hurley: Maybe we should take a break from golf for a while.

Jin sits down and cries: I'm so alone. I'm so alone. [Michael picks up the golf bag, and he and Hurley walk away.]


Ben told Locke that he was one of the smart ones that didn't end up in the ditch. Who else survived the purge?


Sources tell me that this is the opening shot of Season 4.

Next week I'll try to tell you what we are looking at!


The last time we heard from Sam he was about to get off the salvage ship at Christmas Island. But his captain, Ockham, refused to grant him his wish. Sam starts snooping around and discovers the Christiane I is searching for a ship called the Black Rock in the Sundra Trench.

Sam continues his snooping around and wants to learn more about this only man the captain takes orders from could be, Talbot is the name. He slips into his quarters and discovers the parent company financing this salvage is Widmore Industries!

Sam comes across the coordinates of where the captain is heading and being an IT technician he quickly plugs them into the ship's plotter and gets this location:

The plot thickens…


Just ten days from now and the Lost event returns. I believe they are replaying the Season 3 finale at 7 pm CST and the Season 4 premier at 8 pm CST.



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