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LT75: Show Time (January 27, 2008)

Previously published on January 27, 2008...


By the time you read this, the Lost premier will be less than 100 hours away!

This should be fun, even if it is a shortened season. Hey, we should be use to scheduling oddities by now.

The first hour is a replay of the final episode from last season, but it is enhanced with text that adds commentary and points out clues we likely missed. That should make it worth watching. Then Season 4 begins at 8 pm CST.


Some Brainiac is surfing the internet and comes across a scientific theory about millisecond pulsars and decides it must explain everything about Lost. Physical Review magazine published an article in the 1970's that revealed one possible means of time travel. Behind every block hole is some sort of singularity and can be exposed if properly manipulated. In fact, these millisecond pulsars are nearly perfect to the conditions required to expose these "time holes". They aren't perfect or I suppose we would be time traveling right now and making sure Favre completed that one pass! J

Anyway, when these conditions are right, a black hole will expose its singularity point and allow passage through which would be through time and not space or matter as Einstein suggested. Like little doors and we all know how Lost has used doors to show logos, go nowhere, hidden and plain nasty most the time.

It gets interesting when the author uses the Crab Nebula as his example. Interesting because the producer of Lost said once, "Lost will end somewhere near the Crab Nebula, geographically speaking." Hmm…

And the Crab Nebula was the first pulsar discovered and named "M1", something found on the Blast Door Map. AND…these are categorized as "Cataclysmic Variables" or "CV" for short..again, something found on the Blast Door Map.

Another pulsar discovered is part of the Swan Constellation. Perhaps the Blast Door Map is a star map. Not to move this to aliens, but the Others were building a runway for something!

At the centre of the Crab Nebula are two faint stars, one of which is the star responsible for existence of the nebula. It was identified as such in 1942, when Rudolf Minkowski found that its optical spectrum was extremely unusual. Minkowski is the name of one of the characters we will meet from the Freighter! Hmmm…

Now part of this field of study included a project known as COBE – Cosmic Background Explorer and searches for things like cosmic rays and electromagnetic fields. Hey, that rings a bell. Here is the infamous COBE logo:

Now if you have been paying attention to Lost Tidbits, then you know the number "6" is going to play some significance this season. The code name for COBE project was Explorer 66.

And we have this shot from the Room 23 file that Karl was being shown:

Was this a visual hint of COBE, Explorer 66, nebulas and pulsars? I could just kick myself for missing all this!


Talbot, the employer of this expedition, discovers Sam used the plotter and wants the map it produced. Sam gives in but also explains that he received the coordinates from some Maxwell Group that he has learned is Talbot's bosses. Talbot warns Sam he is in over his head.

A friend of Sam contacts him on the ship and tells him that a large insurance check is coming for that investment he made in a box company that burned down. Hmmm, wonder what box company that could be?

A few days later and Sam is wandering the deck when he notices strange green lights on the horizon. They disappear soon after. Sam asks a crew member who suggest it was the Southern Lights but then don't appear and disappear like that.

More later…


With the new season quickly approaching we are getting lots of theories about the show in hopes that one guy can claim he is right.

And we have heard from a few readers of Lost Tidbits that it seems the show has lost its way from the original premise…it keeps getting crazier instead of explaining SOMETHING along the way.

Well, here is a theory that explains a few things from earlier season. And it nearly opposite of the Astorian Theory explained earlier. In the Astorian theory Jack and Kate return in the FUTURE to die in the cave. In this new theory, this is the future and Jack and Kate are actually 40-50 years older than the skeletons.

Here's the analysis:

We were told the Valenzetti Equation is what started the events on Lost
The date predicted was October 16, 1962.
When the solution of the world ending was discovered it was past that date!
This fits with Mrs. Hawkings telling Des that life is a loop and life can correct its course
Not only can it correct it, but it also repeats itself – history that is
One disaster avoided is traded for another – see Charlie's many forms of death
The end of the world in 1962 was due to the Cuban Missile Crisis which mean label as being on the "brink" of the end of the world.
It was averted due to a philosophy of gamesmanship on the part of world leaders, but it wasn't suppose to go that way – the world was to end
This simply caused another loop and we've been trying to stop the inevitable for years
Hanso Foundation forms in order to stop the loop of history
They find an island with special properties and a band of people
Jacob is the one who can stop the loop of disaster
Jacob is the world's Desmond – he keeps fixing things even with intruders on his island

So where did Jacob come from. It is sort of like asking where God came from. But to be specific, Jacob comes from Kate.

Woah! Hold on a minute…what did you say?

I said Jacob comes from Kate.

Keep in mind that we have learned that Kate was originally intended to be the leader of this merry band of Survivors and she was to have arrived with her husband to the island. They changed this up, but you know they couldn't change the whole story line. So we get Jack, the intended husband who was to be killed off in the Pilot, and we still get a couple – Rose and Bernard.

Q: So who is Kate referring to as "him" in the flash forward scene?

A: She is speaking of Jacob, a baby.

Q. Huh?

A. That's right, Kate is pregnant on the island as Season 4 begins. She is just a few months into pregnancy and should start showing soon.

Q. Convince me.

A. Kate says sheepishly, "Who would bring a pregnancy test with them on the flight?" And she admits to having taken a pregnancy test prior to speaking with Sun about her pregnancy.

Q. I'm confused.

A. It helps if you include a time loop as the show has suggested. Kate has done all this before as has Desmond…and has the world. The first time was 1962.

Q. Let me get this straight…Kate delivers Jacob in 1962 and goes to the island and leaves her baby there.

A. That's correct. But she is unaware…as much as Desmond was confused when he was told he
never left the jewelry store with the ring in prior time loops.

Q. Interesting. So who is the father? Jack? Sawyer?

A. No. My theory is that she had twins…and this brings back in Bad Twin book originally offered up after Season 1. And if another common thread of the show holds true, the twin baby will named Esau…just like in the Bible.

Q. You didn't tell me who the father was/is?

A. Sort of. The Bible says the father of those twins – who have been fighting each other ever since birth – was Isaac. And we have an Isaac on the show – the guy near Ayers Rock in Australia who attempted to help Rose.


A. That's right. If we learn Isaac and Kate knew each other then we have some proof. Until then we just estimate they must have met and being near Ayers Rock (another special magnetic place on earth) helped make the kids "special". Going to the island afterwards further advanced Jacob's special properties. Plus Isaac had some special power to channel the forces of Ayers Rock for some people…that gave the kids a head start towards being special.

Q. Ok, Mr. Got Answers For Everything…what does the skeleton in the cave have to do with anything.

A. Well, Jack said the bodies appeared to be about 40-50 years old…that meant those people died in the 1960's. Welcome to Jack and Kate in 1960.

Q. This is the same as the Astorina theory.

A. Yeah, so it is starting to gain credibility.

Q. Cool, so after the two die in a cave together, the cycle started over for Jack and Kate?

A. Something like that. And more important, the rocks Jack found in the pouch from skeleton cave are the key to "restarting" the cycle of history. In fact the ORIGINAL name for the TV series was initially going to be called "The Circle".

Q. So what does the mean about the TV show?

A. It likely means that the show will end with the circle starting all over again. I'm reminded of an episode of Star Trek Next Generation. Until Data figured out the key to not repeating was the number "3", they were doomed to repeat and face slightly different and in the end, destruction. Only to wake back up again and not realize it. Oh, they had feelings and flashes and such, but no proof until the non-human in the group devised a plan that only he would recognize. Likewise, we shall see end back to the beginning. Maybe Kate in the hospital giving birth to twins in 1962 while the TV announcer says, "Today, October 16, the Cuban Missile Crisis is at a boiling point." Little Jacob probably kicks Kate at that exact moment while bad twin, Esau, grabs Jacob's heel. And on Lost the number is "6". Maybe a tribute of sorts to this sequence 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, and 42. The numbers of Lost are every third except for 33 which when added together equal 6. Ok, I'm playing with the numbers too much. Let's move on.

Consider at one point on how everyone felt Kate was a mole for the Others. She is in some ways, but it ways we have previously considered. Not until the faithful readers of Lost Tidbits thought of it.

My guess is a mix of this theory plus the Astorian Theory. For time marches on. But with island's ability to provide a time warp (one that makes it appear that even God can't see the place), it explains the jumping around of loops while letting the outside world age. The problem is that while Jacob saved the day from the Valenzetti Date of October 15, 1962…we are sure to instead be heading to our next doomsday date (like Charlie kept facing death after death). The next date would be Astorians guess of April 4, 2015.

It seems that the storyline is an advance plot and the writers are sticking to it. Even a microcosm of society exists on the island – men of science and men of faith.

Now if this doesn't give you something to think about for FOUR days…



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