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LT71: Oceanic Airline Returns (January 2, 2008)

Previously published January 2, 2008...


It's official! Lost returns JANUARY 31 on a THURSDAY!!!

This was to be my final newsletter before the show's return, but based on what you read next, you might get another update before January 31. Keep reading…


A strange press release was mass emailed this past week. It was the announcement that Oceanic Airlines would be reopening for business on December 31, 2007. The new website seems to depict a skyline of Hong Kong which indicates Mr. Paik is involved in some way.

The flights offered include nine locations and many are of our Lost survivors hometown including Iowa! The flights for Sydney show the only dark clouded picture. This could explain when Jack says he's been using his Golden Pass to fly all over the place. Maybe he is hoping if he departs from the "target" cities that one of them will return him to the island one day. Remember the reopening is end of December, so this also means the flash forward we saw at end of Season 3 was in 2008 or beyond. Yet, in island time we were just getting to Christmas 2004. Hmmm…

And remember that map had stuck pins into on his wall for some reason.

The new slogan is "Taking You Places You Could Never Imagine". No doubt!

FYI: the old Oceanic website has no content except some cryptic error code looking thing. But someone decoded it and came up with: "Changes Will Occur! You Need A Keen Eye!"

The email also left a phone number that only offers for the caller to leave a message.


You might recall the game the producers ran in the summer between Season 2 and Season 3. It sort of fell flat in many people's eyes, but did fill in a lot of Hanso details. The "host" of that game was called The Speaker.

Well, this week The Speaker came out of hiding and posted something on the old Lost Experience website! He suggested a YouTube video should be watched for and was coming soon. He also mentioned to keep an eye on a website.

It appears we may have a new game for January to play…a sort of mini-ARG. It is game on!


UPDATE: The game is now named "Find 815". According to leaks, Oceanic Airlines has decided to stop searching for the downed plane. This is odd since the show has led us to believe that authorities have found the fuselage in a deep ditch on the ocean's floor.

One person however thinks that stopping the search is morally wrong and he plans to do something about it. His name is Sam Thomas. He is an IT engineer at Oceanic Airlines. His main motivation is that his girlfriend, Sonya, was on board Oceanic Flight 815.

Soon after beginning his crusade, Sam is contacted by a mysterious group who say they might be able to help Sam out with his cause. All Sam gets from the group is a website Being computer savvy, he is able to find other clues this group is giving him.

Those clues include the Sundra Islands and Jakarta and some ship called the "Black Rock". Sam figures it is time to head to Jakarta and look for this ship. But Tom is surprised to learn that all flights to Jakarta are booked. He calls in some favors and soon has a ticket, however!

The Black Rock is a British slave ship that was found inland on the island. Its mission was to reach Africa, where it was to exchange gold for more slaves. However since the ship ended up to the east of Papua New Guinea it would have been traveling the wrong direction, east instead of west. And indeed it was stated by traders at a Papua New Guinea port that the ship set sail east instead of west.

The first mention of the Black Ship was in Rousseau's distress transmission. Shannon didn't interpret that part, but my French identified the name of the ship. Next mention is when Charlie reads the ship's name in Claire's diary which stated she saw the ship in a dream.

Inman and Radzinsky included the ship's location on their Blast Door Map. The map also indicated that Magnus Hanso was on board that ship when it crashed.

And of course, the survivors went to the ship to bring make a little dynamite…poor Artz.

Oh right, and Sawyer and Locke had a little episode with Locke's daddy.

I'll try to keep you updated with the storyline if you choose not to play along this month.


Watches seem to be making another comeback on the discussion threads that I read. This is due mostly to the recent Missing Pieces webisodes entitled, "The Watch". In it, Christian gives Jack a watch on his wedding day.

Of course, this gives reminder to Mr. Paik giving Jin a watch to deliver. Many have suggested this watch might have been a tracking device and Paik now knows where Sun and Jin are.

Could Jack's watch also be a tracking device? Of course, Christian no longer has any interest of earthly things, but some group could be in charge of Christian and their interest could remain.

This takes me to Heroes where we have learned that parents of heroes were constantly manipulating events including their children. Combined the two shows and watches leads me to conclude that Lost parents were also manipulating their children.

By the way, Hurley was last seen in possession of Jack's watch. Jack gave the watch to Hurley to time Claire's contractions.


I'm talking about Naomi.

Her first words we heard Naomi speak were, "not alone".

See almost seemed to know the person she was speaking to: Mr. Patchy. What if Mr. Patchy turns out to be a spy sent in by the Hanso Group? Along with Naomi now but a few years apart it seems…and that seems odd to me. But this line of thinking makes me wonder if Kelvin and Radzinsky weren't also infiltrators?


ABC has released a couple of TV promos…get over to that website to check them out.

To stay consistent, these promos leave us with more questions than answers.

Who is the traitor that Locke is talking about?
Why are Sawyer and Sayid holding Jack back?
What is the Hydra logo shown on that piece of wood?
What is the prime objective of the "Freighters"?
Does Locke pull the trigger?

Oh my! Looks like quite the season ahead.


Rose: when she told Jack on the plane that her husband puffs up and can't wear his wedding ring. That don't sit well with me.

Ben: why didn't he think to kill off Locke for sure instead of one shot and leave him in the pit? That don't sit well with me.

Ethan: how the heck did Ethan get Charlie hung in that tree? That don't sit well with me.

Kate: breakfast with Ben and the bruised wrists…something is left out of all that, right?

Several: all those manifestations still bug me…Kate's horse, Jack's dad, Ben's mom, Ecko's brother…what gives? That don't sit well with me.

Desmond: he gets scared when he first meets the survivors and runs off because "we are all going to die". Why didn't he use the failsafe key then? That don't sit well with me.

Danielle: everything. She says she never has seen the Others, but they take her child at a week old…and somehow the Others name her Alex as well? That don't sit well with me.

Carrie: no character, the Stephen King book the Book Club was reading. We count like 10 copies of that book on Mysterious Island. That's quite a library to have multiple copies of that literary classic. Or has expanded its delivery service to include air balloon drops. That don't sit well with me.

Nadia: Now Sayid searches the world over, and we see her connect via John Locke with his home inspection service. Sayid can't find her, but Locke has inspected her house. Sayid's life is dedicated to the extent he causes his friend's death to learn her address. Then 30 days later he is in love with Shannon. That don't sit well with me.

Dave: Hurley's imaginary friend says something like every rock on the island, every plant is all in his head. He was so convincing I half expected Hurley to wake up in the hospital from a dream. Then we sort of left that "it is all in your head suggestion". I'm still not convinced if Dave was real or not. That don't sit well with me.

Jack: when trying to rescue Charlie and Claire, Jack gets into that fateful fight with Ethan. He says to Kate, "I'm not going to let him do that AGAIN". That word didn't fit? Do what again? He doesn't even know what predicament C & C are in. It just didn't fit. Now go back to Rose's ring thing. They had been married a short while…drove to Niagara for their wedding and flew to Sydney…yet Rose knew her husband puffed up when flying. Not a big deal, but we were sure getting a lot of hints about "rewinding and doing it again in loops".

I'm not done on this thought. Rose is probably being overlooked. She knew things when I replay season 1 that she shouldn't have known. My husband is not dead. She consoled a friend about losing a loved one when she should have been freaking out. Who needs a washing machine when we have sunshine on the beach. She knew she was cured. I've heard that sound before. Rose has looped this before! Several times maybe. Ok, I'm done.


Someone came up with a cute idea…what if a rule of the island was it had to transfer something, not cure it? For example, when Rose was cured of her cancer, maybe that meant Ben had to get the tumor. Boone dies the second Aaron is born. Interesting…


People have noticed the number "6" showing up in the ABC promos for Season 4. What could it mean?


I recommend checking out the 2 minute videos on called "Missing Pieces". This short webisodes don't often tell us much…or maybe they say more than we realize. But the last one was more interesting then most because it suggested that Sun and Michael had at least one additional encounter on the island than we have seen in the TV show.

I can't tell you more, you need to decide for yourself what this might imply, but isn't Sun pregnant. And consider this leaked photo of Jin and then you decide for yourself whether this man could have got Sun pregnant on the island?



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