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LT64: Season 3 Wrap-Up (July 11, 2007)

Previously published on July 11, 2007...


Jack's newspaper with the obit was April 5, 2007. We left the Others last around 2004, yet Jack is reading a paper in 2007. The page was B-4…as in "before"…a possible hint to the flash forward or would that indicate flashback with a little Desmond-like time altering?

Jack's phone we see him with was introduced on the market in 2006.

Jack's automobile license plate was 2SAQ321…same as on the mini-cooper in The Italian Job and The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Pryce said goodbye to Jin in Japanese…he's Korean.

The woman in the car accident caused by Jack on the bridge was to be operated on by a Dr. Nadler according to the Chief Surgeon. That is the surname of Bernard!

Ben's map shows the tower is located on Pascal Flats…reference to another philosopher?

The man answering Jack on the radio didn't seem surprised when Jack said he was a Survivor of Flight 815…yet according to Naomi, they outside world thought they all died.

In Jack's apartment we get a glimpse of a map he is working on. The pushpins seem to indicate were the survivors were originally from. Strings attached to each pushpin lead out to the Pacific Ocean to a destination hidden from our view. This map and pushpins sure reminds me of the map in Heroes.

Locke heard whispers while laying in the grave and right before Walt appears. The most agreed up interpretation of the three lines are: "Help me", "Naomi, I don't know that name." and "I have hell to pay."

A book is seen with the title, "Flashforward"…it was written by a Mr. Robert J. Sawyer. Robert JAMES Ford/Sawyer?

When Charlie made the sign of the cross before his death, it was inverted.

This was the third time all credited cast members appeared in the same episode.

Season finales in 1 and 2 included the "Hurley bird"…not 3.

The hospital scenes filmed with Sarah was on the set of Grey's Anatomy.


We had several references to music this show including:

Good Vibrations – Beach Boys song melody used for the keypad code that Charlie entered

Scentless Apprentice – Jack listened to this song on way to funeral home – written by Nirvana whose lead singer died April 5…the same month we are shown by the newspaper that Jack is holding. FYI - Scentless Apprentice refers to the book and movie called Perfume and I recommend the odd movie.


Nothing better explains freewill to me then the speeches at the end of the movie Devil's Advocate. And like the movie, Charlie made the same decision that Mr. Reeves made – better to kill his self then face Door #2, Monte.

Charlie accepts that his death is inevitable in order to save the other survivors, and dies willingly to fulfill Desmond's prediction rather than attempting to beat death another time (even though escape from the hatch would have easily been possible). Being a musician, he is probably the only survivor who could have figured out the code and how to play it in the short time he had.


You haven't let those numbers slip from your mind, have you?

Jack had 8 stitches
15 people died in this episode
Kate's phone number ended with 48
Jack saved the 42-year old woman and her 8 year old child
Keypad for Charlie was in a 4x4 grid offering 16 keys
The time on the clock shows 8:15


Lost is one big question mark…and of course, it uses that symbol in the show. Here are some questions as we ponder the end of Season 3:

How did Kate and Jack get off the island?
Who was the funeral for?
Why didn't anyone attend, but Jack?
Is Kate still a fugitive?
Why is Jack talking about his father as if he is alive?
Why does Jack say he is "sick of lying"?
Why does Jack think it is a mistake to get off the island?
Who is Naomi working for?
Why did Naomi have a photo of Dez and Penny if she doesn't know Penny?
What is the Temple and why are the Others going there?
Who was the music fan who originally programmed the keypad?
What assignment in Canada where the two female guards suppose to be on?
How did Mr. Patchy survive the harpoon?
Why did Danielle tell Sayid that the Others guarded the radio tower when they weren't?
How did Juliette know Ben was jamming the signal with the underwater hatch, but not Mr. Patchy?


On today's show we will test some claims made on Lost.

Can you ignite dynamite with a gunshot?

Yes, but not quite as dramatic as shown. In open air the blast would have scattered. It is unlikely the one stick taking the bullet would have set off the other sticks in the pile since the first blast would have more then likely scattered the other sticks. And dynamite from the 1800's if very unlikely to have exploded.

Would a grenade really work under water?

Forget that Mr. Patchy is living nine lives…but under water a grenade's effects are very reduced compared to open air. And the plexi-glass used in these types of structures tend to be the strongest part of the seal. But it seems Mr. Patchy might have used his body to compress the blast against the window and it might have been enough to blow it open. But, this would also likely mean that Mr. Patchy has finally gone to that big hatch in the sky.

Can you really break someone's neck with your legs?

Sayid did just that as he tripped an Other with his hands tied behind his back and using his legs, sent an Other to that big island in the sky. Possible? Very. It's taught in combat courses, but is suppose to be very difficult to perform. But Sayid has shown us he can do just about everything but control his temper.

Would Danielle's radio message really block the SAT phone?

After Charlie gets the Looking Glass hatch blocking device turned off, the Losties still needed to shut down Danielle's looping message before the nifty SAT phone would work. True? Nope. Radio signals do not interfere with satellite devices. You need a jamming device or a physical barrier between phone and satellite.

So, three out of four were possible. Even the fourth one if incorrect wasn't a barrier…they just assumed the message needed shut off and no one tried the phone until it was. The fact is that once Charlie became tuna…sorry…the phone would have been able to contact the boat.


Seems the season finale was leaked on the Internet before the showing. So, the producers have decided to beef up security and that means less "teasing" with interviews. However, one of them agreed to be interviewed.

Q: Lost returns next February?
A: True

Q: Was the flash forward we saw planned all along from the first episode?
A: Absolutely

Q: You are shooting in Hawaii for next season?
A: Mostly.

Q: Is Kate pregnant?
A: Good question.

Q: Has the role of Jacob been cast?
A: No

Q: Are the Others in danger of extinction?
A: Yes

Q: Is Alex actually Ben's biological daughter?
A: No way.

Q: How in the world did you decide to kill Charlie?
A: If people cheered us for having that character died, then we didn't do a good job of emotionally bonding the audience to Charlie. From the beginning we viewed Lost as Kate, Jack and Charlie's story…the Three Amigos. But Charlie had gone full circle from drug addict to hero. And keep this in mind: everyone is vulnerable.


This summer we are suppose to be getting mobisodes…little short clips of the Lost mystery. It will include some of the lesser known Losties, but also a few of the stars will be seen. Check YouTube and of course, future editions of Lost Tidbits for summaries. It is to be a somewhat self-contained mystery.


The first promo is out: watch it here:;jsessionid=A266F1E3F4C9C747D8C1A168292125DF?mediaId=48329&mediaType=VIDEO&as=1777&b=

Well, this is sort of short and sweet, but we have an entire football season to get through before Lost returns, so more at a later time.

I can give you this teaser: Desmond is feeling very guilty about leading Charlie to his fate…and he feels cursed with the ability to see the future…so he makes a decision to test his ability on himself…remember in Season 2 Desmond said that the last book he would read before he died would be Dicken's A Mutual Friend? Chapter 1…


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