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LT72: Too Much Info (January 6, 2008)

Previously published on January 6, 2008...


As you know, Lost Tidbits was going to be monthly until Season 4 started up, but there is just too much chatter with three weeks to go to not share what I find. So, as there is something to say, I'll keep sharing it.


In a way it seems like Lost has already returned. We have these webisodes every Monday and now the Find 815 game. Well, I can't complain and will try to keep you updated on everything that is going on.

Room 23 – this episode has Juliet and Ben discussing the risks they face with Walt. Ben needs some convincing so Juliet leads him to outside the building where they find a number of dead birds lying on the ground outside the window of Room 23. FYI, birds have magnetite in their brains which they use for navigation. Magnetite is magnetic (thus the name) and can act like a charged needle for locating magnetic north. The mineral's nickname is "Black Rock".


Lost has a tendency to name characters after real-world personalities and one theory is Jacob is named after John Jacob Astor. First, it builds a connection between Jacob and Locke.

Second, Astor wrote a sci-fi book that contains these points:

A smoke monster that takes the form of a dog, but the dog doesn't have a body
Jacob in the book is losing his memory and thus his identity
Jacob created the Others
The island is our distant future

Hmmm…I suppose this suggests that one day we will mutate to having only four toes.


At this point, Sam Thomas is an IT technician for Oceanic Airlines and is very upset the company has decided to suspend the search missions for Oceanic Flight 815. Sam is bothered mostly because his girlfriend, Sonya, was on board. It seems Sam's personal demon is the fact he never got to the point of asking Sonya to marry him (remind you of anyone?). Sam spends a lot of time looking at this:

So, Sam decides to investigate on his own. It is not long after this when a mysterious group called the Maxwell Group (check out their website) sends Sam some inside information that prompts him to fly to Jakarta. His clues are leading him towards one of three boats that are being talked about in the secret messages Maxwell sends Sam. One boat that Sam learns about in the clandestine fashion is called the Black Rock. We know about it.

But a second boat is called Christine I. This keeps reminding me of a title of a Stephen King book – but this was a car with a mind of its own if memory serves me. Anyway, Sam's path is constantly being blocked. For example, he can't find a single flight to Jakarta that isn't all booked up. Yet, with some helpful resources he manages to get a ticket.

One of the helpful emails from the Maxwell Group has an embedded audio clip. When played in reverse it sounds like the Whispers from the island. The only words that people seem to be able to make out are "Sundra Trench". This is a geological ditch found on the ocean's floor.

Some of the clues being fed Sam include:

Driveshift is mentioned as one of their CD's being entitled, "Live from Jakarta"
A strand of pearls, and Pearl being a hatch name
Rocking chair which reminds me of Jacob's cabin
The name "Matthew" – this is new! Who is Matthew?
The name "Abaddon" – the name that means "destruction" or "underworld" or "land of the dead" – are we moving back towards a purgatory theory here?
A compass

I can't quite make it out, but it sure looks to be point to heading 325 – the same heading given to Michael for navigating off the island with Walt.

A map that Sam is compiling

I'm noticing the lines going south on the map…the reason for this is to tie-in to that snowy research tent where the two Portuguese chess players noticed the anomaly. We have a string heading towards Hong Kong and another towards South America. Hmmm….

An overlay in a photo. One of the clues found is a photo of a man but it looks to be a double negative with another picture that has been identified: it is a production shot from the upcoming movie, Cloverfield. A full-feature movie produced by JJ Abrahams, our Lost producer! Cross advertising probably.

And a strange number on a Maxwell logo (which is a compass):

It seems ABC is serious about this game as billboards are beginning to pop-up…this one was seen in Miami:

Prior to taking a flight to Jakarta, Oceanic Airlines has fired Sam Thomas. Sam is then given a strange job offer from a company called Austral Air. But for now he is focused on getting to Jakarta and getting a seat aboard the ship, Christine I. All Sam knows for now is that the ship will be leaving from a secret location and its mission is to search for a deep water crash site.

I'll keep you posted as the story unfolds.


Oh, I should mention that Oceanic Airlines is buying real TV commercial time. One viewer reported seeing the commercial air on the Food Network at 3 a.m. one sleepless morning. Or was that a dream, too?


Well, look at what someone discovered:

Do you see it?

It is in the water? Yes, the reflection in the water is a cityscape! What does this mean? The island looks like an island but is really a city? Are we back to the Bad Twin mirror image logic?


With the Oceanic Airlines back in business and Jack holding a Golden Pass to fly anywhere on Oceanic Airlines and the game Find 815…well, it seems as if the plane is going to be the focus of Season 4 at the beginning.

I've heard two planes – the other crashes on Lost Island and the other continues on to crash in the ocean. Or at least, the Others want the survivors to believe it or the Others actually believe that is what happened. After all the Others showed them footage of news reports of a plane in the water.

Yet Naomi says it did crash and there were no survivors.

But consider this: when Desmond flashes back to the jewelry shop he is not aware he has repeated this process initially. But the lady at the ring counter soon reminds him that he always refuses to buy the ring – making me wonder just how many times Desmond has looped this event. The ring lady even takes Des for a walk and coaches him in the way of time corrections.

Then when Desmond flashes back he recognizes the sound of the microwave and other references. Does this explain a dream? I mean we have all had dreams that once we wake up can be explained because of some recent event that landed in our memory and came up in a dream, right? Like when he saw Charlie playing guitar. Yet Charlie seemed not to know him.

Can Des be looping but not Charlie or was this a dream so it makes sense the real Charlie had no clue what was going on in Desmond's mind?

But let's back to planes. What if getting off the island really means going back to the point where the island came into your life? So, Jack and Kate find themselves on board a plane suffering turbulence, but things smooth out and it lands peacefully. But like Desmond they keep these "it seems real" kind of memory jogs. It isn't long that Jack begins to piece together the fragments of these dream-like memories and convinces himself there is a crazy island out there and in order to save the survivors who remain, he has to go back? He looks up that one passenger who was under arrest and finds her…she is named Kate. She admits having flashbacks and even shares one that says she thinks she kissed Jack at one time. She has this strong feeling they were close at one time.

They keep sharing notes and Jack becomes obsessed but Kate would rather leave it all behind her.

So what would make Jack want to go back, but not Kate?

Maybe Jack believes this one thought he keeps having: I have a sister. Or a thought of: "my father is on that island in a coffin"? Kate has but one draw to the island in my mind: Sawyer, but that might not be enough to dedicate her current life to figuring it all out.

But wouldn't Kate be in prison then? She could have escaped again or gotten a pardon or time moved along far enough she was released.

To put some meat on this idea consider if season 4 began like season 3 did, except the Ring Lady (Mrs. Hawkings) is this time giving Jack the same time lessons?

We have been told that Jack's ex-wife, Sara, is pregnant. What if she dies in childbirth and Jack realizes they have to get back to the island and change something or the disease that kills baby and mom on Lost Island will continue to spread off-island? Jack then feels he needs to fix something alright, this time he is trying to fix the world since Jack always needs to be fixing something.

Desmond kept saying that pushing the button was saving the world. Maybe the button pushing kept the disease on the island, but after the hatch imploded, now the disease is released. I think most people felt that "save the world" meant to save it from IMMEDIATE destruction, but now Jack has learned it meant "slow extinction" since no children could be born any longer? Think the movie, "Children of Men".

Or Jack gets memory jolts of the island and realizes he must go back and help rescue the remainders. Kate did land but escape is on the run so she isn't thrilled about getting involved with the chasing the past. So Jack turns to the other off-island survivor: Michael. When he contacts him, Michael freaks because his deal with Dharma ensures his son's safety. It is sort of like X-Men and Heroes where some mutants want to go public and other's preferring hiding their skills.

For whatever reason, Michael is driven to kill himself. Maybe he has been hiding from any contact with the island and changed his name, but still Jack shows up at his door one day. Whether suicide or one of the Dharma Controls Buses thing, Michael bites the bullet as it is he that is lying in the coffin with no friends or family. The ultimate irony of spending a life in hiding for Michael is that he dies alone. It would explain why the funeral home is in a black section of town, no friends, and the price he had to pay for coming into contact with Jack.

It seems that the harder Jack tries the more damage he causes.

But Cooper also calls John his "dead son".


Naomi says she was flying back to her boat when the clouds parted and the helicopter controls went wild and she bailed in parachute.

Perhaps the Looking Glass hatch was also jamming electronics as well as communication. Now with the Looking Glass shut off maybe the Freighters helicopters won't crash…or maybe they will and they will be as stuck as the Survivors are. Except this group of stranded island visitors are much better prepared from a military perspective.

Keep in mind that some talk suggests that maybe Naomi wasn't on a helicopter. Someone said the sound didn't sound like a helicopter and some have questioned how you can parachute out of a helicopter.

And don't forget that Naomi healed pretty quickly from a punctured lung. Can she pull a Mr. Patchy and also recover from a knife in the back?


Word is that 8 episodes were completed before the strike. With the producers being members of the Writers Guild it seems like we will only see 8 of the 16 unless this thing wraps up soon!

During the strike time, a magazine found the time to interview Jack:

Q. Why is Jack so messed up in the flash forward?

He was so loaded and emotionally distraught that he talks about his father as if he's still alive. I called Damon on it, and he gave me a couple stories — actual accounts of people whose very close relative [died], and in a moment of being really f---end up, talked about them as if they did not know they were not alive. In that moment, Jack is losing track of any concept of time. I knew that there was a way to look at it and go, ''Well, that's kind of manipulative.'' But when you [realize], ''Oh, it's in the future,'' you can believe that the man — years after his father has actually passed away — says that about his father in that moment. I totally buy it.

Q. You tell Kate you guys made a mistake, what was it?

Jack and the other people, upon getting back to the world, are not being honest with the world. They are covering up [something]. That's an agreement that they've all reached. And it's a weird, gross little bond that they have with each other. They don't see each other much, but when they see each other, it's incredibly awkward. And this lie — you can cut it with a knife amongst them.

Interesting…until next time…just think about it…but be careful, it can drive you crazy!



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