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LT76: Vacation (February 17, 2008)

Previously published February 17, 2008...


We went on vacation to an island in the Pacific Ocean. Get the Lost reference? Of course, that meant flying to the island. Our flight was actually cancelled the day we were to leave – bad omen, huh? So, Dharma, er, I mean, Northwest Airlines, rebooked up on a three-legged jaunt and assigned us Row 8 for the first leg. I kid you not. We had nothing to do with that or row 23 for then next leg and 42 for the next. We nearly passed on our vacation!

It was a bit freaking and I'll share more Lost Moments with you in the next newsletter. Maybe this was due to visiting Hawaii, the place they film the show! Every flight seemed to have a John Locke-looking guy on it. Perhaps I was reading a bit too much into it, but getting three Lost numbers as seat assignments was a strange way to start the trip.

We found the dock that Michael and Walt left at:

And we tried out best to mimic this one:

So we are back and ready to catch up on some LOST time!


The writers strike is over and filming will begin immediately on the 8 remaining episodes! Stay tuned for any scheduling issues.


A pile of fruit that Hurley then proceeds to smash through with his car on way to his arrest and the Santa Rose Mental Hospital. Talk about coming full circle. Hey, wasn't the original name of LOST something like "The Circle"?

This episode, "The Beginning of the End", features Hurley and his struggle with reality, not to mention a lie he must keep. In this show, he LOST his way along the path and ended up at Jacob's cabin. One can't resist a peek inside and this is what he sees:

Now call me silly, but call that Christian Shepherd! See the suit and tie? And with the light shining on his forehead I can match that up in my mind with the previous shot we had of Jacob. Is Christian Shepherd this Jacob?

Recall our theories lately about Jacob wanting to take bodily form with his mind/energy. Is he "using" the physical body as his manifestation? Did he take the body? Is this why the casket Jack found was empty?

Or is Christian really Jacob and he caused this crash by wishing himself back to the island? Consider that Christian would never have planned this, but his body went and died on him in Australia. Let's say Christian could control his return to the island. Well he never dreamed his son would be on the plane…except to retrieve his dead body. What fate.

And we have to remind ourselves that in a flash forward Jack seems to speak as if his father is alive…and drunk.

Whether Jacob is borrowing Christian's body, or Christian is some kind of god…I wonder if he has Christian's memories and would recognize his own son. (Think Bible stuff here).

One final point to make…the final Missing Pieces was released and is entitled, "So it Begins" – similar to this title. And in this webisodes we see Vincent being called to Christian Shepherd. He leans down and tells the dog to go wake up his son who is lying in a bamboo forest because "he has work to do". The dog obeys and wakes Jack up as we saw in the first scene of the first episode of the first season. Now skip ahead to this Season 4 episode and it seems Jack's dad has been a busy man.

My bet: Jacob is using the body…sort of that needs human matter but only if dead. I'll bet that if we dug up Nikki and Paulo their bodies might be gone to. Of course, why didn't Jacob "use" the Dharma bodies from the pit? Hey, I'm still working on all this…four years isn't enough time to expect answers from me yet! J


Does anyone else think the line behind television and reality are beginning to blur a little bit? During the premier of "I Dream of George" that followed LOST, we were treated to an Oceanic Airlines commercial.

During the airing of the commercial, it is interrupted by a character from the Find815 game saying, "You can't trust these people. We found the airplane!" or something to that effect.


It looks like Arts and Craft time (FYI – a Missing Pieces webisodes was entitled "Arzt and Crafts"). An igloo makes me think of the time I lived in Alaska four winters. Yeah, we measure time there in winters not years. Anyway…it also reminds me of that cold Monitoring Station we saw at the end of Season 2. Remember the two Portuguese workers who were playing CHESS? The monitoring station looked more like a tent of some sort to me and not an igloo, but it does involve cold weather. And Hurley painted what appears to be a white Eskimo man holding a harpoon and a couple of fish (biscuits). The man is likely on his way to hunt polar bears. Is this all from Hurley's mind???

Speaking of chess…in another Missing Pieces webisodes it shows Jack and Ben playing a game of CHESS while Jack was a guest in Othersville. And in this episode Hurley's mysterious visitor sat down at a table with a chess game on it.

Whatever it means, Hurley is making good use of the 16-color paint set.


Well, he SAYS he is a lawyer. Mr. Matthew Abbadon. Creepy. He claimed to be representing Oceanic Airlines and wishes to "upgrade" Hurley's seat on the plane of life. But notice how he was unaware of Hurley's distaste for an ocean view. It's like he has no idea Hurley spent three plus months on an island beach staring out at the ocean. And he doesn't seem to know the fate of the people he is inquiring about.

Interesting enough, the January game played, Find815, introduced the word "Abbadon" during the month. A quick search reveals this is a Bible name – no surprise there. It means "place of destruction" or "underworld" in the Greek language of The Revelations. Underworld is the word that the 108 Timer reviewed when the clock began showing those Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In the Bible, a character is named Abbadon and the Hebrew word means "Destroyer". Revelations call this character the leader of the "locusts". These locusts were allowed to devour the good people on earth.

Outside the Bible the term is also meant as a pit or cave where people would perform ritual acts to prove they were worthy of their God's mercy.

And back to the Bible, a second character has the same name, but this time it is an angel. This angel's job is to guard the bottomless pit where Satan is cast and kept. When someone says guardian, I think of the Smoke Monster. Some say when this lawyer left the room he had a trail of black smoke following him!

So, we have good and bad connotations of the word. How fitting for LOST to do this to us!


We see a CHESS board at the Santa Rosa Mental hospital. And some more artwork by the patients there. Looks like some variations of the Oceanic Airline logo. And we see a brown mask that reminds me of those we saw in Ben's house in Othersville. I have to say it again, are we just inside Hurley's head? To explain this feeling I have, it would be as if the holodeck in Star Trek was programming to program immediately whatever the person in the room thought should be present. Oh yeah, that cleared it right up for you I bet!



Did you catch the Dharma shark and symbols on the chalkboard?


Why did he refer to the island as an entity, "it"?

Who were Hurley and Mr. Lawyer Good News referring to as "them"? The island survivors or the Oceanic 6 team?


Did you notice that Hurley crashed in the Car of Destruction? That's right. This is the same Bonneville that keeps showing up: hit Locke in parking lot, hit Michael and put him hospital, and crashed into Kate when escaping the hospital.


"I'm dead and I'm here." Spooky stuff. But where ever Charlie is there is a nice supply of waterproof markers. This time his message is:


You might remember Hurley's friend from the Mr. Clucks:

And who later got stuck in middle management for the box company Locke worked for.

When Hurley crashed his car it ended at Circuit House, an electronics store where an employee ran out to film the scene. Yep, looks like Randy is still stuck in middle management. Or is he ALWAYS going to be in middle management? By that I mean if each time loop changes some things, some things never change. Sorry Randy.


We start our review of this episode with a dead bear…polar bear…in the desert. And wouldn't you know, it is wearing a Dharma collar

This episode was properly named as we revisited the dead pilot:

FYI – the phone number is real, so if you have any information about the crash, please call. I called and told them I saw the pilot on Heroes but they didn't think that this information was very helpful and hung up on me.

So, the crash was staged! Notice the helicopter on top of the TV set. The helicopter on the island is number "842M". When military personnel use code, the word for "M" is "Mike"…as in Michael perhaps?


So, Mr. Lawyer hires Naomi to find Ben. Why? Why? Why? It is also interesting how they have a picture of Ben that appears to be off island. Watch him turn out to be a higher management boss of Randy and the box company Locke worked at!

And do you think it odd that Oceanic staged the crash near Bali? Everyone knows the route the plane was suppose to take and the radar would confirm it for a while. I suppose it could fit since they were "1,000 miles off course" but why not towards their destination of Los Angeles? Hmmm…


Oh, I liked this one…Sayid on the golf course and fully loaded. Why did knowing Sayid was in the Oceanic 6 did that scare his eventual target?


The bracelet was interesting:

The two bracelets do not appear to be an exact match. And why did Sayid act like he knew the bracelet on the island when the flash forward to his contact in Berlin hadn't happen yet? Time loop anyone? Is that R.G. initials you see?

Many are supposing the N. stands for Naomi, so does the second woman, Elsa, have an E.? Or do they all have N. and when combined with the other initials come up with N.R.G. – or energy.

And "I'll always be with you"? Take that literally and could this mean "Smokey" or something similar?


Back to someone having a list! Sayid is a hired gun by none other than Ben. Holy snot! This show is insanely wonderful.

This list of Ben's is of "bad guys" at least in his mind and Sayid either agrees or is held in control by Ben. Does this mean the list on the island was also bad people. I recall that list being referred to as "his list" and saying who was and was not on it.


Ok, let's think this one through. So Sayid works for Ben as a mercenary – probably anyone Ben believes could harm his "mission".

When Ben stuck the needle in, did you get the feeling that Sayid would heal and spit the bullet out of his body right on the spot? It is almost like Sayid is immortal, which he had better be since they now know he is coming for them. How would anyone know this really since the only people to identify him are dead? Yes, they will now look over their shoulder more but one would think people like that lived worried lives anyway.

Remember Sayid said something about the day he trusted Ben was the day he sold his soul? Maybe he trusted Ben down the road and did owe him. But how does Ben hold people in check so well? We know Cindy, the airline attendant, was convinced to join Ben's group. Juliet is held captive. He got Jack to play football, chess and the piano which is pretty impressive considering he was feeding him grilled cheese with toothpicks in them while prisoner in a fish aquarium – just a few days earlier.



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