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LT66: Time Travel (September 14, 2007)

Previously published on September 14, 2007...


Anyone think that Adam and Eve in that cave are Jack and Kate in a different time?

Anyone think Naomi's boat is the Black Rock in a different time?

Anyone think that Jack heard his dad's voice on the broken intercom but in a different time?


Some people are suggesting this is how the trees fell and appeared to be a big monster!


Jack tells Ana-Lucia he was in 23B. Jack tells Rose he was in 23A. But at the moment of the crash, Jack was in 23C.

Well, if you remember back to the days after the crash, they gather up the bodies and burn them. Claire holds a sort of tribute ceremony. The only person she mentions by seat assignment is Howard Woolstein. She says Howard was in 23C based on some evidence she has. Again, we know Jack was in 23C. Lots of moving around it seems.

Later, Claire asks Kate if she has seen a Howard Woolstein. Kate says no, and has Claire seen Jack Shepherd? Is Howard really Jack? Does the name imply anything? Wool? Sheep? Wolf in sheep's clothing? Hmmm…

Is Jack a sleeper Dharma agent who is about to wake up when Naomi's boat comes to shore?


There is an interesting theory floating around that there are indeed two planes. Naomi confirms this by stating that Oceanic Flight 815 dropped into a deep ravine on the ocean floor…yet, pieces of it are found on the beach. Locke's father, Cooper, also confirms this fact.

This then takes us back to the original boarding of the flight and it was noticed that we have two groups of Losties. The two groups never cross paths on the plane that we are shown. More specifically, during the turbulence scenes we are only shown Jack, Kate, Locke, Charlie, Rose, Boone and Shannon. In fact, we are never shown any other main character on board the plane. The same two groups are shown boarding the plane but at different times – no crossovers in any of the shots.

If you go back and re-watch the pilot episode with this mindset it becomes like Sixth Sense – things you missed the first viewing become clear once you realize Bruce Willis's family never sees him. Watch all the scenes and you'll notice some strange things:

Jin in shown throughout the boarding in two different ties
Charlie somehow beats Hurley to the airport, but shouldn't have
Sayid detained
Shannon's comments about first class but doesn't sit there

On a sidenote…Kate never crosses path with anyone in the airport or on board the plane until the turbulence. This is because Evi was a late cast and not available. Because her footage did include the turbulence scene she is placed in the first "grouping". However, this also provides another clue…or lack of clue…that Kate was ever on the same plane as other Losties.

To summarize – two planes that both had turbulence. We see Group 1 getting on a plane and bumping heads together. We see Group 2 getting on a plane and bumping heads together. But we never see them together…until the island.

This implies that ONE plane was brought intentionally to the island, but crashed accidentially. This could also suggest that a fake plane or fake footage was provided by Dharma to the news feeds to stop the search.

And when you re-watch the pilot episode you can decide if Charlie was cheating death even back then – the food service cart cashing towards him? Or being a Tailender stuck in the bathroom?


Let me be clear that I share theories that I come across…if they happen to be true, I'm innocent! With that said…who is on Naomi's freighter?

Remember that Jack wants to return down the timeline? What if it's Jack and Kate on board? They find Penny and she helps them to get back.

Or perhaps Michael and Walt got picked up at sea and still find themselves stuck in this bloody snow globe?

Or could it be Kate's "him"? The guy she tells Jack in the future that she needs to get back to? In Island time, he could be on the boat and that's how they meet.

Considering the previews indicate these people might not be nice…it could be some from the Widmore Corporation. This might explain how Naomi knew Desmond's name. These guys are corporate raiders in the true sense and Ben knows it, but these survivors keep messing things up for him.


Top ten things I want to know in the next season.

10. Why isn't Kate doing time in the future for her crimes?
9. Is Kate pregnant?
8. What is haunting Jack so much in the future?
7. Smokie…haven't we waited long enough?
6. Jacob…on second thought, I don't want to know.
5. Who is Kate's "him"?
4. Who is in the coffin?
3. How did Kate and Jack get off the island?
2. Who are Naomi's people that are coming?
1. What is the Temple?


You might recall the producers showed us an orientation film at the Comic-Con for the new hatch, The Orchid. In the film a piece of paper was observed, captured, and blown up for your viewing pleasure:


Under the first rabbit picture:
The allocations that were produced from the Valenzetti equation should be kept at a distance as defined by ?.

The ? is a name of some law or rule – like a law of physics or a Dharma protocol.

Under the second rabbit picture:
It is very well possible for two different allotments to break the rule of distance, but it should be avoided if possible.

Notice the second picture shows two different numbers on the rabbits.

The lower paragraph is about some emergency procedure:
In the case of a dire emergency, you and your group should return to the deserted areas, alternatively, to the zero point. Even though a member in the group is caught outside the zone permeter, you should try and radio the target information hub to alert the other team located elsewhere in the experiment zone. Someone in or around Zone 1 should presumably be dead, and your group should await further orders.

Remember things can get lost in translation.



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