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LT56: I Feel Exposed (April 3, 2007)


Wish I knew how to make that little mark above the final "e", but I don't.

Last week's show was like a typical TV show where the story can be contained within the hour. Think comedies, The Twilight Zone or nearly every other show made.

Those that have a continuing story line are called "serialized". Think Grey's Anatomy, Dallas, and even Cheers towards the end. Cheers didn't start that way. When Diane and Sam's relationship became the show rather than two cleverly intertwined and 30-minute-contained storylines…the show was over for me. Even when Miami Vice became the Sonny Crockett Saga instead of a nicely-packaged, Art Deco-splashed hour of good guys win in the final three minutes…I knew it was over.

I'm thinking about TV Land this week because this show was self-contained. You could watch it, see the mystery be set-up in the opening scene and then solved by the final frame. I was expecting Smokey to transform into Angela Lansbury and tell everyone how the spiders did it in the end. Expose was a self-contained hour of problem and solution…in the middle of a serialized series.

So, it was fun. That was my immediate thought. And then something began to happen. I kept thinking about it. Like those really good movies…you can tell if you are still thinking about the movie days later.

I kept thinking about how this TV show also had a TV show incorporated into it. Not some side prop playing on a TV screen in the background…it was included in a way where I asked myself, "Is this Lost or are we still in commercial break?"

I kept thinking about how fans have moaned about all the survivors on the beach haven't been included much. And when Lost gave us a couple, we rejected them. So this episode got bonus points from me when the TV show within the TV show's star actress uttered the line, "Everybody knows what happens to guest stars."

I could analyze further and say there was an allegory present that was very much about creativity and individuality. How it was the story of a wise, successful man whose final secret was stolen by forces which were never meant to possess and in the end, their ambition to control that force, and each other, came to no good. They found themselves paralyzed, consumed by those who continued to dare and explore, while they struggled to evoke the fortunes of another.

But then that I could just be over thinking.

History may end up calling this the best show of Season 3 for its unique approach.

And by the way, Locke can be seen the previous week watching Expose on TV in his room…we didn't know the name of the show back then, but audio says, "So the Cobra…he's back."


So Paula made it to the Pearl Hatch before Locke and Company! And see what Paulo finds:

If anyone knows how to explain those numbers on the walkie-talkie's screen, let me know. And let's notice what is on the table…three rocks and a cigarette.

And by the way, did anyone else think Paula turned his flashlight back on a little too quickly?

Why didn't Paulo share this hatch information, the plot to get Jack, or the fact he has the Others' communication device? Well, if he revealed the hatch he would have been revealing his hiding place, so he had to stay quiet. But consider how Paulo could have told everyone that he found the walkie-talkie anywhere in the jungle…and not reveal his secret place? Because, like Locke, he didn't want to leave the island and risk things changing between himself and Nikky.

And like Jin, it is now time to call Paula an idiot for love!


It has come to my attention that Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, is the name of an 18th century philosopher, the Earl of Shaftesbury. Ok, forget the word "shaft" is in his name, as in "hatch". The interesting part is that Anthony Cooper's marriage was arranged by another philosopher of the time, John Locke. The Earl's main philosophical stance was anti-religion.

Oh, and the philosopher, Anthony Cooper, also wrote a book entitled, "Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times". And yes, this book was seen on Ben's bookshelf.


Did you catch the fact that this episode of Lost was directed by Stephen Williams? Same director for that episode of Expose.


Sawyer grabbed another book to read…Agatha Christies', "Evil Under the Sun". Synopsis: A quiet holiday at a secluded hotel in Cornwall is all that Poirot wants, but amongst his fellow guests is a beautiful and vain woman who, seemingly oblivious to her own husband's feeling, revels in the attention of another woman's husband. The scene is set for murder, but can the field of suspects really be as narrow as it first appears?


We meet Nikki's sugar daddy last week, but he doesn't last long after Paulo served up some spicy dish. We see the newspaper carried his death and listed it as a heart attack.

This newspaper was obviously arranged for the show and it reveals the date as Thursday, September 24, 2004…two days after the plane crash! Why would the producers bother to date stamp a newspaper for us (and they do know we are watching) and then be off by two days? Of course, the news could just be reporting the story a few days after it happened.

Except, there is no Thursday on September 24 in 2004. The closest day is September 23, 2004. Perhaps this has to do with the International Date Line, so maybe Thursday is the 24th in Australia, if you know what I mean. When then adjust the crash date to September 23 as well. So maybe it's a time clue or maybe not. When Desmond went tripping back in time, maybe it altered events by a day or two?

Consider how Nikki and Paulo weren't present in Season 1 and 2. I mean they really weren't there. No one was there. Instead, something happened when the Hatch blew up to alter all events.

Jack – airline wouldn't allow his coffin on the plane so he loses a day or two
Sun – she runs off and after a couple days decides to go back
Hurley – the woman on the gate does not allow him to board
Locke: crew can't find the smaller wheelchair needed to load him on the plane
Charlie: wakes up late or the girlfriend knocks him out

And so on…they all had plausible events to cause a one or two day delay AND make the newspaper date the correct one now.

Weird, huh?


I believe that Sawyer is developing a real hatred for the Others. And why not? After being caged, shocked, teased, tortured, threatened, and a gun put to my head…I'd tend to not like them either. So when he discovers the walkie-talkie amount Paulo's gear and think they were working for the Others, then this might explain why Sawyer let the two die! You read that right, he let them die.

While burying them, Sawyer throws the diamonds in a surely he noticed that Nikki's hands moved.


Where did Arnzt get his peanut butter jars for his bug collection…he died before they found the Swan hatch!

How did Ben and Juliet get into the Pearl hatch? It appeared to be a hallway that led somewhere, but then why didn't our survivors use it/find it?

Can anyone tell me how Paulo if full-bodied paralyzed and can still talk for a minute or two…while Nikki is not full paralyzed and can only utter, "Paulo lies"?

Do you think Ecko was in Australia to investigate a zombie could have been another person bitten by the spider?

Why doesn't anyone help Hurley and Sawyer bury the dead?


The dart venom is likely from the spiders.

We learned the gay character was Boone, not Tom, as many predicted

Paulo can hold his breath for a long time

We know that Billy Dee Williams will be in Star Wars in like 2000 years, so we know time travel is possible on this island

Vincent is still around and uncovers the living dead – this ability could prove useful

The are two Shannons!

Notice the hair length! Yes, they might have called her back to do these island flashbacks (which were pretty cool)…but MAYBE things do change.

Boone, too:


That Paulo and Nikki aren't dead. Personally, I can't see how that could be true, but consider this wild explanation:

Since they are paralyzed…their bodies don't require much oxygen. The heart rate is so slow that "even a doctor might miss it"…and that implies the body would need a lot less of the required air. Enough time to have Vincent come back and start digging a large hole? Just enough to help one of them to get to their feet.

Side note: depending on which one Vincent dug up first, would that one help the other one get free? I think it might depend on how he unburies first.

And keep in mind the advice from Locke, "Things don't stay buried on the island."



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