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LT65: Comic Con (August 6, 2007)

Previously published on August 6, 2007...


Each summer, the Comic Convention is held and the past two years have been used by Lost producers to provide some interesting insights. Last year during a Q&A with the audience, a woman stood up and starting screaming about lies the Hanso Foundation were spreading. That kicked off the summer game, The Lost Experience.

The 2007 convention was recently held and this year the producers brought a video clip! More specifically…an Orientation film starring none other than our Dr. Marvin Candle. You might recall that we have seen Dr. Candle in TWO videos. The first was the Swan Orientation video that Desmond shared with Ecko (oh, how I miss him) and Locke. He identified himself as Dr. Marvin Candle and we've sort of kept that name. But in the second Orientation video he used a different name.

In the Comic Con video, the good scientist uses a third name! Here are some other highlights:

Unlike the first two, Dr. Candle has full use of both arms
The video is an unedited version during taping…we hear Dr. Candle say he hates wearing makeup for the videos since he is a scientist and not an actor (reference to Star Trek's Bones?) The real point here is that he is a scientist.
He speaks of a new hatch…#6…and calls it "The Orchid"
He says the Orchid is not for botanical purposes and that deception was required in order to protect the families
He is holding a white rabbit
The rabbit has the #15 marked on its side
He speaks of the Cassimir (spelling) Effect as the field of study
During filming a blooper occurs and they have to start over (see below for the blooper)


The "goof" during filming is that Dr. Marvin Candle is holding the #15 rabbit when suddenly behind him, a rabbit appears on a platform behind him! It to is marked #15. The scientist becomes very agitated and asks questions relating to time travel and when did they set the "timer". The doctor also shields the bunny he is holding from the second bunny and says something to the effect "Don't let them see each other."

It seems the Cassimir Effect concerns itself with time travel. In other words, the Dharma Initiative was able to use the special properties of the island to make a second #15 rabbit appear. It should be noted that the Effect uses wormholes to explain its theories.

This video sure opens a hole new rabbit hole for us to explore over the next few months. Have we seen two Desmonds? Are the limited appearance of "twins" now explained? Has Dharma learned to control this ability yet? Does the tumor surgery explain an outcome that Ben discovered and wanted changed? Was Locke's father showing up on the island then a one-of-many "versions"?

Rememer when Mrs. Klugh asked Michael if he'd ever seen Walt in places that he shouldn't have seen Walt? Does that question connect to what we're talking about, somehow, someway?

Another quote to remember, which is from Locke to Mr. Buried Alive Guy: "Things on this Island don't stay buried!" Now, we all took it to mean that peoples' dirty secrets get revealed on the Island, but what if there are more implications for this statement than Locke knows about - like a supposedly dead person might be seen, which would blow someone's mind, but it's not them,'s their Doppelganger?

Does this help explain how Jack saw his father…or Kate saw her horse…in several seemingly unconnected places?And...was Dr. Candle (And friends) trying to create Doppelgangers aand the process was hurting the Island, so Ben and the Others took action with the Island's help?

Did this whole show begin when the Flight 815 was caught in a wormhole?


And it must be noted that this video dropped the "f-bomb". This means it will not play on network TV. Does this mean it was teaser? A joke? A red herring?

Consider that the producers were completely ticked off at the Internet leak of the season 3 finale and swore to improve security. As punishment they implied a much tighter rein on events, more blind filming with the actors and a misinformation campaign.


See it here for yourself…why it lasts:


You know that commercial with a young girl holding a box that says the future of television is all about the mirrors…thousands and thousands of mirrors? Well, it seems that several time travel theories involve mirrors. None better relating to Lost that the book, The Third Policeman. This book appeared early in Lost and has been one of the best pieces of circumstantial evidence as a plot guidebook. In this book, time travel is explained with the use of mirrors. They concept in the book was that when you look in a mirror you actually see a younger version of yourself than you really are. Yikes!

And it is a bit fuzzy, but my mind says we had a connection via a painting that also suggested the idea of "how people see themselves". I'll have to research that a bit more.

And let's not forget Desmond's use of mirrors in the Swan hatch when viewing down the tunnel.


Here is a little summary of what the producers shared with us:

Michael is returning to Lost
There will be flash forwards and the question is how far do they flash forward and with which characters…we will be pleasantly surprised
Violence in season 3 was discussed and they suggested a review of Season 1 would reveal more violence from Lostie against Lostie then you saw the Others commit in Season 3…maybe they ARE the good guys?
One producer told the audience to keep an eye on his left arm


With only audio to work with, it appears the name Dr. Candle uses in this Orchid video is Dr. Hallowax. That happens to be a pesticide in some listings…others claim it doesn't qualify since "We do not have full information on this chemical." I think there is a clue here. I just don't get the clue.


As with all things Lost, someone has analyzed the new Orchid video…and embedded in the video are these "snapshots":

This image appears and is obviously upside down. Recall that the version showed appeared to be the unedited version meaning we saw the pre-production version…like take 1 of several more takes. This means we can't assume this was to be included for some purpose. It is however the same shot from the Welcome Video they showed the recruits with what appears to be a young Ben riding a bike.

This flashes on the screen for a micro-second…looks to be a snip from the original Swan Orientation. Are they just reusing the same film, taping over, and some of the old footage appears when the camera gets turned off and on?

OH! The Karl video! But this doesn't appear to be a nested snip of film as much as subliminal message since the Doctor speaks without interruption during this part! Why include the island slogan with a Dharma tape?


Being this weekend is Baseball's Hall of Fame weekend, I thought it might be appropriate we start a Hall of Fame for anagrams in Lost. (Well not literally, with a building and overpriced souvenir shop and so forth, but you get the idea.)Anyway, if there was an actual Lost Anagrams Hall of Fame -- with the building and the over-priced souvenir stand (Apollo bars $4.50, perhaps?) -- these would would be surefire inductees:

Hoffs Drawlar = Flash forward.

Ethan Rom = Other man

Henry Gale Minnesota = See an other man lying.

Mittelos = Lost time.

Gary Troup = Purgatory.

Okay, so those were the no-brainer Ruth, Gehrig, Williams, Cobb and Dimaggio inductees. So now the question becomes what other anagrams qualify for induction into this grand hall: Here are some nominees:

Geronimo Jackson = Jack, go sin no more.

Benjamin Linus = Ben, Sun, Liam, Jin.

Olivia Goodspeed, Teacher = Hope good eradicates evil.

Hanso = Noah's. As in the ark DHARMA = Had arm. - See various missing arn theories

Shannon Rutherford - Dr. on OR shun father. - Jack "shunned" her father when he was on operating room duty.

David Reyes = Is very dead. - Hurley is seeing dead relatives, perhaps?

Tricia Tanaka = In a air attack. - Thats one way of looking at how she died. (Errant grammatical use of a instead of an duly noted.)

Mr Lashade = Marshal Ed.

Sam Austen = Namaste us. - Apparently, Kates stepfather wishes us well.


It seems that Jacob used a manifestation of Walt to tell John to "Get up" out of the pit and save the day. It brought back to mind when Walt kept appearing to Shannon. The backward message he spoke was "Don't push the button. Button bad. They are close." Gee, was Walt talking about the ship 80 miles off coast? Was Walt talking about the satellite phone "button" and not the Swan hatch? Nice move, Locke!


Danielle might be lying about how she got to the island
The temple is important
There is a new sheriff in town
Naomi's boat crew might not be bad after all
We will get a flashback of Albert


When the new fall TV season begins, Lost producers will be putting out snack-sized mobisodes of Lost via Verizon Wireless. They will make their way to and YouTube, of course. The main characters are signed up to do these along with some "redshirts".

Until I have more to share with you…



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