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LT73: Three Weeks To Go (January 13, 2008)

Previously published on January 13, 2008...


When we last left Sam, he was headed to Jakarta to gain a seat on a salvage boat called the "Christiane I".

Upon arrival to the salvage boat, Sam meets resistance – even under an assumed name. After bit of bargaining he is allowed as a passenger, but the captain keeps a keen eye on Sam.

Upon further investigation it seems the destination point is the Sundra Trench – the sight of many airline and shipping wrecks.

Strange clues continue to arrive via email like:

Ping Pong
Daniel Faraday (who?)
And a phone number

The phone number is not working when Sam tries, but his connections discover the number was (and still show is) assigned to a Miss Penelope Widmore.

As luck would have it the ship's electronic equipment is in need of repair and Sam is just the IT technician to get the job done. This gives him access to equipment he might not have and one night he picks up a radio broadcast of a news reports of Amelia Earhart's disappearance. His inquiry to authorities is answered with an explanation of a nearby local who likes to broadcast historical recordings and to pay no attention.

After a few days on board the salvage ship Sam begins to wonder what he is doing. He wonders if the emails from the Maxwell Group isn't some hoax. He wonders what purpose being on this trip will accomplish. He finally decides to get off the boat at the next port.

Stay tuned for more…

FIND 815 GAME versus TV SHOW

Late in Season 3 the Survivors learned that the outside world believed their plane had crashed. Even the Others showed Jack and Kate live footage:

So why is the Find 815 Game suggesting that Oceanic stopped looking for it? I think there might be a third explanation!

Hey, one of those banners read "Author Missing" and is reference to Gary Troupe who wrote the book, "Bad Twin", and was used in connection to the last game. This means show and game do intersect, so we better be scratching our heads here.


In connection with the Find 815 Game, the producers purchased billboard space in the nine locations that Oceanic is using as their new destinations. All places line up with our survivor hometowns. We knew Iowa was listed, but it never picked a city…until the billboard showed up in Ames, Iowa on Duff Avenue!

Google the words "Oceanic billboard Ames" and you find a picture of it. The clock on the Big Ben reads "8:15". Pretty cool.


In the latest Missing Pieces we have the following dialog:

[Jack is going through suitcases. Ethan walks up.]

Ethan - You're the Doctor, right?

Jack - Yeah. That's me.

Ethan - Well, I heard you were rounding up the medicine, so I figured you might want this.[He opens a suitcase.]Jack - Whew.[Laugh]

Ethan - Jackpot, right?

Jack - Guy must have been a hypochondriac or something. Where did you find this?

Ethan - Jungle.Ethan - I'm Ethan, by the way.[They shake hands.]

Jack - Jack.

Ethan - Thank you, Jack.

Jack - For what?

Ethan - Getting those together, having a little perspective, you know. Most of them still think we're going to get rescued any time now.

Jack - And you think I don't?

Ethan - No, I think you're smart. And I think you're looking at that girl, [looks at Claire] knowing that you might actually have to deliver that baby here. I know that's what I'm thinking.

Jack - Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Ethan - [Laughs.] You're definitely not alone.

Jack - If she does go into labor, at least I know I've got an assistant. [Ethan looks at him and looks away.] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…"

Ethan - It's all right. Don't worry about it. Anyway I'm glad the meds.

Jack - Thank you.[Ethan gets up to leave.]

Ethan - Jack, um, my wife died in childbirth. And our uh, our baby didn't make it either. [Jack looks at him, but doesn't say anything.] Well, let's hope we're both wrong and the rescue boats are on the way right now.Jack - Let's hope.[Ethan walks away.]


So Ethan lost a wife and baby? According to this wacky theory I've heard lately that can mean only one thing…


What do we have an extraordinary number of references to on this mysterious island? Not concept, but material objects. The list includes music, body parts (mostly eyes) and books. We should keep focused on these objects and this latest theory builds on the concept that the writers are mirroring a book (or books) for this storyline. Find the book, save the island.

The latest and greatest theory is patterned upon the book "A Journey to Other Worlds". Yes, the book involves teleportation, magnetism, accelerated healing and so on. The main premise is that this stuff is possible because we are energy first and mass second. In other words, the body is temporary, but the spirit lives on. Direct to the point: spirits want their bodies back. Maybe not THEIR bodies since they have long expired, but any carbon-based live form might do!

Now here is the evidence to support the theory that Lost is about the book, "A Journey to Other Worlds".

The 815 Game has billboards and ads that read "Lose Yourself in London", "Destinations Beyond Your Imagination", etc.

The book's author is John Jacob Astor – John Locke and Jacob

John Jacob Astor died on the Titanic in 1912. Stories say he released all the dogs from the ship's kennels before it went down

Jacob has a painting of a dog in his shack

Cerberus was written on the Blast Door Map – Cerberus is a dog, a guard dog

Jacob is a spirit and wants a body – for him and his dog

Smokey is the best effort of a body possession by a dog – notice the way the Black Smoke tears up trees like digging up a garden, or the way a dog plays with a toy in the way Ecko was handled, and like all dogs sniffing and deciding if a person is friend or foe

Richard Alpert then is a spirit back in a human body – somewhere they got the genetic or human materials to succeed

Richard Alpert is the real name of Ram Dass – the LSD guru of the 60's who believed we are all spirits and the spirits interact long after death

Richard Alpert on the island does not age

The whispers are from the other spirits still waiting for bodies – probably have to be voluntary "victims" in order to absorb or possess their bodies

The skeleton in the cave were the first two voluntary sacrifices – nicknamed as Adam and Eve

When the bees attacked Jack and Kate in Skeleton Cave they stripped down to avoid stings – they were partially naked but didn't realize it until Charlie arrived and pointed it out and then Kate covered up sheepishly. Like Adam and Even who were embarrassed when they learned they were naked.

The inhabited bodies are not technically "human" – meaning they can't reproduce

Those who die 30 days after pregnancy are not "human" – they must be "sub-human"

There was a sub on the show (sorry about this one)

After WW II (hey subs were used in the war, too…ok, I'll stop with the subs stuff) the nations asked scientists to gather and help find a solution to world peace

The result of that group was a formula that instead of peace, predicted the end of the world – Hanso Foundation sat out to change that face by changing anything in that formula

Electromagnetism showed the most promise for altering the doomsday formula. Island in Pacific registers the highest concentration – or discovered by accident

However, the islands attraction also attracts souls without bodies, like Jacob.

Ben hears Jacob as boy merely because he listens for Jacob – Jacob hatches a plan for Ben – get rid of the scientist group called the Dharma Initiative

Ben is human – we saw him born in Portland – Ben can thereby have children

Alex is Ben's biological child – Danielle is human and is the mother

The Stand is also a critical book in this plot. It was written by Stephen King

Locke was reading King in the Swan hatch and offered it to Ben to read

Book club in Othersville was reading King's "Carrie"

The Stand is about a virus like Lost had at one time. It has a woman who hates technology and lives in a shack, like Jacob. She is 108 years old. Another character plays guitar and is the Charlie of the story. The "?" is a symbol in book and Lost.

The formula for the end of the world converts to Wednesday afternoon, April 8th, 2015

The virus in the Stand was released on Wednesday afternoon, April 8th, 2015.

Jack and Kate get off the island as told by the flash forward last season

Jack figures out the world is going to end in 2015 and that the solution is that he must fix it – like he fixes everything…this time it is the entire human race and not just Sarah.

Meanwhile Jacob is running out of time for while he can repossess human bodies, he can't sustain human life without solving the reproduction problem

Oceanic Airlines open for business in 2008 and give Jack and Kate a Golden Ticket

Jack flies from all nine critical sites in an attempt to get back to the island to do what is necessary to save the world

Jack learns more about saving the world…it takes two to tango. He must convince Kate. "We got to go back, Kate!"

Jack needs a special object to make his way back to the island. Once he gets it, he and Kate can return. Upon returning, they go to the cave and sacrifice themselves for mankind. This happens many, many years in the future. So, Kate and Jack actually met their future destination. The object Jack found in the cave is the special object to get back…if only he can remember before 2015.

John Jacob Astor is the grandson of the man who bought Manhattan in the early days of this country. On his deathbed he said his only regret is that he hadn't bought more of Manhattan.

Manhattan is the home of the Statue of Liberty. The remains in the future of the statue are now on the Lost island…the remains of Manhattan: a four-toed statue.

JJ Abrams is the produced of Lost and the new movie Cloverfield. Cloverfield's trailer shows the head of the Statue of Liberty flying down a New York City street.

The Cloverfield movie is using viral marketing and the website being used is for a product whose motto is "You can't drink just SIX".

Six has been superimposed on official promos for LOST Season 4.

Rumors say it stands for the number of Survivors to get off the island – Oceanic 6.

Think about three years ago and we were discussing spirits implanted in the Swan hatch walls. We talked about the importance of a dog (not Vincent it seems now). Many obvious things to talk about have never been addressed again except in this theory (skeletons, four-toed statue, Smokey, etc).

Add in the obvious element of time shifting that we observe and it starts to fit together a little better. At least it did to me, but that was after a few shots of Jack…Daniels.



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