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LT69: Strike One (November 12, 2007)

Previously published on November 12, 2007...


Just three months to go before Lost returns. The biggest news is that the writers have gone on strike recently and it is unclear how this will impact the show. It just depends how many episodes are "in the can". Sources say that as of October seven were completed.

THEORY #4,815,162,342: THE FLY

This theory begins with the movie, The Fly. The 1958 version. You might have seen the Jeff Goldblum version. In the 58 version the mad scientist is Vincent Price. In the infamous final scene Vincent hears a voice say "Help me..".

I was reminded of this when someone pointed out that this is our Jacob's plea to John Locke. "Help me…"

It is not the most direct observation. But think about how the movie ended. Vincent Price discovers the voice is coming fly with a human head stuck in a spider web. This is the final result of his DNA experiements. Know what Uncle Price did next?

He picks up a rock and smashes the fly before the spider can eat it. A mercy killing.

Maybe Jacob was a Dharma scientist who was victimized by his own foolish sci-fi experiments. You know, real ''tampering with the forces of nature'' stuff. It could be teleportation. Maybe even time travel. (More on that later.) Anyway, I'm thinking something backfired on poor Doc Jacob, and as a consequence, he's stuck in his house on the Island, and the one thing he wants more than anything — is for someone to come along and smash him with a big rock.


As we have discussed, the producers released an Orientation video at Comic-Con this summer. Some say it not official. Others say it is. The producers when asked replied, "These are bits and pieces of Orientation tape that was discovered in an abandoned Hanso Foundation warehouse in Iceland." Whatever.

Regardless of its official place within the show…it has to have relationship, right? Maybe the Orchid was all about cloning. Or maybe the Orchid was an access point into alternate realities; I'm taken by the notion that the station could conjure doppelgängers from parallel universes. Or maybe...maybe this is Ben's mythical ''Box,'' the place on the Island where your deepest wish is made manifest; maybe what Number 15 (No. 1) wanted more than anything was a friend.

Another related thought is that some are suggesting that The Orchid doesn't exist. It imploded. It was the Swan hatch before the Swan hatch. It blew up…or in…just like its successor does. It could be the first hatch referred to in the Swan's Orientation film: the Incident.

Any support for this? Well, in Orchid, the Dr. is wearing a Swan hatch logo lab coat. Maybe the symbol has always been that but in Version 1.0, the hatch was the Orchid and renamed after "the incident". Think about the names of the doctor in the two films: Dr. Candle and then Dr. Halowax. Candle and wax. Same logo. Hmmm…

In the Orchid video the scientist says that it is NOT a botanical research hatch. It never was. The mission might have been adjusted, but it had nothing to do directly with plant life. See, there is a flower called the Swan Orchid. Get it? This flower is known for its rapid growth to maturity. Seems to be an appropriate reference to a place where rabbits breed like…well, rabbits.

And there are a lot of links between the referenced Casmir Effect and that strange "electromagnetic fluctuations". And finally, the Orchid and the Swan Orientation films share a commonality with medium and style.

This "finding" in a Hanso warehouse could have given us our very own little flashback to the Pre-Swan hatch.


Word is these little clips to be released were to be on mobile devices, thus Mobisodes. But in the end it seems
ABC.COM puts them up for us anyway.

Go to
ABC.COM, Lost show and click on Missing Pieces. The producers say each 2-3 webisode is missing piece to the overall island mythology and Lost storyline. The first is out there and involved Jack and his father, Christian. It is entitled "The Watch".

Woah? What watch? Ok, I can think of Jin's watch and how that man in the bathroom had something to do with the watch. And Michael accidentally got possession of it and found himself in the middle of an international incident. So, yeah, there has been a watch that has played a central theme.

Perhaps this clue is again about "time".

After seeing, tell me if you don't have one person on your mind: Mr. Paik.

Mr. Paik and Christian are both stern and distant fathers, and the watches are representative of the commitment their children are making. Jin comes into possession of the watch because of his marriage to Sun. Jack comes into possession of the watch because of his marriage to Sarah. The fact that both couple's initials are "J" and "S" could be a coincidence…or is it?

New episodes are to be released each Monday for 13 weeks…just look for "Missing Pieces".


Producers have long told the audience that we have missed a major clue back in the original pilot. To date, no one has confirmed what that clue is or if anyone has finally discovered the producer's meaning.

But many have gone back to look and one strong suggestion is a beam of light. Whenever the monster shows in the pilot episode a beam of light shows off the side of the screen. In fact, this is only available with HDTV screens!

See it in the upper-left corner? They have also discovered these rays of light are present whenever whispers are picked up by the audio sleuths! Could this be the clue the producers meant and what does it mean?

Let me know if you have an idea to its meaning.



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