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LT70: The Pits (December 11, 2007)

Previously published on December 11, 2007...


If you haven't kept up on the 2-3 minute Lost webisodes, then head over to
ABC.COM or to watch them.


If you attend a PG rated movie this December you might catch Season 4 promos for Lost. They are to include footage from the coming season. Let me know if you catch one.


Upon closer examination it seems one of the Dharma folks were shot in the head. This means either gas wasn't the only method of killing or that the job was finished at the grave site. It seems odd that they never covered this grave with any dirt, but maybe that was just the way things were done when Ben helped the Others to wipe out his former group of scientists and workmen.


After everything Lost has thrown at us, it is sometimes easy to overlook some important topics. I'd like to revisit one such topic: the island.

We've been told since the Orientation video that Dharma was on the island to study electromagnetism. This was reinforced a few times by things like Jack's key being attracted to a specific point on the Swan hatch wall. We have also been shown how other magnetic points on Earth exist like Ayers Rock in Australia where Rose went to get healed.

We also know in that in real-life people do use magnets to speed recovery from injury. The jury is still out, but it is common enough that people try it. Other related fields have shown some promise with magnetic pulses as well.

But no where have we been shown that magnets can increase sperm count or heal broken legs. Yet, Rose and John have experienced this on our island.

What really sets this island apart is that it seems to be the island itself that is controlling these properties. We have also been given the impression that the black smoke monster judges people before deciding whether to kill them or not. Assuming that "Smokey", the island (and heck, let's throw Jacob into this group) are one in the same, then we might assume that the island is judging who gets healed. This then takes Lost to a different level in that the island is no mere hunk of ground floating in an ocean…it's a thinking being!

Even recall how the island healed John's legs, but then took the gift away when it needed Boone to climb up to that drug dealer plane from Nigeria. The island has kept Mr. Patchy alive for a long time until it decided he has completed his mission of killing Charlie. Does the island then need Rose and Richard Alpert alive as well for some mission? Has the island damned Sun by allowing her to get pregnant and thus die? If so, I wonder what criteria is being used.

And then there is Ben. The island refused to cure his tumor! Had he fulfilled his duty and now the island was permitting Ben to die? Was his sin the lies he told…or the purging of Dharma…or being selfish?

Now for a little twist…what if we consider the religious connections for a moment. What if Smokey, the island and Jacob are indeed one in the same in the spiritual sense. Let's assign the easy one – Smokey is the Holy Ghost. Of course, Jacob qualifies as a ghost at this point too! Well, you can see where I'm heading without thinking the Trinity through completely.

Which makes me ask, "Is LOST a retelling of the Bible?" We know all the biblical connections starting with all the names (John, Benjamin, Thomas, Aaron, etc.) and so on. What if this is a re-examination of the Garden of Eden. The island was the garden…even the two skeletons have adoringly been labeled Adam and Eve. Ben is the serpent?

Ok, I don't know the answers, but it sure makes you ponder a bit.


There is a stage play written entitled Ghost World which is described as such:

On a park bench in Central Park, you can meet anyone. Here two strangers meet and strike up a familiar conversation, familiar, at least to Penderton. Finally he recognizes his new bench mate, Jackie Jack, the Sturgeon King, a character in an unfinished play Penderton had penned years ago. Jackie Jack pleads his case for a second act, a completed life, as he offers examples of too many other characters in unfinished or discarded plays, who are wandering around waiting for their second acts. Penderton at first declines to agree to write a second act to give Jackie Jack a complete life, but comes around to the idea just as it's getting dark. As Jackie Jack escorts Penderton out of the park, Penderton is really being taken further into his own broken mind.

Dialog from this play reads as follows:

"See you in another life", is not that popular of a phrase, yet it finds its way into 1995 play. Considering the play is tale of a person bending his mind back on himself, there might be some significance.

Or maybe one of the writers saw the play and the line stuck in his head.


The episode by this title explored a lot of topics, but during a review of the show it seemed I took for granted a few points that now deserve more attention. Specifically, memory. Odds are the writers take great care in naming their episodes, so I should have started the show with an ear tuned to memory.

For example, remember when Locke is typing in the numbers for the first time after Desmond runs off. Hurley isn't being cooperative since he thinks the numbers are cursed. But Jack remembers the last number is 42 with confidence. Yet, he had heard them only one time from Desmond.

Also, Jack remembered the gun and ammo room combination after being told one time.

In hindsight, it seems clear the writers were trying to emphasize Jack's unusual ability to remember things that most people would have to write down. In fact, Locke asked Jack if he needed to write them down and Jack declines.

Jack also remembered Desmond before Desmond remembered the day jogging at the stadium.

Claire lost her memory until the fake peanut butter scene.

Charlie lost his memory of the abduction.

Michael remembered Walt's birthday…while Walt didn't remember his father.

Ecko's stick read, "Things I need to remember".

Libby told Hurley she couldn't believe he didn't remember stepping on her foot.

Sawyer's letter: "But one of these days I'm going to find you and I'm going to give you this letter so you'll remember what you done to me."

Most flashbacks occur when the island character is in contemplative mood. Usually after the flashback they survivor's face indicates they "snapped out of some trance".

Now if only I could remember where I was going with this topic…


Warning – this section might reveal more than you care to know even though every effort is made to only tantalize the reader!

A recent sidewalk photo has been leaked:

That's suppose to be Michael during filming! It appears he could be on some sort of freighter and that might mean he is with Naomi's crew. He might be helping or he might have been plucked from water during his release trip home. No sign of Walt. It appears Michael is throwing some into the water.



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