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LT54: This Is An Escape Plan?

I have to begin at the end…



NOTE: Take a look at the background…swing sets…there ARE children here. Even that backpack tends to say school.

Kate's facial expressions were priceless. The excitement of seeing Jack after she came back for him was obvious. Then the utter confusion as her brain processed what it was seeing.

Me too, Kate.

One of the best cliffhangers in a long time.


Let's talk Jack. He sure appears to be in a great frame of mind. Three to six days earlier (let's give the timing the benefit in the doubt and say Jack has been at Othersville for one week).Jack is leaving his cage and putting a recovering Ben on a boat.

Now he's playing catch. With Tom! What could have happened to change Jack's demeanor so drastically?

** Met his father
Nah, that would have put Jack at a head scratching mood, not let's go play catch. He'd used every opportunity to be at his father's side…if no other reason then to ask "Why dad?" a lot.

** Met his wife.
Nah, again they parted on not so good terms. Yes, HE might like to see her and hope, but I can't she Sarah running to his arms. Again, he'd be more withdrawn and in a introspective mood.

** Had it all explained to him.
This seems the most plausible…after all Cindy saw the light…even if it is "complicated". Still, she did come around.

As did Juliet although I suspect she joined under less than ideal terms. Actually, we don't know Cindy's background. We know Juliet went from unwilling participant to here and present.

A lot of people in Othersville seem to want to be there. But it isn't quite the Jones Camp. They argue at the book club meeting. Juliet and Coleen had some personality conflict. Test or no test, Juliet at one time wrote "Kill Ben" on cue cards.

On the other hand, Alex isn't easily persuaded. Nor Karl. And Pickett always seemed to be in a bad mood…hardly the Koolaid-loving guy. The relationship between Ben and Alex seems testy. In the words of Ben, "You guys have a lot of trust issues." That works both ways it appears.

So, Jack might have had the great truth reviewed and it was like Heaven…all your worries go away. I can't imagine what they could have said (and why wait to tell him) enough to convince Jack to change.

** It wasn't Jack

Ok, we have to throw out the TWINS theme again. It's possible to have a part in all this.

Some claim Jack's tattoo's were missing which would strengthen this theory. I'll be researching this further.


Sorry!? You pushed him, John Locke!

You think this is because Mr. Patchy was about to reveal something Locke didn't want known?

Speaking of secretive…Locke is going over the edge. OR the Roger Brown theory is right: Locke is our mole if not the #1 man, Jacob.

And while still on secrets…I don't think Danielle is on the up and up. That answer she gave Kate wasn't bad, but it didn't score well with me.


Claire is seen reading a book. The book is entitled, 'Rick Romers Vision of Astrology'. It doesn't exist. Rick is the set designer for Lost. So why a fake book? It seems to me that they didn't want us reading the book, but intended to point out the subject matter. I recall quite a bit about stars and constellations in this show and the summer game. Credit goes to the writers who have not seemed to have forgotten some mysteries of the past, but even the answers leave me with more questions.


It's common knowledge we have a sub that uses the sonar – which is now broken – to navigate to and from the island. Well, here is an exclusive sneak peak that the bad boy known as Galaga:


The actor who plays Ben offered to answer two questions. Three lucky readers would get their question asked and answered. Here they are:

Last season there was a scene where your character said, "If I told you about them, you have know idea what He'll do and He'll kill me," obviously speaking of the mysterious Him. At that point did they know that you'd go on to play the leader of the Others? Did you know that you were going to have this authority position with the Others or were you really playing that from the vulnerable standpoint?Well that was one of those days where I had to have a little chat with the director. Already by then, even that early on I thought, "there's more to me than meets the eye." I said to the director, because the director came and said, "I need you to be really terrified of Him." And I said, "Okay, I'll do it, but what if I'm Him?" And he said, "I can't talk about that," and walked away from me." So we played it as if there was someone that Ben was terrified of. You can either chalk that up to him being a good actor, if the Him in question was himself, or maybe there is somebody out there. I think there's somebody else coming down the line. In fact, there almost needs to be. This whole dance we've been doing on the border of whether Ben is a good guy or a bad guy, I think the presence of someone more powerful and more malevolent will make that really nicely ambiguous again. If our sympathy suddenly shifts toward Ben, that will be interesting.This final user question: Is there one thing that you can tell us about your character that you wish the viewers knew?Wow, that I wish the viewers knew… Oh. Something that's been sort of at the back of my mind and sort of simmering underneath my playing this season is that he's a romantic. And that he longs for a different life than the one he's leading. He's trapped in a kind of life. He's a man either born at exactly the right time or exactly the wrong time and he has to push on. He has to play the hand that he's been dealt but he may not be crazy about it. I think he wishes for a softer life and softer relationships (laughs).


Anyone notice the diapers for Aaron was fashioned out of article of clothing that read "Bondi Beach", perhaps Australia's most famous. The word, "Bondi", or "Boondi" is an aboriginal word meaning "water breaking over rocks" or "noise of water breaking over rocks."

And this right before Charlie was to be breaking over the rocks.


Check your TIVO's…people are claiming Charlie never attached the message. Others point out that it appears the message drops from the bird's leg soon after Claire releases it. Is Charlie one of those "I don't want to leave this island" people?



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