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LT60: D.O.C. (April 30, 2007)

Previously published on April 30, 2007...


For the record, I'm not sure I trust Juliet's data of conception. If she is right, then Sun is going to die. If she is wrong by a few weeks then maybe that's why there was a heartbeat present!

Also, you have to think back that Jin and Sun were fighting in the early days and they really didn't speak again until he returned from the raft and the Tailenders camp. I still think Jin is not the father.

Who couldn't like that ending…"I'm not alone" by the parachuter…oh great!


If this is where they bring the pregnant women to die, then why are their baby things here?


Do animals need to fear the D.O.C.?

Why doesn't Ben heal?

Is Sawyer's chromosomes "energized" and can we know assume Kate is pregnant?

I've said "pre-flight" a lot this week in discussing this show…does anyone else think of Rocket Man by Elton John when you say those words? J

If Jin's father "may not be the father" then who might be the father?


Well, we all guessed Naomi didn't say "Thank you", so what did she say?

First, she said in Spanish, "I'm dying.'

Then in Italian, she said, "I'm not alone."

The only person this reminds me of is Danielle when she tried to talk to Sayid in several different languages.


I'd say if you interviewed 100 Lost fans and asked them what ocean the Isle of Lost is located, that 90% or more would say Pacific…near Fiji.

One theory says Atlantic Ocean is the location of the Island of Misfits.

Could the drug plane we saw Yemi get on board make it from Nigeria to the South Pacific? No, they were heading across the Atlantic.

Could the references to the Portuguese language be a clue? Portugal is one the southwest edge of Europe.

Could a sub like the Others have and one tranquilizer keep Juliet quiet for a trip from Miami to the South Pacific? No, they just went off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic.

The highest point in Portugal is Mt Pico. The mountain is snow covered in winter the time that we are on the island…the listening post could have been there.

If the parachute lady is right…then a second phony Flight 815 did crash near Fiji – the original course, but our Flight 815 is off the coast of Africa.

Time wise, the flight from Sydney to Africa fits the six hour off-course (life needs course corrections) timeline. It also explains the sunshine since going west you catch up with the sun.

The Black Rock seems to be a slave ship whose popular courses are:

Atlantis has a story connected to it that involves two stands of DNA competing over each other for dominance. Those same stories point to Azores as the location of Atlantis…in the Atlantic. The island is named for the people, the Azores, who were to be the last remnants of the occupants of Atlantis (four-toed statue anyone?).

The myth of Atlantis says that two gods created a pre-human race and propagated the planet with Adam and Eve (the name we've give the two skeletons in the cave).
One obstacle to this theory: people have said the radio signals were heard while in the Pacific Ocean. However, if AM band then these sound waves could bounce from anywhere off the ionosphere. Consider Hurley and Sayid picking up that song one night.


The crucifx is the same in Yemi's church as in Desmond's monastery.


Seems a young fan got an impromptu Kodak moment with the leader of the Others, Ben.

It's nice when stars take time out for the fans. What's that? What's Ben wearing? Well, it looks like the jump suit then man in Hurley's van was wearing. What? What's that on the pocket? It says "Ben Work Man". Two words.

FYI…that young fan sure looks a lot like how Ben would look at a younger age. And why is the kid holding a pair of padlock cutters?

Of course, some say it isn't even Ben/Emerson.


This man was in the scooter in the airport when Hurley offered him $1,600 for his ride. He is also the preist in the "The Moth" epidsode who knew Ecko.

And notice the 8 on his cap.


Consider that just maybe he didn't survive. What if Smokey can take on the shape of humans.


At one time Kate sure seemed to be doing thing to disrupt any chance of rescue. Lately Jack and Locke seems to have switch allegiances. Now, I even wonder about Hurley.

How in the heck did he fire that flare "on accident"?

And Hurley also started itemized the contents of the backpack…one satellite cell phone…I loved the lock Charlie shot him.


This symbol appeared last week in connection with Paik Heavy Industries – that's what the words read. In the episode the blackmailing mother of Jin used the words "Paik Automotive" for the translation, but Heavy Industries is the proper translation. Why is this important?

It connects to the Paik Heavy Industries in the Lost Experience game this last summer. Not only does this confirm the same company is involved, but we learned that Paik built a hospital ship called "Helgus Antonius"…a story in itself.


There are models of the universe that say things start from the big bang, dissipate, cool down, and eventually cease to exist. All forces weaken until sub atomic particles no longer 'stick' to each other and all we're left with is a big cloud of cold constituent particles with no reason to exist. Bleak, I know.There is another theory called "The Big Crunch" though, that works a little differently, and I am laying down the gauntlet right now and claiming it made its way into the LOST writers room at some point last year and is messing with our minds at this very moment

The failsafe was not supposed to be turned. Why? Because it ended the universe, everywhere but on the island. The evidence? The violet sky.The Big Crunch theory says that there is enough mass in the Universe that eventually all this scattered 'stuff' will begin to accrete until a massive enough conglomerate forms with enough gravity to essentially collapse the universe back down into the tiny point it was prior to the big bang; at that point, it starts all over again. If you were standing on a planet, looking at the sky, you would know this was happening becomes you would notice a 'violet shift'. Just like we use red shift and blue shift to determine our position in the universe with relation to objects around us, 'violet shift' has a special meaning. It tells us that things are 'contracting'. So was the failsafe the end of the universe? Did a new universe construct itself outside of the islands privileged frame of reference? Would that universe follow the new law of LOST time mechanics called 'Course Correction'?

Hey, search on red shift, blue shift and violet shift if you don't believe me!


Consider how Sayid and Sawyer have come from torture to teamwork.



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