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LT58: One Of Us (April 17, 2007)

Originally published April 17, 2007...


Admit it…how many of your were a little convinced that just maybe Juliet was actually kicked out of the Others? Jack's line about seeing that "I want to get off this island" look on her face had me convinced. Then in the final ten minutes we were once again reminded how the Others do this to the survivors of Oceanic 815. Its human nature to have hope and Ben preys on that like no one else.

This was a top episode that provided more answers than it gave us questions…for a change.


I believe Juliet used the word first when speaking of Claire. So it got me thinking. I noticed John Locke had his hand bandaged up lately and don't recall him hurting it. You think the deal with the Others was to agree to having an implant placed there for "assurances"?

Does this mean that Sawyer has one as well? Ben told Sawyer he put an implant near his heart that would explode. And Ben tells everyone, "I don't lie." Ok, how about "near truth" then, Ben? Maybe Ben did tell the truth, partial at least, and did implant a control device?


So Dharma…or whoever they are…drugs their recruits and gives the impression they are transported to the island a specific way…by sub.

Now would be a good time to remember way back when people suggested the survivors were knocked out by some means and then transported to the island. It was used to explain how some people survived a crash. Makes you wonder.


Did you notice that mark on the tree where the medical supplies were stashed?

Some people think this reminds them of Juliet's brand.

The symbol appears to be used for different purposes which include:

represents the planet Uranus
Ammonium salt
A letter in the Russian alphabet
Symbol for an Italian sect formed in the 19th century
Represents the plant Ummo, a claim by UFO fans



During the recruitment phase we can notice that Juliet meets the Mittelos guys at Herarat Aviation as shown below:

"Herarat" Aviation is an anagram for Earhart…as in Amelia Earhart. Hmm…


Let's see what's on tonight…

Guess this settles the question of whether the plane crash was real or not. Or maybe these news feeds were fake?


Goodwin seems, well, good. He was nice and Juliet's lover. So, how could he easily kill a survivor…that guy from "Ed".

Did the Others cure Rachael or was she maybe never sick?

The Mittelos recruiter said that "six months will fly by"…yet the video feeds look "real time"…at least prior to the failsafe going off in the Swan hatch?

Just whose side is Juliet on? Is she now helping Ben in another attempt at a "deal"?

Did the "box" have something to do with the crash of Oceanic Flight 815?

How does Danielle's baby, Alex, figure into this problem of women not able to deliver? Claire was pre-crash, so that might make sense. Was Sun pre or post flight? Or did Ben have Alex and how was that possible? Or is the problem fairly new?

Did Ben send Ethan and Goodwin to the dangerous beaches on purpose since they were attached to Juliet?

Where did Ben's cancer come from?


It was lie that Claire was having a reaction and needed the med - it was set off by Ben - she doesn't need anything to keep her alive - she came to the island pregnant and did just fine - I do believe Ethan was taking her blood and testing it but I don't believe she needed med to be kept alive - that is the con - Juliet conned all of them into thinking Claire needed it to live - that all pregnant people die on the island but Claire didn't and she conned them into thinking it was because of her medicine - that she kept Claire alive - but I don't believe it - Claire was kept alive by something or someone else - I just don't know what - who yet!


If the box might be able to produce a plane with a surgeon on board, and a father who is a con man, then maybe Jack isn't really Jack. I kept wanting someone to discuss a past incident with Jack and see how clear he was on the subject.

But what got my hairs to stand on end was when he said, "She's under my protection."

Let's see, Jin was sucker for Sun. Hurley for Libby. Sawyer for Kate. And now Jack is chasing the wrong woman.


The pilot episode. Number 1. Kate is handcuffed and sitting next to the US Marshall who asks Kate, "You sure you don't want more juice?"

Kate also putting sleeping pills in what Jack had to drink.

Kate suggested to Sun to putting something in the water to knock Jin out. Too bad Michael drank it.

This tells me that maybe Kate killed someone with a juice beverage before and we don't know about it yet. And this might explain why Locke's orange smile didn't go over with Kate very well.

Plus the Marshall asked Kate to perform a mercy killing on him. He might have known she had done this before so was capable.

Did Kate knock out her father-in-law first?

Did Kate knock out her husband with a beverage?

Does Hurley's investment in Florida oranges have anything to do with this?

We have been shown Juliet getting knocked out cold by a beverage.

And does Kate wear an orange shirt a lot?


When Sayid and Sawyer were becoming wimps to Juliet's story of "This Is Your Life So Don't Judge Me", she said:

"And I'm sure the first thing you did when you got here - James - was to gather everyone in a circle and tell them about the man you shot in cold blood the night before you got on the plane."

But she was wrong. James left a cell for the plane…a cell he had been in for three days. Granted, there are a lot of people on the plane, things have been kind of hectic around Othersville, and gosh what a memory. But Juliet did have a mental slip and you know Sawyer had to pick that up. Or was he just focusing on the thought, "How in the heck does she know these things?"

I agree, Sawyer. How DID she know these things? While Jack's marriage is of public record, who was around when Sawyer did the bad deed? He was never arrested for the shooting…it was a bar fight with some local politician that gave him three restful nights.

Did Smokey know and tell Juliet? Did Walt?

Or did Juliet watch the news…"Police are still looking for this man in the case of a deadly shooting three nights ago…"?

Or, as some suggest, all memories are implants.

We saw the shooting. No witnesses--and anyone at a distance, watching it through the rain, surely could not have made an identification.Everything we've seen leads us to the conclusion that from the Others' point of view, the Flight 815 survivors were a random drop out of the sky--they didn't become experimental subjects until they arrived on the island, and background research began at that time.So I, too, think the fact that Juliet knew about Duckett is the HUGE mystery of this episode.That whole scene was--wow. Do you buy the idea that both Sawyer and Sayid would meekly surrender after being called out? What will change now that Sayid knows the secret Sawyer has never shared with anybody, not even Kate (other than obliquely)? **

Side note…my mind is whizzing…Kate is on the run…why not pick a country that doesn't extradite back to the US…why Australia? Maybe Kate was on the path of the man who had wronged her friend, Cassidy? Hmmm…would be pretty ironic if she ended up marrying that man!

Or is Juliet trying to get leverage over Sawyer by letting him know that she knows and she could let Kate know that she knows that he knows that she knows. You know what I mean?

Or did Christian bolster Sawyer's nerves as a deliberate ploy and that's how the Others know?

Or was the real mole in Australia that guy Hibbs who Sawyer hired. Hibbs could have been working for Dharma and set up an innocent man and that would be proof that Sawyer fell for it…and how Dharma knows.


Or as some point out…the three days in jail was only "SPOKEN"…it might have been the next morning where Sawyer is taken to the airport by police. Dharma may have called and moved it up a couple of days and that would make Juliet correct!

So, this whole section could be for moot. Who knows?


Did Desmond and Juliet arrive on the same day? Turbulence.
The "week" that Jack spent with the Others and the "week" that Juliet will spend with the survivors…are those the two weeks that Ben promised Kate would be "uncomfortable"?
Was it nice to have the old Sawyer back? What? You don't recall the line, "three men and a baby…I counted Hurley twice?


Yeah, tell me about it. But it happens sometimes. And this particular "accident" the subject was Lost. Out of the blue she says, "Wasn't Desmond an Other?"

I immediately let out a, "What!?! Nooooooo…"

Wife: "But wasn't he working for Dharma in the hatch pushing that button?"

Me: "Umm…, sort of"

Wife: "And maybe they recruited him, drugged him and transported him to the beach three years ago, like Juliet."

Me: "Well, I guess you could make that point…"

Wife: "So maybe The Other is right under their noses. The guy that has been on the show the least, yet somehow we already include him as a "survivor". But he isn't an Oceanic survivor any more than Juliet is one."

Me: "So, Desmond might be as prophetic as he is for a reason…he already knows things? He is playing the victim yet he has been planning these events for a reason? He was getting close to Claire and the baby. Oh, and, and, and maybe he is this Jacob?"

Wife: "Now that's precisely why I don't talk to you."

And then she turned and walked out.



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