Sunday, May 10, 2009

LT260: Those Words We Said

And I still hear the echoes of those bitter words we said
That could drive a million miles and never drive them from my head
Those words we said

- Kim Richey, lyrics from “Those Words We Said”


“I’m going to kill him [Jacob].”

As we know there are a lot of types of killing. Killings can be murder, act of war, some are mercy killings, accidental, natural causes and so on. There is a growing group of viewers that think John might kill Jacob out of mercy. They wonder if Jacob meant, “Kill me”, instead of “Help me” when he spoke to John.


The other theory is to ignore the literal translation. In other words, Locke didn’t mean literally that he was going to kill Jacob. Now this has a striking similarity to something called “Koan”.

Koan is the term to describe the process of looking for the actual hidden meaning. It applies to Buddhism and that is what got my attention. First, the logo for the portal of Buddhism is this:

This symbol is called the Dharma Wheel.

Now the most famous example of Koan is the saying, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”. This doesn’t mean to literally take out a gun and shoot. Instead, Koan wishes the interpreter to examine the parts of the message: What is the road? Where is the road? Who is the Buddha? What is meant by kill?

In the end and via Koan, you might simply conclude that the message really means: If during your spiritual path you get the thought that you have arrived at total enlightenment, then cast those ideas to the side and get back to your committed practice.


So, Locke might simply be saying, “I’m going to expose Jacob for what he really is.” He may mean he wants to kill off the myth and mystery that surrounds him. It might the science side of John coming out more and more – just like Jack used to be.

Another suggestion offered is that John might be implying that he wants to release Jacob. That idea made me think of that white ash that surrounded the cabin. Could Jacob be Smokey’s mirror image? Don’t overlook that an anagram for DeGroots works out to “Store God”.

Or John’s words could be partially literal. A killing will take place but maybe it is like those movies where someone gets stuck between to two planes of life and afterlife. All these beings wish for is to be allowed to continue on to the other side.

And for those still holding out that LOST has a religious message driving it, then consider the similarities to the Catholic church. For example, the church does not permit a follower to speak directly to God but to use an intercessor, namely, a priest. This was the same priesthood of Christianity until Jesus (or is it John?) died and he abolished the priest arrangement.

Ok, I think we’ve covered all the bases. Vote now and turn in next Wednesday to see if you were right or not!


My guess? I’m going with the idea that Jacob is dead…a myth…a story.

See, John flashed back to the 1950’s and tells Richard that Jacob sent him. As far as John knows, this is true. If you recall, the Hostiles seemed to not be aware of this Jacob-fellow. Moments later, Locke’s story of Jacob gains a lot of credibility when he disappears before their eyes. Richard turns this into a 50-year control tool. Now that Locke realized his error, he wishes to correct Richard and all the Hostiles. Of course, by doing so, Richard and Ben are going to be exposed as frauds. And do you think those two are about to let that happen?


Has it been mentioned that the Jughead or the Incident is the cause of the pregnancy problems?

Let’s say one or the other is the cause. What would make Ben strive to fix the problem? I recall Richard saying something like Ben was wasting time chasing foolish ideas regarding the pregnancy problems. Of course, not wasting enough time that Richard doesn’t speak up to Ben, but I’m still trying to figure our why Richard has to answer to these mere mortals that come along as leaders.


Speaking of pregnancy…did you notice how Eloise held her hand over her stomach when dying Daniel mentioned his relationship to her? Widmore places his hand on her tummy as he says, “Not in your condition”. Subtle, but TIDBITS noticed!

I’d bet $3.2 million dollars that she is pregnant with her son as she is shooting her son. Uh, did I say that right? Yeah, I think so.


“We’ll buy Microsoft.” The man is always thinking!

While we are on the subject of Sawyer…I just read a theory where Sawyer is Jacob. I’ll explore this a bit further, but the first piece of evidence is that Sawyer keeps stepping on things with his bare foot. Now I’m trying to find a picture and see if James has but four toes!


Greg Tramel from the Eye M Sick blog ( writes:

“2007 vs 2008 on island, I'm asking another blog's commenters to debunk this but is the island always a year behind the "real" world (being Penny & Des in 2008)?”

I’m thinking the answer is no. Mostly this is based on the fact that the show began on September 22, 2004 – the day of the crash, right? And another season premier matched the date of Oceanic’s “Grand Re-Opening”. I just need to sit down and do some calculations, but off the top of my head didn’t the helicopter take the Oceanic 6 back home in early January 2005? Or was it still late December back in 04? (Hey isn’t that almost a song lyric?)


Greg also pens, “I'm thinking the complicated part is The Others don't do the traditional wife/husband thing and as long it is Others hooking up other Others, everything is a-ok. But once you hook up with a non-Other you get exiled off the island, like Widmore. Don't think they would play the brother/sister hooking up card BUT there was the Boone/Shannon thingy so you never know.”

I’ll admit that I threw out the brother-sister with Hawking and Widmore for the sensationalism, but when you pointed out the Boone-Shannon things, well…the show would bring a bit of edginess to it if the writers did go this route. When you think about the sex on LOST we’ve got cheating affairs, sex in bear cages, Tom’s boyfriend, Jin’s miracle gametes, and convenience quickies in Sawyer’s tent, and a dash of pseudo-incest-by-marriage with the Rutherford kids. Now you point out the strong possibility of a promiscuous society among the Others. To be completely frank, Bible scholars have always sort of glossed over the fact that Adam and Eve’s children had to practice incest in order to “replenish the earth”. Scandalous!

Now you have me thinking about those real-world stories of doctors at sperm banks using their own donations on patients. And can we lay blame if Jack and Claire hooked up before they knew their relationship? We’ve got half-brother, families with three surnames (Faraday), an island dedicated to pregnancy issues, and adoptions on this show. Would it really be shocking? The possibilities are endless!


And finally, Greg throws out there, “Oh yeah, and for fun i put out this crazy notion at eye m sick [blog]. Jim LeFleur is James Ford's father. Highly doubt it, but fun to think about nonetheless.”

There you go. The possibilities are endless. If Sawyer does become the con man who conned his own parents then they also would mean he slept with his own mother. Ok, I’m glad I saved the Reader Mailbox stuff for last because where this could head is just getting a little creepy.

On a sort of related off-shoot…many people have wondered how the Others knew that Sawyer killed Frank (the shrimp truck operator). One explanation I’ve seen offered is that in one of the loops, Sawyer created his own file for Dharma so it could later be handed to Locke to give to Sawyer to convince him to kill Cooper (yeah, re-read the explanation slowly). I sort of like this but it then leads to memory issues. Which memories would stick? Does this explain the déjà vu feeling we all get from time to time? Would Maslov’s self-actualization really imply that this is the state where one retains all memories and lessons learned of one’s past reincarnations? Sort of like the exact mirror image of the Tabula Rasa theory introduced by the English philosopher named…John Locke? Hmm…

Now look at what you got me thinking! HA! Seriously, thanks for the (warped) feedback.


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Thanks for reading!



Greg Tramel said...

yeah, 815 taking off in 2004 but it being 2003 on the island when it crashed is probably 99% wrong (1% right because we know island time is different than at least freighter time and maybe rest of the world time)

here's another "variable" (these changes in set decoration, dialogue, costuming, hair and such are my #1 mystery i want an answer to, if it is production continuity errors just come out an tell us but there are SO many, i have to wonder if at least some of them ARE intentional)

look at the r at the end of mother and e at the end of love

karen's lost notebookellie a& widmore being siblings would fit in with Dr Todd J. Hostager comments on bloodlines

lost hema theory

Synchromystic Librarian said...

Osiris is in Illana's box