Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LT262: The Incident Initial Thoughts


This two hour season finale was chocked so full of TIDBITS that it will take some time and posts to sort it all out. Here are just some random thoughts that we will follow up in the coming weeks.

* Role reversal of Jack and John continue

* Ben admits he is a liar

* I think Richard is the black shirt man in the opening scene speaking with Jacob - his Bad Twin?

* Bernard and Rose - decent way to explain things for the remainder of the Survivors.

* I despise Juliet. I mean every single scene she is in is a jumbled mess of logic, flip-flopping and emotional reactions. That simple flashback to her divorcing parents didn't do enough to explain her current actions.

* Did Nadia die in a way different than Ben stated?

* They all get on board Ajira 316 because of Jacob, not because of John.

* The opening scene reminded me of Satan and Jesus for some reason - Satan looking for a loophole in Jacob's perfect reasoning.

* Ames, Iowa - my home state. Too cool!

* Kate had a chance to be good her whole life.

* Vincent returns. It almost felt like this episode was a series finale instead of season finale.

* What is in the box?

* Does this mean we know what lies in the shadow of the statue?

* Why was the ash around the cabin black now?

* Was the new occupant a reference to Christian and Claire?

* I loved the John and Richard debate about resurrection and aging.

* Miles, the voice of reason. The nuke might be the incident...loved that.

* When did Jack take shooting lessons? Ok, when did all the Survivors take shooting lessons...except Kate of course.

* Richard "saves" Ellie...strange.

* Dr. Candle's arm - now we know.

* Ok, Juliet didn't have to go that way. That was rough.

* Sun and Jin's wedding site...the wife and I visited that temple last year. I recall a shiver when we walked on that side of the pond...must have been Fate. HA!

* Bye Phil, nice to know you.

* Is the show getting more and more graphic?

* I'm beginning to think Bernard and Rose have the right idea.

* Why didn't the bomb go off? Maybe we can't change things.

* FlashForward looks like a decent show.

* Ilena and Richard - man, I wish I took Spanish lessons...ooooh, nice twist with Locke. Locke has to be the "Bad Twin". YES, it was the loophole! The rules must be that Bad Locke can't kill Good Jacob.

* What a clever twist of faith, free will, obedience, mankind as the pawn, and selfishness.

* How about that...a show where Evil wins. You must admit that is original.

* Sort of half expected for Bad Locke to turn into Smokey at the end. I have a feeling Ben isn't about to get out of that room alive.

* Did the season just end with black on white? Destiny Found, baby.


LOST TIDBITS won't go away for the off-season. We may slow down the number of posts each week, but we are going to continue the analysis, reviews, theory searches and the fallout of the last two hours of television.



Lea said...

come on, have you been watching the previous 4 seasons?
they've all been shooting plenty.

and what did Richard actually say?
that's why I clicked on this blog in the first place.
you speak latin?

KC said...


The Latin was something like, "He who is here to save us/protect us."


Big Mama Tammy said...

I am able to rationalize everyone's shooting skills except Jack. Maybe they'll show him drugged up and drunk at target practice. Great finale. Looking forward to your analysis this summer.

Greg Tramel said...

light jacob vs dark jacob muse on the meaning of life on the beach while watching the black rocks

Synchromystic Librarian said...

locke in a box from planet sirius = osiris in a box from planet claire (we know (s)he came from there)

Greg Tramel said...

oh no!, variable #864