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LT261: Have You Thought About...


Kate tells Aaron’s grandmother, Ms. Littleton, that she will find her daughter. So if Kate wishes to return to the real world so bad, then what happened to her promise? Come on, Sun is saying that if there is ANY chance at finding Jin, she will try. So, why can’t Kate keep her promise?

And then what about Sawyer? He is willing to ditch his friends and hitch a ride on the submarine leaving everyone else behind. This he does after he revealed where Kate was heading. Jack would have to have bamboo shoots shoved under his fingernails before he talked or abandoned everyone. So maybe a zebra can’t change his stripes.


What if Locke and Jacob have switched bodies? Recall how it seemed the French team was possessed of sorts? What if Jacob can swap bodies and Locke is now Jacob?

Could this explain why J-Locke doesn’t care about helping Sun any longer?

Does this explain why J-Locke wants to kill the other Jacob?

Would the “Help Me” plea change our opinion if this body snatching was happening?

Are the Hostiles so interested in getting the dead bodies back for a similar reason?

Is Jacob versus Locke the real Incident?

Would also this better explaining the meaning behind the LOST-book, “Bad Twin”?

Was Christian also a part of this? There is a story called “The Cleric Quintet” which deals with the main character’s ability to hop from body to body. He picks a weak host because when he hops the next time it will be someone slightly stronger. This allows him to turn around and kill the original host which is weaker. Of course, it also forces him to switch bodies more often – damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of thing. The main character is named Ghost.


JJ’s latest film seems to hint at the same alternative reality that we see on LOST. Concepts like you can’t really change the past and the presence of two Spock’s are echoed in the film.

Abrams is on record saying he doesn’t subscribe to time travel, but he doesn’t rule the multi-universe stuff. The article stating this was in a recent Wired magazine (same magazine send on Daniel’s couch). That recent magazine had puzzles and clues about LOST and Star Trek. And two LOST writers were included on the Star Trek script – one being Damon Lindelof.

Now if Jacob is revealed anytime soon and it happens to be William Shatner…


Did you notice the submarine crew had their own Dharma logo?

Those guys think of everything!


Tomorrow we have the two-hour season finale – who is excited? But there are some thoughts I’d like to throw out there:

-- Where is young Ben? Last we saw him, Richard was carrying him inside the Temple

-- Anyone else think there are two Smokey’s – one white and one dark?

-- Will we learn exactly who is related to whom? Will Penny and Daniel be step-siblings?

-- Will the Incident be an electromagnetic leak or the bomb leaking? According to Kelvin, “The incident—there was a leak. So now the charge builds up and every time we push the button it discharges it before it gets too big.”


Greg Tramel writes to clear-up my confusion. He talked about some lettering being different and I was like, “huh?” Then I actually clicked the link and found this picture he was talking about:

(click on picture to see a larger version)

Oh my! This is why Greg – and to a lesser extent myself – always think this prop errors are not errors. They are clues of some sort. Things change way too much. Is that the message? That there are subtle adjustments being made that collectively might have a major impact?

What a nice find. Thanks Greg…now I know what you meant. Doh!


Our Librarian is back with a link to an image-driven blog to be found here:

I haven’t had much time to digest it (and I’m waiting for LOST TIDBITS to show up on his list of interesting blogs! HA!), but you might want to take a look. It looks as if he is trying to offer a suggestion of what is in that large metal box that Ilena is carrying around with her. One picture that caught my eye was the Ark of the Covenant. And we thought the Black Rock was old!


Tomorrow is the big night, so here is your sneak image that tells you nothing but makes you think, “Neat!”:

As always, TIBITS will be posting immediately after the airing of the finale with our Initial Thoughts.

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