Friday, May 15, 2009

LT263: Body Double


Here we go again, but with a lot more substance. But for an interesting twist, there is a lot of speculation about Jacob being the bad guy and the Black Shirt being the good one.

By the way, perhaps I missed this, but it seems people are calling the Black Shirt by the name of Esau. For those who may not know, Jacob and Esau were the twin brothers born to Isaac and Rebecca in the Bible story. Esau is the oldest and Jacob was said to be grabbing onto his brother’s ankle when born.

Esau in Hebrew means “hairy”. Another reference gives Esau the name “Edom” which means red. Scholars say that the name Edom may not refer to his hair color but to the abundance of red rock found in the land he was living.

Esau is the hunter (recall Locke at the pot commune claiming he was a hunter). He had the first rights to the family inheritance but sold those rights for a bowl of soup. Some claim Esau was in danger of starving to death and Jacob took advantage of the situation.

Later Jacob fakes his father in order to gain the official “blessing” of the birthright. This fake job is possible because Jacob covers his arms with fur and leads his father to believe he is the hairy son.

Well, there is some background information. Jacob does seem to be the manipulator. Of course, Jacob goes on to be the father of the line of David and Jesus – points the Bible scholar scratch their heads about as much as we scratch our heads after watching LOST.

So from this point on, the Black Shirt is going to be Esau to me. Well, until told otherwise.


We learned how Dr. Chang lost his left arm.

This event led to series of other events. If he had not had lost his arm we wouldn’t have seen him without it in the Orientation films. Of course he was there only because the Survivors prompted him to be there in the first place.

However, only if Miles was present could he have been saved…which allows him to go on and make Orientation films.

So…the bomb may not have changed the course of events after all…it may have caused it. Of course, it was Miles who suggested this possibility right before Jack tossed the bomb down the chute.

But then maybe those events did happen and it is Juliet’s smashing the bomb with a rock that starts a new thread of events. But then, would she show up as a recruit years later? Hmm…


Is it possible that Kate and Juliet are related? The reason this is proposed is because we saw Juliet and Rachel’s parents split up. Here is her father:

Now take a look at Wayne, Kate’s step-father:

Could Juliet’s father leave her life and then meet Kate’s mother? Whether step-sister, cousins or by marriage…there is a thought that all the Survivors have a family connection.


Lea asks, "What did Richard actually say?" The answer is "He who is here to save us/protect us."

Big Momma Tammy and others all tend to agree that the Survivors are better marksmen than the official Dharma guards. It is probably hard to find good help on an uncharted island!

Greg observes that Jacob and "Esau" muse about the good versus evil of humanity while frying up supper on the black rocks...while the Black Rock ship sails by. Next season we are sure to see who gets off that ship.

And our Librarian points out the statue's foot is not what it first seems.


My schedule has been brutal lately, but we do have a number of months to digest things. So keep checking back on more analysis of “The Incident” and LOST in general.

One thing I’m working on is that line Bram said about Frank, “Think he is a candidate?” That wasn’t thrown in there for nothing. My first inkling is that Frank is a candidate for the next sacrificial lamb…more on this in the next posting.

Throw in the feedback from the comments and you can tell that we will need every month we can get to be ready for the final season! Oh, and there is sure to be an off-season game, Comic Con and remember those chronological episodes they are preparing. Did I mention Desmond is going to become the island's next Jacob? Yeah, keep checking back.

The plan is to write at least once per week. But if you've been reading for awhile you know that I can't help but post more often.


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mswendy said...

Hi KC,

Liking these post-finale thoughts you've posted. :) And the Kate/Juliet connection... nice find. As we found out in "What Kate Did" (Season Two), Wayne is Kate's biological father, which would make Kate and Juliet half siblings, like Jack and Claire. Two sisters in love with the same man ( or in this case... men, Jack and Sawyer) much like Leah and Rachel ( name of Juliet's sister) loved Jacob in the Bible ( in continuance of Jacob/Esau storyline parallel :) ) But Jacob only truly loved one of them, Rachel. Juliet's "real" sister's name is Rachel. It would be ironic that Juliet's other "sister" Kate would be the "Rachel" to her " Leah" when it came to her relationship with James (as it was with Dr. Jack too). Maybe it was yet another clue "hidden in plain sight" the writers have been giving us? Will we ever really know if this is true? I hope so... but if we don't, it's still fun to theorize. :)

Again, I want to tell you how much I enjoy the blog. You always seem to find some interesting "twists" to the story.

Stay LOST,
Ms. Wendy
It's About Bunnies blog
The LOST Revisited Now Podcast

Synchromystic Librarian said...

i'm going with they are BOTH jacob calling them light jacob & dark jacob as symbols for free will vs fate, faith vs science, lucifer vs satan, good vs bad, good vs evil, yadda yadda yadda

the key is in the balance as in the marriage of heaven and hell

Synchromystic Librarian said...

oh i forget an important point

light jacob (1 continuous timeline with 1 end but progressing along the way) vs dark jacob (cycles of multiple time loops never getting it right)

Synchromystic Librarian said...

i think jacob will inhabit dead locke (jeremy bentham) and will have locke vs locke in season 6

i think frank being a candidate was that he may already have a connection with the island and therefore a candidate to be initiated into the shadow of the statue secret society

Greg Tramel said...

we have yet ANOTHER variable, 2 of them, jin/sun wedding outfits & kate's timeline

has anybody made a list of all of them?

memphish is lost

Michael said...

Maybe it is Jacob and the Angel, not Jacob and Esau. The unnamed one seems to have an easier time transcending death. The battle(s) that the two of them talked about could be Jacobs continuous (or near continuous) struggle with the angel.

Anonymous said...

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