Friday, May 8, 2009

LT259: Upon Further Review


Anon writes, “Perhaps we haven't seen smokey/cerberus yet because the *incident* that may form him/it is yet to happen... they still need to stick the fork in the outlet...”
Good call. I just got the feeling Smokey had been around as long - or longer - than Richard. However, when they were walking around those tunnels, it just seemed like Smokey was going to jump out. I wonder how he would have reacted with coming across the Three Stooges (Ben, Richard and John)?

I’m still giggling with that description, “stick the fork in the outlet”, and mostly because you are probably more accurate than you realize. Keep writing those comments and emails!


Richard told Sun he watched them all die 30 years ago. Oh, really? The Purge isn’t until 1992. So is he talking about the Incident. Then how does Horace get to the Purge Pit?


We discover you have to swim to some tunnels. Others can be “flushed”. Is this why Walt was all wet?


Will the old Sawyer find John’s father and make sure he doesn’t con his family this time?

But try this on for size: the man who conned Sawyer’s family was…Sawyer. Which would mean he actually then killed himself in the brig of the Black Rock. No wait…that won’t work.


Poor Hurley. Tell the truth, did you know that answer to all those questions Dr. Cheng was asking? I didn’t know it was Jimmy Carter as President, but calculating my birth year in reverse was tougher.

Do you recall when Hurley first arrived in 1977 he worried to Sawyer that someone might indeed question them? In fact, the question he most worried about was the “who is the President” question that in fact Cheng asked him. Talk about déjà vu.


The Compass Paradox is getting people a bit upset.

Is it a loop or should Richard have like 200 of these things by now? And did you know that a compass will not work properly around high levels of electromagnetism? And do you recall that the summer LOST game involved the Maxwell Group whose company logo is a compass?

There are clues here, but I’m still not sure even what to look for.


Who thought the submarine wasn’t going to make it back to the mainland? It just seemed to me that something was going to wrong. Especially when they got ready to leave and the captain radioed to check on engines 2 and 3 – 23, get it?

So what was wrong with Engine 1?


It has been awhile since TIDBITS had done a segment of the LOST REVIEW. That is where we rewind some past episodes looking for a unified theory. I’ll jot this one down and probably look to the off-season to research it. For now, the thing I’m interested in is to review the “advice” we have seen.

Specifically, was Locke right to not push the button.

Ghostly Walt said “Don’t push it”.

Ghostly Harper said, “Kill Daniel and Charlotte”.

Ghostly Horace said, “I’m building a cabin for the Hostiles leader”.

I’d like to review these pieces of ghostly advice knowing what we know now. We can also consider the implications if John had just kept pushing the button. Anyway, something to look forward to. Let me know if you have any ideas on this and I’ll save them for the LOST REVIEW.

As for other LOST REVIEWS, it seems like we will have our hands full with the two-hour season finale next week and that should keep us interested for another week after that.

Be sure to keep TIDBITS bookmarked, for we don’t go away just because the show does!


Why is Hurley lugging that guitar case around?

Someone has suggested that Charles and Eloise are brother and sister. I gave it no thought until Richard made some comment about “love can be complicated”. Eww!

Why was Radzinsky so worried about Kate’s whereabouts? And why did Sawyer feel inclined to keep that a secret? And so what if Sawyer draws a map…is it me or don’t the Hostiles move around quite a bit?

I’m still frustrated because it should be 2008 in my mind…not 2007. That 30 years later and 30 years later bugs me.

It appears the best decision John has made in a long while is to drag all the Hostiles with him. There is power in numbers. Of course, it could backfire.

And what’s up with that, “Ben, you’ve never seen Jacob” comment that Locke made? Weren’t we sort of showed that Ben could see him or was he just lucky when he looked at the rocking chair? Man, we have seen him. Ben’s nothing! Put me on that island! HA!

Instant poll: If you were allowed one solid punch in the face, would you spend it on Radzinsky or Phil?

Is Sayid the new Danielle? Has he been playing Rambo these past few days and just waiting to help out when needed? Hmmm…


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Greg Tramel said...

2007 vs 2008 on island, i'm asking another blog's commenters to debunk this but is the island always a year behind the "real" world (being Penny & Des in 2008)?

Greg Tramel said...

i'm thinking the complicated part is The Others don't do the traditional wife/husband thing and as long it is Others hooking up other Others, everything is a-ok

but once you hook up with a non-Other you get exiled off the island, like widmore

don't think they would play the brother/sister hooking up card BUT there was the Boone/Shannon thingy so you never know

Greg Tramel said...

oh yeah, and for fun i put out this crazy notion at eye m sick

Jim LeFleur is James Ford's father

highly doubt it, but fun to think about nonetheless

eye m sick