Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LT257: Hunting for Theories


Forget the calendar for a minute and go back to when Desmond crawled under the Swan hatch and turned the Failsafe Key. What that key may have triggered was Jughead, the bomb.

Here is how it might play out: Daniel or through his death gets people to finally pay attention to what he was warning them of. So they stop the drilling on the Swan Station. Dr. Cheng modifies Daniel’s plan to blowup the station with Jughead by at least rigging the bomb to the station – for those just in case moments.

When Desmond turned the key, he detonated Jughead. Remember the comments about the concrete wall being the thickness of those in a nuclear plant? That could be for the leaking of Jughead that we observed.

Didn’t they say the Swan Hatch imploded on the show? Atom bombs implode.


Ok, I just watched an old episode of Mythbusters and the gas can scene at the motor pool is a no-go. Jack shooting the barrel of fuel would not have caused that explosion. In fact, it seems very unlikely it would have done anything but put a hole in the can for the fuel to spill out. “Take that! Fuel on your shoes!”

Anyway, the guys at Mythbusters tried igniting fuel on the ground with a cigarette and it wouldn’t. See fuel is not flammable – it is the vapors that ignite. Either way, you need lots of heat which bullets in Jack’s gun are not burning and you need vapors.

Hey, I just call them as I see them.


Juliet Burke is her married name (ex-husband, now dead husband). Theory: Juliet Hawking.

Miles can hear the dead…as in Dead Daniel. Time for a father-son talk and get that Failsafe system built.

Is it 1977 off-island or 2008? Daniel says 77 but when the island was skipping through time, it remained 2004-05 in the helicopter. But then the people in the helicopter left the island when it was 2004-05. But Ben and Tom seemed to move off island and…wait…Ben did move 10 months.

There was a hidden clue on the show (I think the brainwashing video) that said, “Only fools are enslaved by time and space.” If you put this in an anagram engine you come up with: “Desmond lay at belly of cave, also is Penny.” Theory: we have our Adam and Eve. After all, “I’ll never leave ya, Penny!”


Here is one teaser promo pic for tomorrow’s episode, “Follow the Leader”.

Reminds of something from the latest Dan Brown movie.

Next on TIDBITS will be the Initial Thoughts post after the show on Wednesday.


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