Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LT258: Follow the Leader Initial Thoughts


This episode began with Richard working on one of the ships in a bottle. I assume it was a copy of the Black Rock. My hope was that the show would feature that mysterious ship. Instead it focused on everything but that ship...or did it?

We know that ship has something to do with the island's history, but figuring it out...well, that is what makes this show so much fun!


It was nice to see one of the time jumps come into play. It also helps to timestamp when John got shot. I love movies where we get to see the replay from another perspective and it sure was great fun. Of course, we get a mystery around every corner as to when John explains to Ben that he knew when to arrive at the Beechcraft because "the island told me".


I would say that Richard gets more mileage out of every line he utters than any other character. We had Ben describing him as an "advisor for a very, very, very long time". There is that hint at immortality.

But then the twist that I felt was better than the ending scene: where Richard looks to Ben and says something like, "I think John's going to be trouble". For as predictable as the show has been this season, that line I never saw coming. Never. It floored me because the implication is that Richard is on the side of well...gee, not sure which side now. Ben's side? Ilena's? Ms. Hawkings? Dharma's?

That line was so out of character to what we have seen prior, but it almost looked like Richard was considering a coup with the help of BEN! Oh no!

Have you noticed how Richard is one of the most confused people on the island? How can that be? Yet he always seems surprised and what is being told or shown him. Very odd. I wonder if we have completely misread this guy.


Wimp! Come on dude, lead! Now we think Radzinksy is going to be sent to the Swan Hatch to push a button. Heck, he may even volunteer to do that since he loves this project so much.

But there are some confusing points involving these guys. First, why do they need to evacuate if they don't drill? If Radzinsky is so willing to drill at the Swan station, then why does he allow people to leave if he is convinced not to believe the warning? Is Rad in charge or not?

Something as major as a possible meltdown would lead me to think that someone should pick up the phone and call Ann Arbor.

And one other thing under this Horace a Dharma guy or not? I ask because later, as a ghost, he tells John he is building a cabin for Jacob. Does Horace lose his leadership role and defect to the Hostiles? But he gets killed in the Purge, so no, he must remain. Then why would he be building a cabin for the Hostile's leader?


Fine, tunnels are cool. But these aren't just tunnels. These are like...well...Egyptian tombs seen on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Richard sort of ticked me off with that comment to Jack about, "How do you think we are got the bomb in here? Duh!" Excuse me, Richard, but why don't you tell me because I didn't figure it out and no, neither Jack nor I thought it was under the waterfall. So talk, smarty pants.

Not sure exactly how many times, but with all the jungle walks and tunnel treks...did you think Smokey should have showed up at sometime?


All in all, I liked this episode a lot. It left me puzzling over concepts that hadn't teased my brain quite this way in some time. And I like that. There should be plenty to discuss in the coming days so keep checking about. We try to post every other day is the plan.

Before I hit EXECUTE, let me leave with a couple of early stage theories that are forming:

** Role Reversal

We've noticed how Jack is like John (and it was said as much this week). We've noticed how Sawyer has become like Jack (even took his girl). So I had a thought about Locke: what if he has become like Jack?

What this implies is that John is moving back to science. He sense Jacob isn't real, but a religious creation to pacify followers like many religions. I think he wants to call the bluff. Whose bluff? Right now it appears to be Richard's bluff. John is gaining a scientific value system while Jack is gaining more faith. What fun!

** Memories

We've seen a lot of jumping around and it seems the memories range from 100% recall to a vague feeling of Deja Vu. So if Jack is right and they return to Flight 815...won't there be some remanents of the events? I expect he would become a better man.

Also, you have to wonder why Kate didn't bring up the obvious: she would be in handcuffs. She seemed to regret only that the feelings between her and Jack would be gone. So in usual Kate-fashion, she runs back to Sawyer...sort of.

Ok, that's plenty for now. See? My brain did get kicked into gear with this one! Excellent.


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Anonymous said...

Great post - thanks for your insight

Perhaps we haven't seen smokey/cerberus yet because the *incident* that may form him/it is yet to happen... they still need to stick the fork in the outlet...

hey has anyone seen jacob? where is that little brat? if i get my hands on him he's grounded! and by grounded i mean wired up to the island.... ah sorry i'm babbling....