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LT329: The Forest through the Trees


This post is about trees and we begin with the Banyan tree.

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Banyan trees are also known as “strangler trees” for they begin their life in the crevice of another tree, building, etc. In LOST these trees have been used as safety from Smokey, bears and boars. They have also been used for death as Charlie was hung on a Banyan tree.

Other trees on the island have provided food for the Survivors. They were used as a tool such as when Kate shimmied over the sonar fence. Trees have been used a guides such as when a mark on a tree showed where the stash was hidden. From the pilot episode we find the pilot in a tree. Charlie found his guitar in a tree. And the real Henry Gale’s balloon was found in a tree. Trees have been used as building material including Mr. Ecko’s church and the two rafts (yeah, remember two rafts?). And my favorite, Ana Lucia used a tree to kill Goodwin.

Oh, and we should recall that Bernard’s seat landed in a tree!

Finally, the thing Sawyer squished was a tree frog.

Yikes, I almost forget that Horace was chopping down trees with a bloody nose.


The Family Trees have been prominent on LOST. The first character ever seen on the show was Jack. It is not a coincidence that his Family Tree is the largest of all the characters. For the record, we have met ten members of Jack’s family tree. And his character spans the most generations from Grandpa Ray to nephew Aaron.


Good U2 CD, but I’m talking about the living tree. The Joshua tree has been seen in a painting in the Swan hatch. The name comes from its growth pattern as shown below:

When the Hebrew name, Joshua, is translated into the Greek it becomes “Jesus”. The picture above shows the appearance of two out-stretched arms symbolizing Jesus dying on the cross (which is made of trees).

The relationship to Joshua is stronger because of a verse that describes Joshua hanging an enemy king on a tree.

And it should be noted that after Judas’ betrayal that he hung himself on a tree.

I find the parallelisms between the Bible and LOST fascinating. For we know that Jesus is often translated into John. Do we expect then that someone will die on a tree or be crucified?

Or can we fairly draw a connection from the mention of Adam and Eve and their trouble with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Does that fact that Jesus calls himself a tree in just one gospel: John’s?

Is it odd that three books of the Bible mention trees in relation to leadership and kings? Those three books are Isaiah, Zeke (Ezekiel), and Daniel. Haven’t we heard those names before?


The trick to LOST TIDBITS is connecting the dots. It is not difficult to find symbolism in every frame of LOST. To find a correlation and then predict the future is quite a different story and it is our challenge.

If you watch John Locke’s attempted suicide scene in the hotel room it really is quite clear that he poses as Jesus on the cross. The scene is so iffy that one could debate me. But it seems the producers wanted the shot without offending any viewing group. I swear it was intended. And it was predicted!

If we turn to the Bible for Season 6 then we could find some useful information in terms of trees which was listed in the opening section.

Are there more predictions we can draw from the close tie-in to religious themes? The answer seems an obvious yes. The key might be to look at the big picture; the forest if you will. We must avoid be bogged down by the details, the trees or we will miss the forest. The details point to a forest called The Island and that island sure appears to be the story of history we find in the Bible.

In the next few posts of LOST TIDBITS we are going to explore the future presented in the Bible. Those future events include a holding cell for the Devil, the big war, and a time loop. That sounds interesting!


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