Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LT328: Talk About Teasers


As you are probably aware, LOST TIDBITS is spoiler-free. We don’t even watch the previews for next week (well, most of the time). However, teasers and official promos are fair game and boy have we been getting teased lately.

(Click to see a larger version)

If you scroll through some recent posts you’ll find the Last Supper picture, but here it is again…but different. It has everyone trying to figure out what the pictures are trying to tell us.

Notice that Claire has switched sides of the table. Miles has moved positions in all three (or four?) versions. Ben is looking at John in one and Frank in another.

What is going on here?

Someone suggested that you think of these pictures as live snapshots. The heads then move from John to camera to away from John. Hmmm…


Rumor is that the last word spoken in the series can be discovered by using an old calculator then input the LOST numbers and then turning it upside down.

I used to make “hello” that way “01134”, but haven’t figured out any combination that makes a 10-letter word. Ideas?


It goes something like this…Widmore tells us that Ben fooled him into leaving the island. John says that he doesn’t believe Ben fooled him into leaving, but I say he did.

Ben even goes so far as to fool Locke the Second!

It takes us the Bible verse about a house divided against itself can not stand. That actually means that the SAME house divided will not last, not two sides. It means that the evil side of the house can’t withstand its own divisions. Or to put it another way, a liar can’t tell the truth. Imagine if you were the Devil trying to run your operation and every time you or someone spoke it had to be a lie. That would be frustrating. Everyone, say hello to Ben – the king of liars.

So the theory is that Ben is going to become the new Jacob – or wants to be. Ah, and you thought Jacob was the good guy! This theory then means we need a new Man in Black. Can you say, “Aaron”?



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