Monday, January 25, 2010

LT330: The Answer is Close


Faithful readers of LOST TIDBITS realize we put a lot of theories out for thought. And you know I lean towards the religion and science theories.

Well, this post is another theory but IT FEELS RIGHT. Read on and see if you agree.

I know, I know. You’ve heard it before but it really does seem like this one is getting very close to something exciting. So check it out…


A couple of posts back it was mentioned that there was a clue using an old calculator. One was to enter the numbers in that old school digital format and then turn it upside down. Enter a “4” would become and “h” of sorts.

Funny how the mind works because I sort of discarded TIDBIT. Partly because it didn’t ring true and partly because if there was something to it surely someone else would come up with it and I’d stumble across it.


Today at work my long-time LOST sounding board and fellow theorist, MJ, turned around out of the blue and said, “There is no phrase in the LOST numbers.” Faced with continuing my work or getting into a discussion about LOST, I choose the latter, “What do you mean?”

He replied, “I converted the numbers to letters and there is no phrase to be found. When entered into this website it doesn’t form a word.”

I realized he was trying to come up with a 10-letter word. Instead we tried an anagram engine which tries to create phrases like, “He Milks Oranges” and other strange things.

Then I thought of those word engines that are used for Scrabble. We didn’t want phrases we wanted words. Not 10-letters, but any word that had some meaning to LOST.

While a couple words were interesting like “hell” and “bell” and “leg” (body parts are mentioned a lot on LOST), they just didn’t strike a chord. I rang my finger down the list of other words – mostly two and three letters – until a particular word jumped out at me.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the one week countdown for Season 6. That seems like a great day to explain the word I found and where it leads.


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