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LT332: We Are the Closest Yet


A little clue led to the word “ibis” being discovered within the Numbers of lost. That then led to an Egyptian god who is associated with the ibis bird. You can check out the last two posts on LOST TIDBITS for the details. Today’s post wraps up my discovery…


The Egyptian god, Thoth, is associated with the Underword, judging, and keeping both sides of the moral war in balance. Thoth will even heal when necessary to keep one side from becoming the victor.

This Thoth character seems to resemble Smokey in many ways. It seems the Egyptian deity oversaw three major battles between good and evil. In the third one the enemies were Set and Horus. We know Horus as Horace Goodspeed on LOST.

Horus’ symbol is the falcon. His areas of expertise include the Sky, War and Protection. His origins begin with an interesting family story (imagine that). His father was killed by his mother’s brother. Mommy was sure her brother would then try to kill Horus, so they hid in a hidden place. Of course, this is after another interesting story about mom getting pregnant. Let’s just summarize that pregnancy, family issues and secret hiding places are the theme of Horus and LOST.


Horus being a god of the sky is thought that his eyes are the moon and sun. The right eye is the sun.

We have definitely noticed the use of eyes in LOST and now I’m tempted to go figure out if it was the left or right eyes in the close-ups…

Oh, and if the eye looks familiar…it should. It is woven into Jacob’s tapestry!

Anyway, the brother of Horus’ mother, his name is Set, finally catches up to him and they have a battle. The left eye of Horus is wounded during this fight and that explains why the moon isn’t as bright as the sun. For future reference, the left eye is the moon and weaker than the right. Set also took damage to his left, um, testicle and this is why the desert is so barren. Who knew? But since the desert of Africa has been seen on LOST, it seemed worth mentioning.

It was during these battles that Thoth served as referee.

After 80 years of fighting the two decided to settle matters by holding a sailboat race. Now where have we heard that before?

Horus won, was given the rule of the land and this eventually led to the merger of North and South kingdoms of Egypt. Could this be the storyline of LOST?


One final note…Horus is also associated with Shed. This second name means “savior”. I’m just saying… In addition, several scholars have found striking similarities between Horus and Jesus in writings and artwork. Hmmm…


Digging deeper into this Thoth character it was discovered that Mr. Aleister Crowley developed a set of Tarot cards around this Egyptian god. Crowley is the founder of the Satanic Church for those who might not know.


Check out what Wiki has to say about “The Book of Thoth”: The Book of Thoth is a legendary book containing powerful spells and knowledge, said to have been buried with a prince in the City of the Dead. The reader of the rolls would know the language of the animals, be able to cast great spells, and be able to enchant the sky and earth themselves. Anyone who read the book was punished by the gods (who would cause the reader's loved ones to die until the book was returned).

The Book of Thoth is said to be hidden inside a golden box, which is contained in a silver box inside a box of ivory and ebony encased in a sycamore box which is found in a bronze box contained in an iron box. The keys of each box were hidden and the keys were either put under the charge of trusted friends, hidden in hard-to-reach places or placed under guard of beasts or enchantments and curses, as prevention to the curses that the Book placed upon the reader.


This title is also the title of a book written by Mr. Crowley (he seemed to like this guy). It has 42 chapters in it.


What I take away from this research is that Smokey appears to be neither good or evil but serving balance - yeah, strange way of showing it from time to time. I'm not convinced, but this Thoth research presents a strong arguement.

Instead of mediating between Horus and Set it appears the two could be that the participants are Jacob and the Man in Black. Smokey heals in order to keep balance - so one prediction we could make is that Jacob will live again.

If accurate, Smokey judges and we have seen this with Ben. Could there be more judgin' comin'? Me thinks so!


It also appears that no matter what we turn, religion is the center of the story. If the Bible version is used, we have a big war coming (ok, that was too easy). If the Egyptian version is used, we have a form of reincarnation going on. And to be inclusive, remember that it has been suggested that aliens assisted the Egyptians with technology. I'm hoping the last scenario isn't true, but it deserves mention.


Time is an illusion. It seemed like Season 6 was so far away and not it seems so close. Funny how that works.

Next Tuesday is showtime!

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