Saturday, February 21, 2009

LT209: Tribute Show


This episode was a walk down memory lane in many ways. The opening shot was of Jack’s eye and I swear we’ve seen that before. HA! Then Jack was waking up in the bamboo forest. Bonus points if you yelled out, “He has no scars on his cheek!”

The Numbers were again out in full force and it helps when you have a board full of numbers like this one:

And we see “23” in this photo in the Lamppost Hatch:

Notice the year is 1954 which the year the Jughead bomb was on the island. And the full date is 50 years (minus one day) from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

And more circular references were seen with the rabbit:

Hey, isn’t that the company behind Flight 815?

The gate the passengers boarded at was Gate 15. And check out the reading material:

I never knew comic books and flying went together so well. The last time the two were paired we got polar bears on the island. Now it seems this comic is about a plauge!


Just had a crazy thought. With all these memories being revisited - include the guitar, a US Marshall, etc - was the show also telling us that the way the Oceanic 3 (we hope the rest made it) got zapped to the island...well...could this have been the way the first time too? Yeah, I know we had the fuselage on the beach but what if that wasn't quite the way it worked? We've always thought there were odds things about Jack's opening scene of the show in the pilot.

It just seems odd how they referenced so many things of the original flight. Perhaps Dharma was trying to keep the karma.


The last episode, 316, was like all episodes in that ABC releases official promo pictures to go along with its press release. Here a few from last week’s show:

Do you remember these shots? I don’t think so. There could be a casual explanation for why we never saw these scenes. Being they were official promo shots why would these scenes not be seen? How did the “guy in line” find a seat behind Jack? What is Hurley focused on? Something tells me each Oceanic 6 person was encouraged to get on board. Were family member’s threatened?


We were officially introduced to the Lamppost Station. This was revealed on TIDBITS prior with no clue as to its authenticity. And we get another logo:

Remember one of the others was referred to as the Sheriff? She was the one that judged Juliet for her actions and ordered the branding. Seems Dharma has a thing for stars.


We will delve a little deeper in the next post. The one item of interest to me is why Sayid never spoke when aboard the plane. We’ll ponder that and a few other things soon.



Anonymous said...

Hi KC,

Just stumbled on your blog a few days ago and, overall, think your posts are informative and thought provoking.

I consider myself a fairly advanced Lost fan, having caught many of the nitty-gritty details that you and many more have. But I totally missed the fact that Widmore had the paintings of Aarons father...nice job. I totally missed that.

I don't have long, but wanted to give you some comments, since you are such a fan of them.

First, while your post on the Black/White as a broader metaphor for the conflict between science and religion was historically illuminating, it did strike me as very biased towards western science and western religions. It fails to consider Hinduism, Thaoism, Buddhism...whatever the heck aboriginal Austrailians worship etc.

I think the references to these religions on the show are much more profound than the references to christianity are much more profound. That's just my take.

Random thoughts....

The Jugghead episode took some wind out of this one, but could Jacob be Widmore? But I am not sold on the idea that he is evil. A dick to Desmond, maybe. But Ben has done way more messed up stuff. Way more. In 316, as if there was any doubt, Ben told us again he does not care about human life that does not benefit him. In the same position, Ben would have killed Desmond years ago for taking an interest in his daughter. Then we learn that Widmore is paying the costs of medical care for Daniel's failed experiment....why is Widmore generally the evil one?

Sure Widmore's name, literally, is not "Jacob." But with Bentham, Candle, Halliwax etc..does that even figure any more? From the preview for next week, it looks as though Widmore is warm and helpful to Locke. We also know that Jacob is not powerful enough to manifest himself and only able to mutter "help me" to Locke (assuming that was him). Also jumbled into my murky idea on Widmore was the confrontation in his pad last year with Ben.

Runner up to the idea that Widmore is Jacob is this....Widmore was on the crew of the Black Rock. He has an obsession with sailing, loves the whiskey of an admiral and is clearly hooked on Black Rock memorabilia.

Got to run. Thoughts in response?

KC said...

In your comments about the Black and White Theory, I try to address those in tomorrow's post (Sunday).

To your observations about Jacob, I like you reasoning. Keep in mind that I do not watch promos for the next week so your revelation about Widmore being warm and fuzzy was quite interesting. I'd say there was a hint of that when Desmond last met with him in his office. Sort of a feeling of "Finally my son-in-law has grown up", a bit of protectionism ("get out of this thing after you deliver your message"), and almost respect for Desmond getting a backbone!

Could Widmore then be Jacob? Well there is that stuff about "the island was once mine". But by seeing the young Widmore/Jones (good point about multiple names by the way) as a trooper for Richard back in 1954...I'm not so sure how he would get trapped in a cabin and be bidding on auction items.

Never say never, but I'm thinking we need to always remind ourselves of past references in seasons past. With that in mind, how about Jacob is a Hanso relative?

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear more from you. Consider making up a nickname of a character on the show and signing your posts so I can keep you straight. Could I offer Hugo? HA!


KC said...

Oh, I did have one more feedback mentioned Ben showing his disregard for human life. I get the feeling he knows the future end game and that is what leads him to appear complacent. Let's face it, how much would we change our behavior to our boss at work or friends and famaily if we knew the future? Sort of that "live like you were dying" philosophy.

Anyway, good stuff and I look forward to more comments from you, Hugo!