Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LT208: 316 Initial Thoughts


Those are the two words that hang in mind after seeing this episode. I must admit that the preview for next week came on too fast to look away and let's face it, we sort of new "he" was going to live. Which leads us to resurrection themes.


I told the wife about the painting that we had focused on the doubting part. Honestly, the Bible story Ben told doesn't ring a bell on the surface with me. But the line that stands out is, "So that we may die with you."

If only Jack had the faith, but then maybe the painting was about both stories of Saint Thomas.


The religion themes were running hot and heavy. This heading comes from John 3:16 passage and also was mirrored on John's suicide note.

Hey is there a contradiction since many religions teach that suicide is the one unpardonable sin?

Anyway, the note seemed to be saying that John wishes Jack had believed so that he would never have left the island in the first place. Why are these six people so important?


Now the dangling white tennis shoe in the tree branch way back in the Pilot episode seems to come back full circle. And of course, grand dad would be holding on to them for Jack.


Was the show a little too convenient? Part of the fun of this show is getting half hints so that we can unravel them. Ms. Hawking just spelled out the details. Oh, whose kidding who? There is a plenty to explain on how Dharma got this figured out. Why are there plenty of longitude, latitude measurements on the wag? What part does the pendulum have in the science of learning where an object has no absolute position is somehow available in absolute time?


As you might have read, LOST was delayed on hour in Ames, Iowa, (I'm close enough for the reference to be made) so it is a bit late, so here are a bunch of random thoughts in my head.

FRANK - I liked the Jimmy Buffett-look better. But for some reason it was great to see him. His line about "So, were not going to Guam" was great?

AIRPLANE - Hurley seems to have wasted his money on those extra seats after all. But then who is flying the plane?

AARON - Let's just not talk about him every again, ok?

HURLEY - Just how did these final six pieces get put into play? Notice, no Desmond.

BEN'S FACE - one asks? Something in my gut says he tried to keep his threat he made to Charles Widmore and Desmond stopped him for getting to Penny. Oh, and what's Ben doing going back? I thought he was banned?

KATE - Is she just a little to odd? It doesn't seem like sorrow that I sense, something else. And notice how she turns to pleasures of the flesh when under stress. Why don't I ever meet anyone like that? HA!

SAYID - Ok, we know the woman escorting Sayid is a new character this season. Funny how he is in handcuffs when the last time it was Kate. Sawyer is going to love this twist.

MS. HAWKING - Her performance left me wanting, but when Jack tried to confirm Ben's truthfullness I just loved her answer..."I doubt it".

Last but not least...the show finished strong with the final scene...what looked to be a brand new Dharma VW van with a Jin wearing a freshly pressed Dharma jumpsuit. Nothing like a little music when patrolling the island with a loaded weapon. But it was nice way to finish things off.

You just don't get TV like this anymore.


Will be back with the in-depth stuff on Friday.


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Anonymous said...

Ben says:
First I just wanted to point out something I remembered when rewatching last weeks episode again today...Ben told Richard and the group to go to the "temple" while he went to stop the Losties from reaching the radio tower...Could that place that smokey went into be the same temple he was talking about?

About the suicide thing, I remember seeing something on TV that Judaism says that suicide is a sin, with 3 exceptions, one of them allowing the suicide of Massada. If you really want to do the research, you can start there.

I agree about the pendulum thing...I think the producers just thought it would be fun to have a huge pendulum in the scene.

Ya, wtf happened to aaron? did he get killed? is Kate a bad mom? Or maybe Claire's ghost came and took him.
Ghosts of Charlie and Eco prob convinced Hurley to go.

Why the hell is Jack sitting next to Ben on the plane, getting comfortable with him and asking him questions? WTF!

And what the hell is John going to do with Christian's shoes? I get the sentimentality drama part, but what does that have to do with anything?

It was great to see Frank on the airplane, but I like him better with a beard.

Des is prob going to ship into the island like he did last time. That'll be fun.

In last week's epis, I thought it sounded like Hurley the first time I heard the numbers on the beach, but while they were walking through the jungle it didn't. Try listening to that part again.

I really hope next week's epis isn't only going to explain Locke's story, too much backtracking.

lol, maybe I should start my own Tidbits :P