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LT204: Que Sera, Sera


Daniel suggested that one can’t change the past. But that doesn’t keep him from trying. We observe his first attempt in sending a dream message to Desmond from pre-crash 2004. And we learn that he attempted to keep Charlotte around a little longer by giving her some advice back when the Dharma Initiative was in full force.

But was we learned Daniel is correct. One can’t rearrange their past. The question remains whether now one can pre-determine their future? The possibility seems to exist as even Daniel quips to Locke, “We’re beyond science here”.

Something tells me that Charlotte might not be a complete lost cause. Or maybe I’ve been watching too much of Heroes where no one seems to die.

Speaking of Charlotte…a couple of posts back it was suggested that Charlotte might be Annie who offered Ben a chocolate candy bar. In hindsight, I want to retract that suggestion since the age difference just doesn’t match up since Charlotte seems much younger than Ben. However, I can now throw out there that Ben and Annie had a child…named Charlotte…whose mother often told her not to eat chocolate before dinner like she did as a child with her friend and future husband, Benjamin Linus. Remember the line, “I can’t remember my mother’s maiden name.” Hmmm….


If I were editing, one future that would have made a great cliffhanger would have been to end the last episode with Sawyer holding that rope leaving us all to wonder what became of Locke!

It would have left us time to debate and would have made a great opening for the next episode. But hey, they didn’t ask me.

Speaking of being blind-sided…did you notice Ben’s reaction when Desmond walked up to the church where Ms. Hawking was lighting candles? I’m not sure what to make of Ben’s expression, but it could be one of these thoughts were running around in his mind:

“I’m happy to see Desmond because now I can find Penny and kill her.”

“She’s Daniel’s mom?!?!?!”

“How did Desmond know who Daniel’s mother is?”

“I must send Widmore a Thank You card for getting Desmond here.”

“My plan is working perfectly.”

Speaking of a future I’d like to see…Sun has turned into such a jerk, that I’m glad the wedding ring is going to lead her back to the island and her probable death. Hey, what goes around, comes around.


There sure seems to be a lot of praise for Charlotte’s death scene but I still feel like I must have been watching a different show. If anything, it was Daniel’s presence that seems to make it have some punch to it. (B-)

Nadine needs to get a new agent as she lasted about 108 minutes max. But her one line, “I am going to get separated from my group and killed by a monster now” was so on the mark that if we had a “Best Supporting Actress With One Line” award, she would get it. (A-)

Jin left me with mixed reviews. For a guy who has to use body language to convey his lines he does an outstanding job. But that quick study of English stuck out like a sore thumb a few times. Now if we discover in a future time shift that between the Freighter going down and his finding a piece of flotsam that he spent six weeks studying English from someone who looked an awful lot like Nadia, then I’ll stand corrected. However, I did find myself examining his face makeup and found it very convincing. (B+)

Ben once again delivered his usually top-notch performance. My favorite had to be when he pulled the van over and demanded a Thank You from his ungrateful passengers. He’s cool about not revealing too much, but if I were him and heard Jack commit to pulling the trigger, well, I would have pulled over and sent them packing as well. Face it, when Ben can make you actually feel sorry for him it had to be a convincing acting job. (A)

But the prize goes to John Locke. He has the same mystery persona that Ben has to exude and doesn’t quite get the same level, but his witty quips easily make up for that short coming. The real reason for the prize was that scene at the bottom of the well. You could just feel the conflict of wanting to be a good solider versus not wanting to die. (A+)

Speaking of acting jobs…let’s get Miles some more dialog lines and the young Danielle is much more entertaining than the older version. But how does she get rouge for her cheeks?


This season of LOST has taught me one thing: be careful what you choose to do because it could come back to haunt you. Yeah, Sawyer’s shrimp truck victim said it first, but it really has hit home this season. Just imagine if you were thrown back to your past and had to face some of those bad times over again.

But a critical flashback event might have been missed by many. I’m referring to the French Team arriving on the shores of Mysterious Island. One of them had a walkie-talkie that was repeating the numbers. Now you’ll have to go to to have a listen, but do it. The message they are listening to is the loop of the Numbers being repeated. Ok, we knew that is what led Danielle and Company to the island in the first place. But listen to whose voice it is speaking those Numbers!

For those who want to just trust me…it is Hurley! Talk about your past coming back to haunt you! This is suggesting that Hurley somehow teleported back in time and recorded the original tower message. It then caused the French boat to crash, tortured Sam and Lenny, and caused Desmond to crash his future flight. Of course the good news is used them to win millions. We have to notice that Hurley doesn’t seem to be aware that he recorded the message or was cognizant of the Lottery numbers, but go now and listen to the recording…it’s Hugo.


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